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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Assorted Fanfic by Me
Author: Pellinor aka Ladyofastolat aka Eildon Rhymer aka Rhymer23
Dates: ? - ? (last update in 2010); website defunct by 2020
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, The Dark is Rising, Diana Wynne Jones, Magnificent Seven, Queen's Thief, X-Files, Star Wars TPM, Robin Hood), Primeval, Original Fiction
URL: (defunct)
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Assorted Fanfic by Me is a personal fanfiction site. It was last updated in 2010. As of December 2020, it appears to no longer exist.

Welcome to my fanfic. If you choose to explore further, be warned that my favoured story genre is long, character-driven, angsty stories with plots, though I also write some humour. I don't write sex or swearing, though the general darkness and angstiness would make me rate most of this as not suitable for young children. I have done non-explicit slash in a couple of fandoms, but mostly write gen.

Stargate Atlantis

Fanfic by Eildon Rhymer (aka Rhymer23). Last updated in 2009.

I accidentally stumbled on a stray season one SGA episode in May 2007, and was hooked from the start. I took my time catching up on all the previous episodes, took a bit more time coming to terms with the characters... and then started writing. I have no intention of stopping in the foreseeable future, even though the show is now over.

Stories over 40,000 words

On the Wings of an Eagle.jpg

On the Wings of an Eagle (Posted May 28, 2009–50,000 words.) Summary: It started with a man crashing into a herb garden. Soon a misfit band of four exiles are caught up in a wild ride of sword fights, sewing, rescue missions, shopping trips, high treason, lute-playing, changing the face of scientific knowledge forever, the imminent risk of hideous death, and comfits. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Team. Genre: AU, adventure, gen, including quite a lot of humour, some angst, some h/c and some pictures. This was written for the Gen Ficathon on LJ, for the prompt "Those magnificent men in their flying machines." Yes, really.

Where the White Lilies Grow (Posted May 24, 2009–44,400 words.) Summary: People tell stories about the wonders of the Time Before. They tell stories, too, about magical creatures with long, fair hair, who emerge from the hill and can turn you to dust in an instant. But John Sheppard has never been one to believe in stories… Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Principally Sheppard and McKay, but the rest of the team appear in the last third. Genre: AU, adventure, gen, including some angst and some h/c. This was written for the Gen Ficathon on LJ, for the prompt "Clarke's Law (i.e. "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic")

Born in the Barrens (Posted February 13, 2009–60,000 words.) Summary: While on a mission to the city of the Genii, Rodney McKay, master alchemist, is given a gift of a slave. Rating: T (some intense emotional scenes, and references to past torture.) Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Principally Sheppard and McKay, but the rest of the team appear in the second half. Genre: AU, angst, adventure, hurt/comfort, gen.

The Price of a Pardon: sequel to The Pirate's Prisoner (Added November 15, 2008–49,000 words.)

The Price of a Pardon.jpg

On the Road to Come What May (Added September 2, 2008–95,000 words) Summary: It started with a strange vessel crashing down from the sky. Then three strangers appeared in a decaying city, willing to risk everything to rescue an injured, imprisoned friend. For those caught up in the adventures of these four, nothing will ever be the same again. (This is an outsider viewpoint team fic, in which the team are very central to the story, but we see them throughout through the eyes of original characters.) Rating: T for some swearing Content: Spoilers: Only the very vaguest ones for early season four episodes. Characters: Team, plus OCs. Genre: Drama, adventure, hurt/comfort, outsider viewpoint, gen. Now with added epilogue: A Part of All That I Have Met (added October 1, 2008 - c. 5000 words)

The Pirate's Prisoner (Added May 1, 2008–42,000 words.)

The Pyrate's Prisoner.jpg

Practise to Deceive (Completed March 4, 2008–72,000 words. Summary: Something is very wrong on Atlantis, and Sheppard is at the heart of it, walking a very dangerous path. Rating: PG-13 Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Tabula Rasa in season 4, and set shortly after that episode. Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Angst, adventure, hurt/comfort, gen.

White Walls (Added December 2, 2007–55,000 words) Summary: Four went out, and three came back. Sheppard has vanished, and the rest of his team lies injured. By the time they recover, the trail has gone cold. As Sheppard and his team fight their own separate battles for hope and survival, the true danger may be different from what any of them expect. Rating: T (heavy angst, and psychological torture, though nothing graphic) Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Reunion in season 4, and set shortly after that episode. Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, gen. This really is a very angsty and intense story.

Entertaining Strangers (Added October 14, 2007–92,500 words) Summary: Sheppard disappears on a mission, and is mourned as dead. But then he comes back. Friends become strangers, strangers become enemies, and Atlantis itself could fall, unless a group of people are able to recover what was lost. Rating: PG-13. Content: Spoilers: Not really, since this goes AU after The Defiant One in season one. Characters: All, including both Ford and Ronon, but with an emphasis on Sheppard and McKay. Genre: AU. Angst. Action-adventure. Whump (of Sheppard, mostly). Gen.

Stories between 10,000 and 40,000 words

A Sure Anchor (Added April 24, 2009–16,000 words) Summary: While visiting a place from Ronon's past, Sheppard and Ronon are attacked by snipers, but there's something there that's more dangerous and deadly than any human enemy. Rating: PG-13 (some non-graphic violence) Content: Spoilers: Up to mid season 5, particularly for Broken Ties, The Shrine and Search and Rescue. Characters: Sheppard and Ronon. Genre: h/c, adventure, angst

As Far as it Takes (Added March 5, 2009–17,000 words) Summary: "How far would you go, Colonel Sheppard?" asked the tall man. "How far will you go to save him?" Rating: PG-13 (some non-graphic violence) Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Remnants. Especial spoilers for Miller's Crossing. Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: h/c, adventure, angst

In Time of War (Added December 28, 2008–14,700 words) Summary: They had never expected to end up in a war zone. Sheppard is captured, but rescuing him is only the beginning, because Sheppard is badly hurt and rapidly deteriorating, the Gate is inaccessible, and the enemy is everywhere, closing fast. Rating: PG-13 (some non-graphic violence, and the story is set in a war-zone, with related grimness) Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Inquisition. Characters: Team, with focus on Sheppard and McKay. Genre: h/c, adventure, angst

