Warriors of Gondor

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Title: Warriors of Gondor
Publisher: Solo Press out of Australia
Editor(s): Carolyn Golledge
Date(s): 2005-2009
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Language: English
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Warriors of Gondor is a gen Lord of the Rings anthology edited by Carolyn Golledge. Art appears on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Issue 1

cover issue #1, Dianne Smith

Warriors of Gondor 1 was published in 2005 and contains 176 pages. It has cover art by Dianne Smith. Other art by Dianne Smith, Ara, and Skye.

  • A Treasured Gift for a Faithful Jewel by Evendim 4
  • If I Should Die by Evendim 8
  • Window on the West by Evendim 19
  • Fortress of the Stars by Evendim 26
  • Lest We Forget by Evendim 31
  • A Lesson in Diplomacy by Evendim 35
  • A Lesson in Forgiveness by Evendim 40
  • A Lesson in Elven Healing by Evendim 43
  • The Hobbit, the Human and a Sack of Mushrooms by Evendim 51
  • Miruvor, a Man and a Dwarf by Evendim 54
  • Mithrandir's Regard by P.R. Zed 57
  • Wolves by Evendim 69
  • Family Ties by Evendim 72
  • Snakes! by Evendim 75
  • So Small, Yet Greater Than Us All by Evendim 78
  • Falling by Evendim 81
  • A Gold Belt for Boromir by Carolyn Golledge 85
  • Rauros Reflections by Carolyn Golledge 89
  • Like Autumn Leaves They Fell by Evendim 93
  • You Raise Me Up by Evendim 97
  • The Hands of the King by Evendim 99
  • With Honor by Sheila Paulson 104
  • The Wooden Sword by Evendim 109
  • Clouds' Illusions by Sheila Paulson 112
  • The Last Word, Pt. 1 by Jenny Bozovic 128
  • Remember Me by Evendim 158
  • Memories by Evendim 162
  • The Prince and the Frog by Evendim 166
  • Under the Stars by Jenny Bozovic 169
  • Bee-Keeper by Evendim 174

Issue 2

cover #2, Dianne Smith

Warriors of Gondor 2 was published in 2006 and contains 185 pages. It has art by Dianne Smith, Ara, Carolyn, Andy Fry, Carnen, Gail Molnar, and Skye. The front cover is by Dianne Smith and the back cover is by Ara.

Story summaries from the publisher.

  • The Waiting by Seren Kennard 5
  • The Passing by Seren Kennard 14
  • Slaying Dragons on a Stormy Afternoon by Evendim ("A bored 4 year old Boromir needs someone else to play the part of the Dragon. Will Captain 'Thorongil' help him out?) 17
  • Minas Tirith by Gail Molnar (poem) 19
  • My Captain by Evendim (Aragorn witnesses a very young Boromir's courage.) 20
  • Seashells and Bluebell by Evendim (Pre FOTR A young Boromir watches as his baby brother and his mother fossic along the beach in Dol Amroth.) 23
  • A Window for Finduilas by Evendim (Faramir grieves for his mother) 27
  • Carak by Sheila Paulson (PRE FOTR Badly wounded in battle with orcs, Boromir is aided by the most unlikely duo. But time is running out - - can Faramir and his men find him?) 34
  • Hearts and Flowers by Jenolas (Pre FOTR a beginning romance for Boromir.)
  • Frodo's Journey by Gail Molnar 54
  • Chance Encounter by P.R. Zed 57
  • The Sword That was Broken by Evendim (In Rivendell Pippin draws a mistaken conclusion that may cost him his life.) 59
  • Boromir Owners Guide and Manual by Lalaithien 87
  • The Wizard of Awes by Evendim 91
  • Lembas by Gail Molnar (poem) 96
  • May My Love Keep You Warm by Evendim (on CARADHRAS Boromir finds use for a gift given him by his brother). 97
  • A Light from the Shadows by Sheila Paulson (While escaping Moria after Gandalf's death, Boromir wonders how he will break the news to Faramir.) 103
  • Talk to Me by Gail Molnar (poem - Boromir's thoughts about Aragorn.) 110
  • If Only...! by Evendim (Gimli regrets some hasty words) 111
  • On the Question of Beards by Gail Molnar 114
  • Touch My World with Your Fingertips by Ivriniel (Just whom does Faramir meet while he lies delirious? Aragorn Pippin and Ancir listen to a one sided dialogue. Could the dangerously ill Faramir truly be speaking with .... Boromir?) 115
  • From the Ends of the Earth by Sheila Paulson (A wounded Faramir meets some of the Fellowship for the first time.) 123
  • Marigolds and Memories by Evendim 131
  • A Mouse Behind the King's Throne by Evendim 136
  • Faramir Owners Guide and Manual by Lalaithien 139
  • All Save One by Lady Deb (Frodo wakes to find all but one of the Fellowship greeting him... or is their another presence in the room?) 143
  • The Last Word, Pt. 2 by Jenny Bozovic 146
  • Daddy...Guess Who is Coming to Dinner? by Evendim (AU post ROTK with Boromir alive and taking Gimli to Lothlorien to meet Legolas' father.) 157
  • Do You Remember...? by Evendim 163
  • The Toy Box by Evendim 165
  • The Blood of Numenor by Evendim 267
  • In Imladris by Evergreene (The first meeting of Boromir with Merry and Pippin.) 171

