Days of Awesome

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Name: Days of Awesome
Date(s): 2007- 2013 (originally), 2020-present (rebooted)
Founder: jadelennox
Type: ficathon
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:; archive link , ,
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Days of Awesome is a Jewish characters ficathon scheduled to coincide with the Days of Awe, the Jewish "high holiday" season. The ficathon launched in 2007 in response to the perception among many Jewish fans that Jewish characters are often written (in both fanfiction and canon) as Jewish in name only. The challenge, which lasts for seven days, is intended to highlight Jewish characters and their Judaism.[1]

Like its sister community Purimgifts, Days of Awesome is also intended to offer Jewish fans the chance to share stories during a significant Jewish holiday season. For some Jewish fans, the prevalence of fic exchanges centered around Christmas is a problematic reflection of Christian-centric culture, and fic exchanges and challenges designed to coincide with Jewish holidays are seen as a way of highlighting holidays of greater Jewish significance than Chanukah.

The Livejournal community has since been purged, it appears to have occurred sometime after March 2013, the last archive screen capture. The Dreamwidth community's last post is September 2013.

In August 2020, the challenge was rebooted on tumblr.


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