Through a Glass, Darkly (Added December 21, 2008–14,500 words) Summary: When an injured John Sheppard shows up at his door in the middle of the night, David Sheppard finds himself in the middle of a desperate adventure. Hunted by implacable enemies and haunted by past misunderstandings, the two brothers struggle to survive in a world gone terribly wrong. Rating: PG-13 (some non-graphic violence and occasional swearing) Content: Spoilers: For Sheppard's backstory as seen in Outcast. Some very oblique references to early season 5 events. Characters: John Sheppard, David Sheppard, mosly. Genre: angst, h/c, adventure

The Fall of the Leaf (Added November 22, 2008–11,000 words) Summary: It is four days since his experience on the mainland, and Sheppard hasn't talked. But something is lurking at the heart of a decaying ruin - something that will not only push Sheppard and his team into a new nightmare, but which will force Sheppard to confront the old one. Rating: PG-13 Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Remnants in season five. This is essentially a Remnants tag, with some Broken Ties thrown in. Characters: Team, but Sheppard has the bulk of the character focus. Genre: angst, h/c, episode tag

Survival of the Fittest (Added June 30, 2008–17,000 words) Summary: Sheppard, McKay and Ronon are stranded in a cold wilderness without warm clothes or any supplies, and days away from help. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Midway in season four. Characters: Mostly Sheppard and McKay, with some Ronon. Genre: h/c, angst, character study

Empty Vessels (Added May 18, 2008–32,600 words) Summary: Four people awake separately in the darkness with no memory of who they are, and there is something in the darkness, and it wants them. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Season four cast. Characters: Team. Genre: angst, whump, mystery/suspense

Dark Water (Added January 18, 2008 - just over 10,000 words) Summary: Sheppard and McKay crash in a storm, but the crash is soon the least of their worries. Written for the Sheppard h/c Secret Santa over on LJ. Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: whump, mostly

Drawing the Line (Added December 14, 2007 - just over 10,000 words) Summary: Sheppard's been shot, Rodney has a price on his head, and the hunters are closing in. As the two of them struggle to stay alive, recent events come to a head. Rating: T (some violence) Content: Spoilers: This is an indirect Miller's Crossing tag. Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Angst, episode tag, character study, hurt/comfort, gen.

Blood and Water (Added August 8, 2007 - around 10,000 words) Summary: On a world of masks and lies, the lone survivor of a disaster seeks revenge on his enemies. Rating: T for some violent imagery. Content: Spoilers: Brief reference to the second season episode Conversion Characters: This information would be a spoiler. Shep-whump is involved, though. Genre: Angst. Whump. Gen.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Added August 5, 2007 - around 10,000 words) Summary: Injured and on the run, Sheppard and McKay are trapped in a dark ruin with a putative monster. This, however, is soon the least of their problems... Rating: PG. Content: Spoilers: Set mid-season three, but Phantoms is the only episode directly alluded to. Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Whump, humour, angst, gen.

Stories with under 10,000 words

The Flowers of the Field (Added June 5, 2009 - 4995 words) Summary: On the first day of spring, a young girl finds a badly injured man, chained to a dead man and caught in a trap Rating: PG-13 Content: Warning: Some non-graphic ickiness involving the presence of a corpse. Characters: Sheppard plus OC Genre: gen, h/c, outsider viewpoint. This was written for the flashfic challenge on the Sheppard h/c community, for the prompt "trapped/traps."

The World to Come (Added May 24, 2009 - 6136 words) Summary: The world ended when John was sleeping... Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team Genre: gen, team, angst. This was written for the Gen Ficathon on LJ for the prompt the prompt, "I found the end of the world, of course; And it's not the end of the world, of course (Gordon Downie, "Vancouver Divorce")

Friends and Old Wine (Added May 24, 2009 - c. 2700 words) Summary: Not long after arriving on Atlantis, Ronon is given a bottle of Satedan firewine, the last of its kind. Throughout the events of the next few years, it stays unopened, because Sateda is gone… Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: All Ronon-centric episodes in the series. Characters: Ronon, plue team Genre: gen, character study, angst.

Face to Face (Added January 10, 2009 - 1950 words) Summary: The truth seen in flames and mirrors. This is a Vegas tag. Please read the warning. Rating: PG-13 (some swearing) Content: Warning: This is not the happy ending. Spoilers: Vegas. Characters: Vegas-AU Sheppard and McKay, some Woolsey, some team Genre: angst, h/c

The View from the Other Side (Added November 22, 2008 - 2400 words) Summary: The events of The Lost Tribe have reopened some wounds that Sheppard thought healed. (Vague summary to avoid spoilers for the episode) Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: The Lost Tribe. Common Ground. Characters: Sheppard and Woolsey Genre: angst, h/c

A Twice-told Tale (Added November 15, 2008 - 3400 words) Summary: "Have I ever told you about the people of Atlantis?" (Tag to The Outsiders) Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Outsiders. Characters: Outsider viewpoints, plus team, Genre: Outsider viewpoint, angst

Never Say Goodbye (Added October 3, 2008 - c. 5000 words) Summary: Sheppard's badly injured, Rodney's falling apart, the enemy's closing on them, and recent events are circling, ready to come to a head. (Tag to The Shrine) Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Up to and including The Shrine. Characters: Sheppard and McKay, Genre: Angst. H/C

Another Step (Added October 1, 2008 - 5,400 words) Summary: Pursued by men who want to kill him, an injured Sheppard struggles to find his way back to his team. Written for the Fall Fic Exchange on the LJ community, sgahcchallenges Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Mention of Search and Rescue in season five. Characters: Sheppard plus Ronon. Genre: H/C

The Comfort of Strangers (Added October 1, 2008 - c. 5000 words) Summary: "You were always alone in a prison." A long-term prisoner watches two who most definitely are not. Written for the "comfort" challenge on SGA flashfic Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard and McKay, plus outsider viewpoint. Genre: Angst. H/C

Evergreen (Added October 1, 2008 - 1,900 words) Summary: When you are suddenly released from your responsibilities, what do you do? Rating: PG Content: Warnings: This was my response to the news of the show's cancellation. It has a strange mixture of humour and poignancy. Characters: Team. Genre: Humour, but also angst

After the First Death (Added August 22, 2008 - 4,300 words) Summary: With the correct training, you can attempt to keep a badly injured soldier alive in the field until medical care arrives. If you succeed, your part in their story is over. But if you fail, what then? Rating: PG Content: Warnings: Death of red shirts, but not of canon characters. Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Angst. H/c

A Matter of Command (Added August 22, 2008 - 2,500 words) Summary: A Search and Rescue aftermath story. To say any more would be a spoiler. Rating: PG Content: Warnings: Spoilers for Search and Rescue, the season 5 opener. Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: An ungodly mixture of angst, h/c and humour.