These stories are not listed in the Table of Contents in the zine sold by Agent With Style:

  • The Greatest Discovery by Evendim (Boromir sees his baby brother for the first time)
  • Love is the Drug by Evendim -- Trapped alone in enemy territory, Faramir must find a means of aiding his badly injured brother.
  • Paying Tribute by Evendim (sequel to the above story)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3 by Dianne Smith

Warriors of Gondor 3 was published in 2007 and is 177 pages long. Art by Dianne Smith, Kimi Leal, Sheila Paulson, and Aurelia.

  • Call to Arms Gail Molnar 4
  • Butternuts Eleanor Tremayne 5
  • Rapid Peril by Carolyn Golledge 9
  • For Want by Nautika 44
  • Childhood Dreams by Gail Molnar 47
  • While the Company is True by Sheila Paulson 48
  • The Widow of Minas Tirith by Gail Molnar 73
  • Friends? by Nautika 74
  • A Scene I Would Like in Return of the King by Eleanor Tremayne 76
  • Higher Than an Eagle by Sheila Paulson 91
  • Unfinished Business by Tierney Becket 108
  • Top Ten Ways to Sex an Elf by Gail Molnar 123
  • A Far Green Shore by Carolyn Golledge 124
  • The Gift Giving by Gail Molnar 132
  • Blood Brothers by Carolyn Golledge 145
  • Battle Scars by Carolyn Golledge 150
  • A Vow to Thee, My Country by Cecil Spring Rice 153
  • Children of the Storm by Eleanor Tremayne 154


  • Dianne Smith (front cover)
  • Kim Leal (back cover)
  • Sheila Paulson (title page art)

Issue 4

Warriors of Gondor 4 was published in 2008. It is the "Boromir Lives! Issue." This zine won the 2009 FanQ Award for Best Gen Story: Fever – Author: Carolyn Golledge. It contains 177 letter-sized pages and is spiral bound. The zine also contains extensive black and white and some color interior art by by GLMX, Kim Leal, Gonzai, Katja Schmitt, Ainulindale, Soni, Mehmet Sait Sener, Kim Kincaid, Ara, and Andy Fry.

front cover of issue #4, Cactuskim
back cover of issue #4, Cactuskim

Notes from the editorial

I had planned a third story, titled 'Yule Festival' which was to detail a dance celebration the first Yule after victory. Much of what was planned for this story has since been incorporated into the epilog of 'Rapid Peril.' ... Eleanor Tremayne's stories are written in a fantasy style, she does NOT use a High Fantasy 'voice', nor does she attempt to emulate Tolkien' s style. It is treated as a vernacular translation, where the spirit of the meaning is more important than the literal translation i.e. modern profanity is used by characters who are soldiers. Heterosexual sex of a cheerful nature suggested, not graphically portrayed.

