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Name: Mortal Instruments
Owner/Maintainer: Ava
Dates: 31 March 2005 - present
Type: Ron/Ginny fansite and clique
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (offline; homepage archived by the Wayback Machine)
originally, (offline)
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Mortal Instruments is a Ron/Ginny fansite, fanfiction index, archive, and clique. It is named after the Ron/Ginny fanfic "Mortal Instruments" by Harry Potter BNF Cassandra Claire.[1]

The site's tagline was "a ron/ginny weasley shipping site a clique". It was also described as a "small fan site dedicated to a fanon relationship between Ron and Ginny Weasley."

Much of the site is still online at, though it has not been updated for years and many of the links are dead. There was a more recent version of the site, hosted at, but that site is now offline.


Site founder Ava wrote circa 2005:[2]

The site was first hosted at, but with the amount of fan art the site has I need something with more space. So I found 50webs. The layouts are coded by hand using notepad and have so far all contained fan art. For a few reasons; I'm no good with graphics, it's a nice way to plug great artists and since art seems to be so popular for the pairing it makes sense to make the layout to suit the fan preferences.

At first the site did not contain a clique, but I thought it would be a neat addition so I joined the fixation network. But the site was kicked out after a few months no surprise there the webmiss of the fixations network has a new rule no incest pairings.

Site updates were posted to the Yahoo! group ronginny (now offline).[3]

On September 25, 2005, Ava posted to ronginny in search of a new webmaster for the site, and Dayana briefly took over running the site.[4] In February 2006, Ava took over as webmaster again.[5] Around the same time, the site moved to[6]

There were at least four versions of the site layout, all of which incorporated fanart of Ron and Ginny. The site's first layout featured art by Galatea13 and the second featured art by lafina. The third layout ("ginny's first day at hogwarts") used art by glockgal; the fourth ("never to be parted") used art by Kath.

The site at stayed online when MI moved to, and remains online through 2016. The site appears to have been last updated in March 2006 and to have gone offline in December 2006 or January 2007,[7] around which time Ava moved many of the other sites she hosted from to and other domains.

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