From Ashes (Added June 30, 2008 - 3,500 words) Summary: Twenty years on, Teyla remembers the loss of those who were like a family to her, and finally finds healing in the flames. (Please read warnings) Rating: PG Content: Warnings: Death of main characters told in flashback. Future-Teyla has an OC husband. Season four spoilers. It made me cry. Characters: Teyla. Team in flashback. Genre: Angst.

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on (Added May 18, 2008 - 3,000 words) Summary: Sometimes he dreams that he can fly, but when he awakes, the doctor with the amber eyes tells him that men will never fly, and injects him with gentle drugs to stop him dreaming... Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard, mostly. Genre: Angst. H/C. Written for the "Must be dreaming" flashfic challenge.

Types of Intelligence (Added May 1, 2008 - 7,200 words) Summary: A new enemy has struck at the heart of Atlantis. Can Sheppard's team cope with the aftermath of defeating it? Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Vague spoilers for Reunion and Doppelganger. Set before Missing. Characters: Team. Genre: Angst. Written for the SGA gen ficathon, for the challenge AI, in the genre Angst.

Forged in Flame (Added May 1, 2008 - 4,500 words) Summary: Fire, fever, fury and fellowship. Three times the flames almost killed them, and once when they helped them find home. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Team. Genre: Team bonding in various flavours. Written for the "burning up" challenge on sga flashfic.

Missing (Added March 23, 2008 - 3,700 words) Summary: This is a set of missing scenes for The Last Man. To say more here would be a spoiler. Summary within Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: The Last Man. Characters: Ronon and McKay, mostly. Genre: Angst. Episode missing scenes

Sisyphus (Added March 23, 2008 - 6,300 words) Summary: Sheppard's in hell, and there is only one way to break free Rating: PG-13 Content: Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Horror. Angst. Hurt/comfort

The Other Side (Added February 5, 2008 - 4,400 words) Summary: An explosion leaves Sheppard and McKay trapped and injured on opposite sides of a sealed door. Time is running out, and there is nothing to do but wait for rescue… and to talk. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Up to and including Outcast. Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Hurt/comfort, friendship, angst.

Warm (Added February 5, 2008 - 3,400 words) Summary: Injured and alone, he remembers... Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Team fuzziness, with a side dish of whump.

Midwinter Burning (Added December 21, 2007 - 3,700 words) Summary: Teyla persuades her team to celebrate Midwinter, and to find some hope in the darkness. (Note: For want of any evidence to the contrary, I'm assuming that This Mortal Coil takes place shortly before Christmas.) Rating: PG (well, probably G, but I like to play it safe) Content: Spoilers: Up to and including This Mortal Coil. Characters: Team. Genre: Angst, gen.

Hole (Added December 14, 2007 - 2,800 words) Summary: Rodney's stuck. It would be moderately hilarious, if it wasn't for the lack of butter, the approaching enemies, the unhelpful jokes, and the threat of imminent death. Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team, with emphasis on McKay and Sheppard. Genre: Gen. Some humour, some angst, lots of team bonding

After Life (Added December 2, 2007 - 3,800 words) Summary: "I'm no expert, but I think we're… we seem to be... uh...dead." Rating: PG Content: Spoilers up to and including Doppelganger in season 4. Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Angst, bickering, gen. Written for the "Ways to Die" challenge on sga_flashfic

Old Leaves (Added: November 16, 2007 - 5,000-ish) Summary: When an ambush leaves Ronon hurt and Sheppard badly injured, the two of them are forced to go on the run. A Runner for seven years, Ronon should find this all too familiar, but this is something new... Rating: PG Content: Characters: Ronon and Sheppard. Genre: Character study, adventure, angst, hurt/comfort, gen.

Face to Face (Added November 16, 2007 - 2,800 words) Summary: Injured and trapped in the dark… and they are not alone. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers up to and including Doppelganger in season 4. Characters: Team. Genre: Ghost story, gen.

Do Not Go Gentle (Added November 16, 2007 - 2,300 words) Summary: Sheppard and McKay have escaped from a terrible ordeal, but the battle is far from over. Rating: PG Content:Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Hurt/comfort, angst, gen.

Disarmed (Added: September 21, 2007 - 2,100 words) Summary: Rodney can't speak. Surely Sheppard wouldn't be so cruel as to tease him? (This was written for the "Wordless" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community) Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team, with an emphasis on Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Mix of angst and humour

Anchor (Added September 21, 2007 - 2,100 words) Summary: For even the most private of men, there comes a time when words mean everything. (Also written for the "Wordless" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community) Rating: PG-13 (some violent imagery) Content: Characters: Mostly Sheppard. Genre: Angst. H/C.

Ghosts (Added: September 3, 2007 - 3,600 words) Summary: An icy planet, a jumper crash, a deadly enemy... Rating: PG-13. Content: Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Angst. Shep-whump. Gen.

Message in a Bottle (Added August 21, 2007 - 3,600 words) Summary: Sheppard wakes up to find himself in a medical facility on a strange planet, with no memory of how he got there, and only a tenuous connection to home. Rating: PG-13. Content: Characters: Mostly Sheppard, but also Weir and McKay. Genre: Angst. Whump. Gen.

Humour, parody and other silliness

A Walk on the Dark Side (Added June 5, 2009 - 2400 words) Summary: Even in an evil mirror universe, things don't go quite according to plan Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team. Genre: Humour.

Rodney in Wonderland (Added March 5, 2009 - 4600 words) Summary: Rodney falls down a rabbit-hole Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: References to The Queen and Infection. Characters: McKay and team, plus... others. Genre: Humour. Pastiche.