Summaries below from the table of contents page:

  • Section One: Fellowship of the Ring, art by X
  • Fever (including its prequel "A Gentle Touch") by Carolyn Golledge (Boromir's injury worsens. Gandal's magic is added to the healing with unexpected complications when the two are bound beyond death - and rebirth. Art by Kim Leal and Gonzai)
  • A Common Tongue by Eleanor Tremayne (Pippin asks questions about the varied meanings of Boromir's frequent use of a certain four letter word. Cartoon by KElf)
  • Rangers by Eleanor Tremayne (Before their climb of Mount Caradhras, Boromir discovers Aragorn and Faramir, both Rangers, have an unusual ability in common. . . . Precognitive dreams. Art by Katja Schmitt)
  • Second Breakfast by Eleanor Tremayne (The Fellowship and some of their hosts gamble over some sporting competition that reveals much of their battle skills and personalities. Art by Ainulindale and Katja Schmitt)
  • Spinning by by Eleanor Tremayne (Boromir and Arwen learn much of each others' worlds as Arwen reveals how she first met Aragorn (AU). Art by Kim Leal, aka Cactuskim)
  • Section Two: Brothers of Gondor, art by Soni (Bohemian Weasel)
  • Together by Eleanor Tremayne (Young Faramir makes a pledge to his 16 yr old brother as Boromir, under dire circumstance, is compelled to first take up his father's sword in defence o f Minas Tirith. Art by Katja Schmitt)
  • Section Three-The Two Towers, art by Mehmet Sait Sener
  • For Gondor Some Scenes I Would Like to See in the Two Towers by Eleanor Tremayne (Aragorn and Gimli prepare to go to the rescue of Merry and Pippin, while Faramir races to intercept Frodo and Sam before his own Rangers turn the Ring Bearer over to Denethor. Art by Kim Kincaid)
  • Breaking Strain by Eleanor Tremayne (What might have been the outcome had Boromir and Aragorn argued about their future path not at the Parth Galen camp but rather much earlier in Lothlorien? Written to explain character inconsistencies in Gandalf and Aragorn in the movie. Art by Ara, Ainulindale and Andy Fry)
  • Section Four: Post Return of the King (4th Age), art by Kim Leal
  • Battle Scars 2 by Carolyn Golledge (More hilarity and surprises are in store for Boromir, Aragorn, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Faramir and Garad, as one year after victory, their anniversary celebration continues with the ongoing judging of the best scars stories. Art by Ara)

Issue 5

Warriors of Gondor 5 was published in 2009 and contains 166 pages. It is a gen anthology. See gallery below for complete table of contents, along with artist credit and story summaries.

  • Fell Memories by Gwynnyd 4
  • Healing Time by Gwynnyd 7
back cover by Enednoviel
front cover
  • Dragon of the North by Gwynnyd 10
  • Seeking to Please by Gwynnyd 11
  • Waltzing: Scenes to Explain a Romance by Eleanor Tremayne 14
  • By Roads Forgotten by Gwynnyd 26
  • Beyond the Measure of Dreams by Skye Rutherford 27
  • Where Dreams May Take You by Plastic Chevy 35
  • By the Blood of Our People by Carolyn Golledge 71
  • Soul Full by Carolyn Golledge 75
  • The Pillars of the Kings by Carolyn Golledge 134
  • Circumstantial Heroes by Gwynnyd 137
  • Never to Forget by Sheila Paulson 149
  • Hope Eternal by Gwynnyd 155
  • Raised Expectations by Gwynnyd 156
  • One Equal Temperament by Gwynnyd 158
  • The Victory Dance by Carolyn Golledge 161

The fanzine contains numerous interior b&w illustrations. Below is a representative sample from each of the artists.