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This article is about the word. For the scanlation group, see Nakama Manga Scanlation.

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Nakama (仲間) is a Japanese word that translates to friend, comrade, or crewmate. In some anime and manga fandoms, such as One Piece, the word has gained a special significance among English language fans. Nakama are considered to be as close--or closer--than family.

"I couldn't even save... a single nakama...!!!"
"C'est la preuve que nous sommes nakamas!!

The One Piece Wiki explains that: "The majority of fans, who watch fansubs, feel that the word has such an impact on the show, and thus the word nakama should remain as it is, and not be translated to something like "shipmate" or "crewmate". However, there is nothing in the Japanese language that suggests the word has this special meaning, so it is basically a fan-term to the English speaking fanbase[.]" [1]

Fandoms that emphasize nakama