Pros and Cons (Added March 5, 2009 - 2400 words) Summary: It was proving to the be freakiest captivity ever. John doubted that even Ronon could take out four hundred crazed women when armed only with a teaspoon. Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard and Ronon. Genre: Humour/crack

New Year's Resolutions (Added March 5, 2009 - 1300 plus 4 images) Summary: Two short pieces about New Year's Resolutions - one of them fourth-wall-breaking parody, and the other in images Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team. Genre: Humour/crack

Indistinguishable from Magic (Added February 13, 2009 - 4000 words) Summary: When John rubs a magic lamp-- "Magic?" squawked the genie, flapping its incorporeal arms. "How many times do I have to tell you that magic doesn't exist? You... Oh," it said, with an exaggerated incorporeal sigh. "We're in a story. That, apparently, makes everything okay. So go on, tell your stupid story. I bet no-one reads it. Magic and wishes? Pah!" Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: None. Characters: Team. Genre: Humour

A Wraith's Guide to Food and Nutrition (Added January 10, 2009 - 2500 words) Summary: In which the Wraith struggle with their diet, Sheppard and McKay struggle to play teacher, and everyone struggles with chocolate cake and other related evils. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Up to Infection. Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Wraith, assorted extras. Genre: Humour

Hello, Rodney! (Added November 15, 2008 - 2800 words, plus pictures) Summary: Does Rodney look like a happy Rodney, or a sad Rodney? That's right, he looks like a sad Rodney. A grumpy Rodney. A not-very-happy-at-all Rodney. I wonder why he's such a sad Rodney. Let's find out, shall we? (Another story in the same vein as Run, John, Run! Rating: PG (except for the optional shocking ending) Content: Characters: McKay and Sheppard, mostly. Genre: Very silly humour

Five Authors who Didn't Write Stargate Atlantis (Added August 22, 2008 - 3000 words) Summary: Four authors who (fortunately for them) didn't write Stargate Atlantis, and one who (fortunately for Atlantis) didn't write it, either... Written for the "5 things" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community) Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team plus... others. Genre: Pastiche

Biased Sources (Added August 22, 2008 - 1,800 words) Summary: Okay, so I nearly killed John Sheppard. So sue me. Rating: PG Content: Characters: Well... um... outsider viewpoint? Genre: Humour

The Lower Levels (Added June 30, 2008 - 2,200 words, plus two images) Summary: Enraged squirrels, angry daisies, butter knives and other horrors even less fearsome. Life's tough when you're a first level adventurer - and even tougher when a certain Rodney McKay's in your party... Written for the "Animal, Mineral and Vegetable" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community) Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard and McKay. Genre: Angst. Humour

The Youngest Son (Added June 30, 2008 - 4,400 words) Summary: They blow up hive ships. ("Hey! That's a good thing!") They destroy solar systems. ("Only five sixths!") Now they are trampling rough-shod through all the traditions of fairy tales. What's a miller's third son on the cusp of Destiny to do? Written for the "Fairytale" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community) Rating: PG Content: Characters: Team, plus hapless outside viewpoint. Genre: Mostly humour

Gen Sheppard user manual (Added June 30, 2008 - 1,300 words) Summary: Congratulations on your purchase of your Gen Sheppard (Sheppardus nohankypankius.) Rating: PG-13 (some double entendre) Content: Characters: Sheppard. Genre: Silliness

The Long Road Home (Added: March 29, 2008) Summary: A thrilling drama series, with giant plants! and monsters! and heroism! and injury! and photos! and even bloopers!

Whumpers: A manual (Added: March 2008) Summary: A piece of silliness inspired by various people saying that their other halfs don't understand their whumping urges. This is designed to foster understanding. It's also not meant at all seriously, I hasten to add.

Gratuitous Shep Whump Generation Tables (Added: March 2008) Summary: This is what happens when you play too many RPGs, and read too many fanfics.

John Sheppard and the Planet with No Whump (Added: February 2008) Summary: Does what it says on the tin. Or not. Poor Sheppard can never escape, it seems. Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard and team. Genre: Extremely silly.

The Fall of the Roman Empire (Added: February 20, 2008 - 2,400 words) Summary: In all the scholarly debate about the fall of the Roman Empire, no historian has yet uncovered the role played by a certain speed-obsessed, bare-legged centurion, and a verbose hypocaust engineer called Rodneus. That story can now be told... (Written for the "Ancient History" challenge on SGA flashfic) Rating: PG Content: Characters: McKay and Sheppard. Genre: Extremely silly. Warnings: Silliness. Latin. Italics. Naked legs. Sandals. Wanton destruction of the Roman Empire and the fourth wall

The Lollipop of Doom (Added: February 20, 2008 - 1,300 words) Summary: What was Sheppard getting up to during Trio? In other words, Shep whump can be found in the most unpromising of places, if you try hard enough. This is very very silly, and was intended as an exclusive joke-fic on the Gateworld Shep whump thread, but I might as well link to it here Rating: PG Content: Characters: Sheppard. Genre: Extremely silly.

The Best-Laid Plans (Added: January 18, 2008 - 2,700 words) Summary: A man, an elf, a dwarf and a reluctant hobbit ("I don't even get to wear boots!") go on a quest that could change the world in ways that the wise have long foreseen. Alternatively, however… (Written for the "Not Human" challenge on SGA flashfic) Rating: PG Content: Spoilers: Vague ones for the plot of The Lord of the Rings. Characters: McKay, Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla, Radek... and Gandalf. Genre: Extremely silly crossover

Stories of Murder and Woe (Added: January 18, 2008) Summary: "For stories of murder and woe / That kill all our friends from the show / Where death is the norm / In a limerick form / Just click on the link there below." (Or, in this case, above.) Rating: PG for innuendo Content: Spoilers only for the season four cast. Characters: Everyone. Genre: Humour. Rhyme.

Photoshop is Mightier than the Sword (Added January 18, 2008 - 500 words, and 10 pictures) Summary: In which our team demonstrates graphically that Photoshop is mightier than the sword. Rating: PG for the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages a traditional Athosian affirmation of life and fellowship Content: Characters: Team. Genre: Humour. Pictures.

