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Name: Chance's Archive
Date(s): ? - present
Archivist: michaelchance
Founder: michaelchance
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: multifandom
Chance's Archive Blog
Dreamwidth Community
LiveJournal Community
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Chance's Archive is a multifandom slash archive.

It was a member of the All Harry Potter Slash webring where it was listed with the description:

A collection of slash based fan fiction and music videos, with a large Harry Potter section that is mostly based around Snape.[1]

The LiveJournal Community covered updates of the sites: Chance's Slash Archive, Criminal Minds Fan Fiction, CSI Slash, Master and the Wolf - the Snape/Lupin fuh-q-fest (currently not being updated though), Spernatural Slash, and Torchwood Slash. In August 2021 the archivist announced the move to Dreamwidth.



'Allo 'Allo | Blackadder | Criminal Minds | Crossing Lines | CSI | Doctor Who | Good Omens | Galaxy Quest | Hannibal | Harry Potter | Law & Order | Moonlight | NCIS | Person of Interest | Red Dwarf | Sherlock Holmes | Star Trek | Supernatural | Torchwood |

The site also hosts Master and the Wolf - The Snape/Lupin Fuh-Q-Fest.


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