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Journal Community
Name: Gensplosion
Date(s): May 2013 – present
Moderator: isabelquinn, ozqueen
Founder: isabelquinn, ozqueen
Type: recs
Fandom: multifandom
URL: gensplosion

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Gensplosion is a multifandom recommending community on Dreamwidth for gen fanfiction, founded in 2013 by isabelquinn & ozqueen. It describes itself as a multi-fandom recommendation community focusing on gen fanfiction. All fandoms are accepted, including RPF, and within the gen arena, all types, lengths & genres of fiction are permitted.

The community profile defines "gen" as:

We mean a story of any length or genre, in which the focus is not on a romantic or sexual relationship. Fics may acknowledge romance/relationships/sex, but these things should not - at all - be the focus of the story.

Instead, we request that you rec fics that focus more on family, friendship, plot, character exploration, adventure, whatever! So long as the primary focus is not a romantic or sexual relationship, you're good! ...

Gen can be a bit blurred with other genres sometimes. We get it! If the fic you want to rec really is open to interpretation, we won't stop you recommending it. But we ask that you think very carefully about it. There are plenty of places to recommend and find shippy fic. This is not one of them, so please think carefully about each rec and, if you're in doubt, perhaps hold off for a bit and try to find something more fitting to the genre we're really looking for.[1]

Reccers are limited to two recs posts daily. Recs are tagged with fandom, as well as optional freeform tags describing the work's genre or themes. Some common themes are adventure, angst, backstory, bechdel test pass, characters of color, characters under a microscope, clever characters being clever, competence, crossover, female characters, female-male friendship, fic you can read in five minutes, found family, friendship, headcanon accepted, it could be canon, lady badasses, minor characters, small fandoms and yuletide.

In April 2014 the community started a "Gensploder of the Month" scheme to encourage recommending.[2] As of April 2015, the community has 175 subscribers.


As of May 2015, the following fandoms are some of the most commonly recommended:


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