Collateral Damage (Added November 16, 2007 - 2,000 words) Summary: Every time you whump a Shep, the little children cry... Rating: PG Content: Parody, humour, meta, whump

Once More in Pegasus: A musical episode of Stargate Atlantis (Added October 15, 2007) Summary: Something Mysterious happens. There is angst. There is whump. There is musical snark. There are ambiguous dance steps. There are singing Wraith. There are dancing Genii. This season is going out with a song... Note: This is a version of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Once More, With Feeling, complete with audio files for those who don't know the tunes. Please read the note at the start of the fic before you try to listen to any. Rating: PG Content: Spoilers for Sunday. Characters: Season three cast. Genre: Musical. Humour. Some musical angst and musical whump. Gen-safe, but there are some ambiguous dance steps

Run John Run! (Added September 5, 2007 - 3,000 words) Summary: This is a Shep whump story as written for 4 year olds, complete with pictures and ideas for educational extension activities. What can I say...? Rating: PG (some double entendre which, being innocent minded, I will of course claim is accidental ;-) Content: Characters: Team. Genre: Humour. Very very silly humour - with pictures

The Games People Play (Added August 21, 2007 - 3,900 words) Summary: A day of games. What could possibly go wrong? (Note: This was written for the "Cake or Death" challenge on the SGA flashfic LJ community, with explains certain things.) Rating: PG Content: Characters: Ensemble. Genre: Humour

The Dark is Rising

Last updated in 2007.

I didn't read The Dark is Rising when I was young. A teacher recommended it when I was 10, but I always perverse and contrary when it came to recommendations, and always took against anything anyone tried to get me to read. I didn't actually read the series until I was about 20, and I loved it. It had never occurred to me to write fanfic about it, though, until for some reason I started musing about the series in summer 2005, and was hit with a story idea... These stories have been posted under the name of Eildon Rhymer, except for the drabbles which I posted under the name of Rhymer23. *sigh* Life would have been a lot easier if I'd stuck to the same pseudonym throughout.

Two Worlds

This is my newest story, with chapter one posted on 9 July 2007. It is 128,000 words. Since 30 chapters take up quite a bit of space, I've put it on a separate page. The summary of the story reads: "Will and Bran meet up again as students in Oxford, but an unexpected enemy is stirring, and nothing will be the same again, for two young men, or for the world." It does contain mild slash, but no sex scenes. I've rated it R to be on the safe side. Two Worlds.

The World to Come

This is a long AU, based on the scenario that the Dark won at the end of Silver on the Tree, and the Light was reduced to a few scattered remnants, fighting to keep a tiny element of hope left in an increasingly dark world. The story covers 24 years, and shows how the major characters from the sequence fare in this new, darker world. Because it has a lot of chapters, I have put the story on a separate page here: The World to Come.

Walking Shadow

Summary: "Twenty years after. Memories are still lost, Will is still alone, and something is stirring..." Word count: 48,000 words Rating: PG-13 ish. Darkness and angst, but no sex or swearing. Genre: Angst. Character-heavy plot. Characters: Will, Jane, Bran. Pairings: No pairings, though hints of unrequited yearnings.

Walking Shadow 2: Falls the Shadow

Summary: Any summary would be a spoiler for book one. Basically it's a direct continuation, picking up one day after the end of the previous story. A summary of Walking Shadow is here, for people who have read it a while ago, and want a reminder. Word count: 66,000 words Rating: PG-13 ish. Darkness and angst, but no sex or swearing. Genre: Angst. Character-heavy plot. Content warning: Please click here if you want to read this, but it does constitute a spoiler. Main characters: Will, Jane, Bran. Pairings:No pairings as such, but various hints and yearnings.

Other Lives, Other Voices

Summary: This is a collection of ten short pieces, each between 1000 and 3000 words, that aim to show the events of The Dark is Rising (the novel, not the whole series) through the eyes of various minor characters. Word count: 22,000 words in total Rating: PG. Nothing objectionable, but I always default to PG, rather than G, just in case something objectionable has crept in without me noticing

Pictures in the Dark

Summary: "A young photographer finds a body, and becomes the uncomprehending witness to a terrible drama." Word count: 8,000 words Rating: PG-13 ish. Darkness and angst, but no sex or swearing. Genre: Angst. Character-heavy plot. Warning no. 1:References to a past gay relationship. It is in the past, it contains no sexual references, and it is between two original characters, rather than any Dark is Rising characters. Still, please don't read if such an idea offends you. Warning no. 2: The entire story is told through the eyes of an original character, who doesn't understand the full significance of what he is seeing. This means that there will be loose ends in the story, and some things left unresolved.


Summary: This is an expansion and continuation of this drabble, covering what happens in the years that follow. Word count: 5,000 words Rating: PG-13 ish. Darkness and angst, but no sex or swearing. Pairing/warning: This story is set in the context of an adult Will and Bran having a long-term, loving relationship, which has existed for years before the story starts. However, nothing at all happens "on camera", and someone who normally hates slash has read it and liked it a lot.

Once More, With Old Ones

Summary: This is a Dark is Rising version of the Buffy musical episode, "Once More, With Feeling". You don't need to know the original to understand this, though of course it does help.

The Devil You Know

Summary: A Dark Is Rising fanfic parody, in which Will and Bran desperately try to escape the world of the angst-writer, and find a better existence in another world. Rating: A very soft R (to be on the safe side) Pairing/warning: Well, Will and Bran do briefly visit the world of the slash-writer, with obvious consequences... Drabbles

Drabbles: These drabbles were (almost all) posted on the Darkisrising100 LJ community. I never, ever thought I'd be able to write a drabble, being a very wordy writer, but I was quickly hooked!

Since the list of drabbles was getting longer and longer, I have grouped them together by date, so you can read several in one file, without having to endlessly follow individual links.

Each collection includes the full range of moods and styles, including silly, parody, dark, or serious. All are between 98 and 102 words.

Diana Wynne Jones

I've loved Diana Wynne Jones books since I first read "The lives of Christopher Chant" some ten years ago. I'd never thought I'd write DWJ fanfic, though, since my natural medium seems to be angst, and I didn't think I'd be able to adapt to her style. When I finally tried it, though, I found it refreshingly easy. I have never written a story that flowed so stunningly fast as "A boy less ordinary." Section last updated September 2006, too add A Tale of Too Many Worlds

A Tale of Two Wizards

Rating: PG. Word count:15,000 words Summary: In which Howl is shoved through a bathroom door, and ends up somewhere else entirely, in the company of an impeccably dressed nine-lived enchanter. Much danger ensures, and even more bickering.

