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Name: Purimgifts
Date(s): 2009-current
Moderator(s): Roga, all_my_fandoms
Founder: Roga
Fandom: multi
Associated Community:
URL: lj community, Purimgifts collection on AO3
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Purimgifts is a "multifandom Purim treat-a-thon"[1] founded in 2008 by Roga. (In 2009, all_my_fandoms joined her as co-moderator of the treat-a-thon.)

Purim is the Jewish festival which celebrates the story told in the Megillah of Esther; it's customary to exchange baskets of baked goodies and small treats at Purim-time. In this treat-a-thon, fans exchange "baskets" of fanfic and graphics anonymously, with names revealed after the holiday and ficathon are over. [2] The stories are expected to hew loosely to the following themes:

Since Purim is the ultimate Jewish women power holiday, ficlets should be focused around one or more of the following:
characters who are Jewish and/or
characters who are women and/or
characters who are persecuted by evil viziers (hey, it's not us, it's the megillah.)[3]

In 2010, Purimgifts followed Yuletide's lead by moving to the Archive of Our Own.[4]

Like its sister community Days of Awesome, Purimgifts also offers Jewish fans the chance to share stories at a Jewishly-appropriate holiday time. For some Jewish fans, the prevalence of fic exchanges centered around Christmas is a problematic reflection of Christian-centric culture, and fic exchanges and challenges designed to coincide with Jewish holidays are seen as a way of highlighting holidays of greater Jewish significance than Chanukah.


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