Ouran High School Host Club

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Name: Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Abbreviation(s): Ouran, OHSHC
Creator: Bisco Hatori
Date(s): August 5, 2003 – April 5th 2011(manga)
April 4, 2006 – September 26, 2006 (anime)
Medium: manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Shojo Beat, Official Manga Webstie (Japanese)
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Ouran High School Host Club is a shoujo manga and anime. Ouran is a reverse-harem romantic comedy that pokes gentle fun at various tropes and clichés from the shoujo and yaoi genres.

Brief Summary

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at the exclusive Ouran High School. Due to her lack of interest in boy/girl differences, and the high cost of Ouran's school uniform, Haruhi dresses in old, boyish clothes. Her tousled hair, blocky glasses, and unfashionable clothes lead to Haruhi being mistaken as a boy by most of her classmates.

After accidentally knocking over a very expensive vase that the Host Club was planning to auction, Haruhi is roped into the club as a dogsbody. The members of the Host Club--especially it's number one star, Tamaki Suoh--are fascinated by Haruhi and her commoner ways. Haruhi is eventually promoted to a position as a host, as the Host Club's "Shadow King," Kyoya Ootori, promises to waive her debt if Haruhi can attract 100 client requests.

Main Characters

Reoccuring Characters

  • Ranka Fujioka





In 2012 there was a movie adaption of the series.

The Fandom

Pre-anime Ouran fandom was very small. The fandom blossomed rapidly after the anime was fansubbed (the anime's release saw the end of Ouran High School's rare-fandom eligibility for Yuletide, for example).

Early on, the fandom embraced Haruhi and a multitude of het pairings. While the anime seemed to be heading in the direction of Tamaki/Haruhi, fans paired her with any--and all!--members of the Host Club. Slash fics grew in number rapidly, the most popular pairings being Kyoya/Tamaki and the twincest pairing Kaoru/Hikaru. Despite the popularity of these pairings, many others--het, slash, and threesomes--were embraced by the fandom.

Due in part to the large number of bishounen that make up Ouran's central cast, many Mary Sues populate FanFiction.Net's Ouran High School Host Club's section.

Example Fanworks


Our Favorite Host is a Girl [1] by BD_ZFandom: Ouran High School Host ClubLength: 32665Genre: Multi
Haruhi was tired of being the one everyone pulled a prank on. This time it's her turn. With the help of her guests, Renge, and the entire student body, Haruhi will play the prank of a lifetime. Haruhi/Hosts Friendship and Flirting.
A Most Dangerous Game [2] by ExperimentalFandom: Ouran High School Host ClubLength: 60791Genre: Adventure/Parody
It's kill or be killed—well, sort of—when the host club and associates are kidnapped to a deserted island. Friendships will be tried, alliances reformed, and rivalries exploited as they battle to survive a "deadly" round of paintball capture-the-flag.