A Tale of Too Many Worlds

Rating: PG Word count:19,000 words Summary: (Sequel to "A Tale of Two Wizards", but you don't really need to read the first story to understand this one.) Awkward and Inconvenient things keep happening to Howl, involving evil doppelgangers and confusing other worlds. There is only one thing for it: visit Chrestomanci. And this time, the family is going, too.

A Boy Less Ordinary

Rating: PG-13. Nothing objectionable, but some scariness. Word count:17,000 words Summary: Thomas Brown is an unusual boy, trapped in an entirely normal family. Then, one day, Tom intones an innocent little word: "Chrestomanci." Normality is about to get very, very strange.

Seventh Son

This is a short story in the world of Howl's Moving Castle (book universe, not movie universe.) As with "A Boy Less Ordinary", it's told through the eyes of an original character. Rating: PG. (Would have been G, but Howl would start getting hopelessly drunk. Word count:3071 words Summary: Cedric is a seventh son of a seventh son, so of course it goes without saying that he will save the whole of Ingary. But what will happen when he quite literally bumps into a man in a rather impressive red and silver suit...?

Wicked Lady

This is an almost-but-not-quite sequel to Seventh Son. It features a different original character, who bumps into Howl and the others a little after Cedric leaves them. Rating: PG. Word count:3405 words Summary: "One day, she was painting cobwebs onto the ceiling, when in came her master's minions, carrying an unconscious young man in a red and silver suit...

Dark Lord

This is an almost-but-not-quite sequel to Wicked Lady, which was itself an almost-but-not-quite sequel to Seventh Son. (Confused?). It features yet another different original character, but this one bumps into Howl entirely deliberately. Rating: PG. Word count:3309 words Summary: When an aspiring evil-doer learns that a certain brightly-clad wizard stands between him and his reign of terror, it's clear what needs to be done. Actually doing it, on the other hand…

The Magnificent Seven

I watched the Magnificent Seven TV series in January 2010, and was immediately inspired to write about it. It took a while before I actually got anything down on paper, though. I honestly don't know if I'll write more in the fandom. I do have a few vague ideas, but I also have ideas in a different fandom, and I don't know which set of ideas will shout louder.

Scotching the Snake (posted 24 April 2010 - c. 50,000 words)

Rating: PG-13. Some violence, but it's not particularly graphic Spoilers: Spoilers for the entire series, with particular reference to Serpents and Obsession Content: Gen. Drama, angst (loads of it), h/c (Ezra.) Main characters are Ezra, Buck and Chris, in that order of priority. The rest of the Seven do appear, but aren't viewpoint characters. Summary: The Seven ride against a dangerous gang, and two strangers come to town. As the sun beats mercilessly down, trust is eroded and suspicions grow, threatening the future of the Seven, and the life of one of their number.

If at First You Don't Succeed (posted 25 April 2010 - c. 5,500 words)

Rating: PG. Content: Gen. Kind of humorous, but also some character study and a bit of angst. This is an Ezra story, set when he's 19 or 20. Summary: A younger Ezra attempts to master a new skill. The results are somewhat… unfortunate.

Queen's Thief

I love the series of books by Megan Whalen Turner, that start with The Thief. I don't imagine I'll ever write normal sort of fanfic about it - at least, not until the after the final book has appeared - but I found myself with the urge to write an outsider viewpoint story about our hero. I've also added some silly pastiches.

Snow and the Setting Sun (posted here 24 April 2010, but posted on LJ last summer)

Rating: PG. Some mentions of wounds and violence, but nothing particularly graphic Spoilers: Spoilers for the first three books in the series. This was written before the fourth book came out. Content: Outsider viewpoint. H/C. Drama. 7000 words Summary: On a day of unprecedented cold, a wounded stranger arrives at a remote farmhouse and changes everything.

A collection of pastiches (posted here 24 April 2010, but posted on LJ last summer)

Rating: PG. Spoilers: Nothing really - but will make more sense if you know the books Content: Humour. Pastiche Summary: Three hapless authors find their works invaded by a certain thief...

The X-Files

All of these stories were written between 1996 and 1998, and posted on the newsgroup, and on an X-Files mailing list. They're all still out there on some old archives, but I took down my own site when I moved on to other things at the end of 1998. I've not read them since then; my style has moved on and changed.... but here they are, for old times' sake. (One thing I should add at this point is that I stole someone else's pseudonym, since at that time the person who already owned it didn't think they'd ever get involved on the Internet. They've now claimed it back. So there is still a "Pellinor" who is active on various (non-fanfic) forums, but it's not me. It's just the person I'm married to.)

Long and angst ones

Inferno trilogy These three linked stories were my very first fanfics. I remember posting them in utter terror and dread, and not getting much feedback. I assumed few people had liked it, so was utterly amazed to find myself winning third prize as "best angst writer" in the X-Files fanfic awards when I'd only been posting for a couple of months, and hadn't even finished this series.

Inferno original summary: Mulder finds himself engulfed in a nightmare when he gets too close to a complex web of murder and revenge. Can Scully, distracted by doubts of her own, help him before it's too late?
Purgatorio original summary: When a woman apparently kills her husband and claims no memory of the event, for once it is Scully who believes there is more to it than meets the eye, especially when she uncovers a possible link to her own disappearance. But when the murders continue, Mulder comes up with a theory of his own - a theory which threatens to tear them both apart...
Paradiso orginal summary: While Scully attempts to undo the damage wrought by recent events, Mulder gets drawn into a web of intrigue that could easily lead him to the truth, but could just as easily destroy him.

And, finally, here is something I must have written before posting "Paradiso". I've no idea why I wrote it, or where I posted it, but it appears to be some musings on the development of this trilogy, and its themes.

Malleus Maleficarum My second long fanfic, and one of the darkest and most bleak ones I wrote. It also comes complete with a ridiculously long and pretentious author's note at the end, analysing all the themes. Not long after I posted this, I read a children's/young adult novel that had a rather similar theme, and even gave the baddie the same name! It was just a coincidence, though, due to both me and that author drawing on a theme and character name from folk tale.

Original summary: A stranger with a tempting offer promises hope in Mulder's time of need. Refusal could cost him and Scully their lives, but could the price of acceptance be greater still?

