Reverse Harem

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Reverse Harem is sub-genre of Romance. In these stories multiple men gather around one central, female character. This trope is popular in Manga and Anime. Reverse harem stories served as an inspiration for Joseimuke games.

Fan Descriptions

"For those of you that don't know, that means one girl with multiple guys (and no, she Doesn't choose one in the end)." [1]

  • "It's an anime where one girl is surrounded by alot- and I mean ALOT- of sexy, good looking bishies (beautiful men). And usually all the men are in love with the girl as well." [2]
  • "...the word ‘HAREM’ means a group of women or girls interested in a particular man or guy. ‘REVERSE’ as you all might know means the opposite of something. So if we reverse ‘Harem’ it would become ‘Reverse Harem’. And instead of a bunch of girls chasing a guy , it would be a bunch of guys chasing a girl. Not exactly chasing but you get the message. Reverse Harem is one of my Fav anime topics because they’re filled with romance, fun, awesomeness and of course a bunch of cute and hot guys. Reverse Harem Animes usually have only one female character (the main character ,can only be a female) who is surrounded by a bunch of guys. However in some cases there may be more than one female character. Now to the guys, well in reverse harem there can be up to about 15 or maybe more. All guys in reverse harem have different personalities which makes them all different.Because of this some get along well some don’t. Here are some of their personalities: SWEET, SOFT-HEARTED, RUDE, EVIL, SPLIT PERSONALITY, FLIRTY, SPORTY, COOL, SCARED, HAPPY, SAD, PAINFUL, ANGRY, PLAYBOY, CALM and HOT. These are only some , so control yourselves." [3]

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