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Name: Eternal
Date(s): 2003 or before - 2006 (Wayback dates; no updates after 14 March 2005)
Archivist: Amie
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: (Wayback)
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Eternal is a Legolas fanfiction archive. As of April 2005 it had 136 stories by 70 authors.

The archive used the eFiction software. It was affiliated with the Mithril Awards, which described the sites as containing Fanfiction, essays & opinion about Legolas (adult).[1]

In March 2005, after multiple posts apologizing for a lack of updates, the archivist Amie posted a news item titled "Hiatus," which read: "I hate to say this, but until further notice Eternal will be on hiatus. For the authors with incomplete stories, more than likely you will find them on or Stories of Arda."[2] The site remained online through at least August 2006; the Wayback Machine begins recording 404 errors in October 2006.

Description from Tower of Ecthelion:

This is a must see for Legolas fans. It’s a large archive of great fanfiction devoted to our favorite Elf. The page looks fabulous as well![3]


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