Resurgam This story was the first one I ever wrote that merited an "R" for "romance," though as I say in my notes, it really isn't a romance. I don't do romance. It's angst, of course. Need you ask? I seem to remember that quite a few people cited this is their favourite of my stories... but they still gave me death threats about my failure to write a sequel. Hmph. Some people are never happy.

Original summary: Mulder and Scully struggle to come to terms with an "accident" that threatens to change their lives for ever, unaware that the danger is still far from over.

Another Country Well, this isn't a very useful summary, is it? I must have had a reason for such vagueness. I think some different people used to cite this as their favourite of my stories, too.

Original summary: Mulder finds the key, while Scully faces an old enemy.


This story, on the other hand, was my favourite amongst my long stories. It invaded my dreams. It's a very lose crossover with Stephen King's "The Stand", but not in such a way that you need to read that book. It's a real End of the World fic, written before the year 2000, when the Millennium Bug felt like a real possibility.

Original summary: Many years ago, in a smoke-filled room, the men of shadows signed away the future of mankind. The date was set; and now the date has come. It has come...

The First Stone

The First Stone 2: After the First Death These two stories are much shorter than the others on the page, but I feel they belong here, rather than in the short stories section. I originally rated the first story NC-17 for violence, but I'd say R now. It was the first time I wrote something so extreme, and I was being over defensive. I got a lot of feedback on this one, some of it very moving.

Original summary: Three agents working on the same murder case have apparently committed suicide. While investigating, Mulder makes a painful discovery that puts him in very real danger of becoming the fourth.

Short and angsty ones

Cry in the dark I probably for more feedback for this story than any other story I wrote. All I can say is, "I'm sorry!"

Original summary: Mulder's in the hospital again - or is it something much worse?

Ceremonies of Innocence Oh. Apparently this was my first short story. It was inspired by the Robert Cormier novel, "I am the cheese."

Original summary: A psychiatrist attempts to recover the traumatic events concealed in a patient's memory. But, sometimes, forgetting is essential to survival...

The Fisher King

Original summary: Mulder has been shot, and Scully wants to know why; but, sometimes, getting what you most want can be the worst thing of all.

Dreams of Fair Horses

Original summary: Why does a killer leave notes? As a serial killer toys with investigators like a cat with a mouse, Mulder and Scully find out what it is to predict a murder but to be powerless to prevent it.

Sailing Calmly On This story was inspired by Auden's poem "Musee Des Beaux Arts". The theme of this poem is how ordinary people often don't see the signifance of the great and tragic events that happen in the background of their lives, as they pass by, thinking of their own little concerns. I returned to the same theme many years later in the Dark is Rising fanfic, Pictures in the Dark. Original summary: The end of the X-Files, seen through the eyes of three who neither understand nor care.

Saving Her I actually posted this story under a different name, because I was embarrassed about it. It came from a shamelessly melodramatic little story I made up in my head over months. Original summary: A kidnap; a rescue attempt. But who will pay the price?

Caradhras Nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings, really, except that the mood of it was inspired by a scene in the Lord of the Rings, and a snowy mountain comes into it. This was a departure from my usual style, since it's a fairly long set-up, but told in small fragments. I liked it. Original summary: Mulder and Scully confront the prospect of defeat, and maybe something even worse.

The Innocent Spring
The Midsummer Burning
The Fall of the Leaf
The Dead of Winter

Oh, gosh, I'd forgotten this series. I liked these! They're AU, in which everything is the same about the world... except for one little thing that happened differently some 20 years before. Original summary: It began with a choice, and the choice changed the lives of so many. Now, in a world that is not quite as we know it, Scully finds a body at her door, and it could change her, again, forever.

The Buried Life
The Hills and the Sea

Two stories that are linked, but can be read in either order. They tell a similar story, but one is set in the "real" world, and one is set in the AU from "The Innocent Spring" series.

Original summary for "The Buried Life": Elizabeth Mulder has withdrawn from the world, forgotten how to love. As danger reaches out for her son, can she bring herself to make contact? Original summary for "The Hills and the Sea": Elizabeth Mulder has built a new life over the grave of the old, salvaged some happiness. The dead were never supposed to return....

Through a Glass Darkly
Through a Glass Darkly 2: Face to Face

Original summary: As he awaits his victim, a gunman is driven towards insanity by "memories" that don't appear to be his own.

Another Such Victory Original summary: Three years on, Scully lets herself remember Mulder's greatest victory.... and his greatest betrayal. Is it too late for reparation?

Gilded Cage Original summary: After a kidnapping, Mulder and Scully need to fight to survive.

A Game of Dark Original summary: A late night chase after a dangerous criminal leads to some important decisions, but could also lead to death.

Short and silly ones

Once More with X-Files Written 2007. 8 years after my last X-Files piece, I suddenly got hit with the urge to create an X-Files version of the Buffy episode, Once More With Feeling. The result is here: Once More With X-Files. It's set in around season 3, so no spoilers for anything after that.

The Awful Truth I think this was my first "Humour Angst" piece. Fanfics with this premise are now ten a penny in most fandoms, but back in 1997, when internet fanfic was in its infancy, I believe this was quite original. Hey, maybe I created the genre! (No, I don't really believe that.)

Original summary: Mulder and Scully discover the Truth, and it's rather horrible. Characters die with lots of angst, but this is a humour piece - honest.

Awful Moments Not really a sequel to the previous story, but a kind-of sequel. Someone was foolish enough to say that no-one, no-one, could write a humorous story about one particularly angsty happening in the X-Files. This was my response.

Original summary: A dying Scully bids farewell to Mulder - or does she?

The Best-Laid Plans What? Did I actually post this one? Very strange. I do remember Cyril, the Trainee Man-In-Black, though. Only last year, my Ars Magica role-playing character had an innocent squire called Cyril, in honour of him.

Original summary: Mulder, on a daring quest for a suitably dramatic denouement to this story, finds his efforts hampered by a trainee Man-in-Black who seems to have strayed in from some heart-warming rags-to-riches saga that probably involves Christmas and Lassie and sickeningly cute kids (though these don't have speaking parts, thank God). However, he has the heroic and ever-obliging narrator on his side, so what can go wrong?

