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Name: Nakama
Dates: 2003-present
Medium: scanlation
Projects: yaoi manga
Translating From: Japanese
Translating To: English
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Nakama (or Nakama Manga Scanlation in ambiguous contexts) is one of the oldest extant BL scanlation groups. In the group's own words:

What is Nakama? In summary, Nakama is a boy's love scanlation group. The word "Nakama" is the Japanese word used to denote "comrades" or "team mates". While it implies a more professional relationship than friends, it also offers a deeper bond by way of trust and dependence.

Scanlating is the process of scanning and translating manga from it's native language - usually from Japanese or Chinese, to English, French or German. Basically, scanlating is to manga, what fansubbing is to anime. It is a fan-driven, non-profit process as a way for fans to enjoy manga that has not yet been licensed overseas and would otherwise be unavailable. As with fansubbing, once a title has been licensed, it is usually dropped by the scanlation group. Nakama drops all licensed titles and kindly asks that all licensed titles no longer be distributed. Support the mangaka and keep the yaoi market strong by buying their work![1]


The types of projects Nakama works on have changed over time. They have done quick releases and covered various types of shoujo and BL manga. They now focus on high quality scanlations of material across the BL spectrum, including bara.



Impact on fandom


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