Code Lyoko

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Name: Code Lyoko
Creator: Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo
Date(s): September 2003-November 2007 (original series); December 2012-2013 (sequel series)
Medium: Animation
Country of Origin: France
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Code Lyoko is a French animated series that was originally broadcast on France 3 from September 2003 to November 2007, running for four seasons. It was followed by a sequel, Code Lyoko: Evolution, that premiered online in December 2012 and subsequently ran from January to December 2013 on France 4. The sequel (which is also considered to be the fifth season of Code Lyoko) combined live action with CGI, instead of the 2D animation of the original series.

The series follows a group of four teenagers who find a quantum supercomputer in an abandoned factory that they can use to enter a virtual world called Lyoko. Inside it, they discover a girl called Aelita, who is trapped within Lyoko. Lyoko is also home to a malevolent AI named X.A.N.A. whose goal is to infiltrate the real world and destroy humanity. During the series, the group thwarts X.A.N.A.'s various attempts to do so while searching for a way to free Aelita from Lyoko.




The most common Code Lyoko ships are:

Out of these, Jeremy x Aelita and Ulrich x Yumi are canon. While the series was airing, there was some division of fans between the supporters of Jeremy x Aelita and Odd x Aelita, and this was the closest the fandom got to any conflict over ships. William x Yumi hints were added to the series for a love triangle between them and Ulrich x Yumi, after which it also got its own fans. Odd had various short relationships in the series, which gave birth to many Odd ships. The most common of these is Odd x Samantha, with Odd x Sissi also being common despite her not being one of Odd's girlfriends. It was not necessarily uncommon to switch things up a bit, such as putting Aelita with Ulrich. When it comes to ships that are not het, Ulrich x Odd is the most common one.

Other Fandoms

Many people compared Miraculous Ladybug to Code Lyoko due to them both being French animations and Miraculous following a similar formula of teenage heroes, innocent people being controlled by the supervillain, transformation sequences, Asian main characters, catboys, superpowers that can undo villain's damage. Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug also worked on both series.[1][2][3]

Anyone remember that show Code Lyoko like it was my jam back when I was younger. And I realized there are quite a few similarities between it and Miraculous Ladybug. Interesting…[4]






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