Cup-Cake This story is not about cup-cakes, but the title makes sense (um, I think) in a strange sort of way. The alternative title would be, "I was rejected by aliens!"

Original summary: Mulder wants the truth, but does the truth want him?

Felonious Little Plans This one I rated R for sexual references (though, really, I couldn't write explicit sex even if someone offered me a million pounds. I just can't do it.)

Original summary: So what does the Consortium get up to between one Mytharc episode and the next?

The Unconquered Flame A satire of fandom and fanfic and flame wars, with lashings of angst, and a guest appearance by Mary-Sue.

Original summary: The truth is found where you least expect it. The true enemy could be just like you, or me...

Heavenly Creatures This is one of the only stories I have ever written that was in the first person. I enjoyed it, so I'm not sure why I've not done it again. The narrator is somewhat... unusual.

Original summary: How do you commit murder when you're dead? Sometimes, being in heaven can be such a bore....

Junk Mail Oh yes, I remember this one well! It made me chuckle for weeks, remembering writing it. Features a return appearance by "Cyril the Trainee 'Them'" from The Best-Laid Plans

Original summary: Hurry, hurry, hurry! This is your lucky day! You have been specially selected to receive this incredibly exciting offer! Open this story now and you - yes, you! - could... er... well, read it, I suppose. Or, alternatively, there is the Boring Summary: Mulder receives some junk mail.

The Rime of the Ancient Librarian As you can probably guess from this story, I am a children's librarian, so this is full of jokes and references that amuse me no end. I think they amused others, too.

Original summary: Ever wondered how the Consortium train their little ones to grow up into cold-hearted killers? At last, one person is brave enough to tell the truth.

Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth

Original summary: A minor character demands to be noticed, and blood, danger, pointy teeth and other fun things ensue.

No Smoke without Fire Another satire of fandom etc. Another story in which I kill off 99 percent of fanfic writers.

Original summary: I have seen the future, and it is seriously scary....

Tour of Duty I wrote this after visiting the FBI when on holiday to America. Another fanfic writer said, "Imagine Mulder leading tour parties," so I did. This is the result.

Original summary: Mulder gets an.... um.... interesting new assignment.

Star Wars TPM

Please read this warning!

Only one of these stories was ever posted. The rest were written purely for my own enjoyment. Therefore, they are un-edited, self-indulgent, and not tightly plotted.

I spent over a year writing Star Wars fanfic for my own enjoyment. I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot about writing while doing so. Yes, the writing is purple and not at all good, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that I learned to let the characters take over, and write without a detailed plan. I let the story tell itself, without having to worry about what fans would want, or how people would react. I'm incredibly glad that I wrote all of these.

Most of these stories feature slash, between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, though I never write graphic stuff. They all features lots of angst, especially on the part of Obi-Wan. Some of them draw on the back-story presented in the "Jedi Apprentice" novels - i.e. that Qui-Gon had an apprentice called Xanatos, who turned to the Dark Side, and made Qui-Gon rather cold and bitter and slow to trust.The Shadow of Turning

I actually posted this one. It's rated PG-13 for violence and angst, and has no slash in it. Summary: After a serious accident, Qui-Gon Jinn and his restless young apprentice are plunged into a web of revenge and hatred that could result in their deaths.... or worse.


Another AU. I do like Star Wars AUs! This one is rated R for violence and torture, and also contains non-graphic slash. Summary: Obi-Wan is captured by Xanatos. What he endures in his captivity causes him to access the Force in a way that no-one else has ever dreamed of. The result tears the Jedi apart.


This story shamelessly steals from the old computer game, "Thief." It steals a baddie, a setting, and a chunk of plot. This is rated R for violence. There is also non-graphic slash. Summary: In an AU where the Jedi are not like the Jedi we know, Obi-Wan has been thrown out of the Order, and now lives as a thief. Qui-Gon comes across him ans has nothing but contempt for him, but the true situation could be a lot more complicated than either of them know.

Keepers of the Flame

Another one with stealings. Part of the premise draws from a children's novel by Catherine Fisher, and some of the names are stolen from the Outremer series by Chas Brenchley. Rating: R (probably) for darkness, violence, and non-graphic slash. Summary: Yet another AU. In a desert world long after some forgotten Apocalypse, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are caught up in a revolution that is targeting their kind. The events could tear them apart, but could also lead them to discovering just what happened in their world so long ago.

A New Hope

Rated NC-17 (to be safe) for violence and torture, though mostly not too graphic. This is an AU version of A New Hope, in which Qui-Gon, one of the last remaining Jedi in a world conquered by the Dark, took young Luke Skywalker is his apprentice, believing him to be the Chosen One. But Luke died. Then a stranger called Obi-Wan stumbles across Qui-Gon's path... Some character names stolen from the game Baldur's Gate, which might be a bit distracting to people who've played that game. I can never come up with names!

A children's story

Should I? Should I? Probably not, but oh well... This was a bout of naughtiness and sillness. I'm a children's librarian, so here an adult-rated children's story about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

Robin Hood

I never really intended to write Robin Hood fanfic, but somehow I did... I initially thought I'd be most interested in writing about Robin and Guy, since the pre-series publicity photos were pushing these two as the main characters, and Guy is so very hot. But already, by week four, my interest in Guy has waned, as a result of him not actually doing much. (That's doing much, note, not doing Much.) I suspect I have now given my fanfic loyalty to Much instead. 31st October 2006

Fallen enemies

Rating: PG-13. Slashy hints, rather than anything else. Spoilers: Set after the end of the second episode. However, some of the character background described here (i.e. the reason Robin left the Holy Land) has since been semi-contradicted by the series Word count: 2,600 words Summary: Robin goes for a walk in the forest to escape his demons, and encounters an enemy


Rating: PG-13 - verging on R. Nothing explicit, but the references to past slashiness are rather hard to ignore. Spoilers: Set after the end of the third episode. It also follows on from "Fallen enemies". Word count: 3,100 words Summary: Sir Guy of Gisburne goes hunting for his enemy

Watching Robin's back

Rating: PG-13. A brief and very vague reference to a Robin/Much slashy episode in the past. Spoilers: Set after the end of the fourth episode. You can read it as following on from my previous two Robin Hood stories, but equally you can read it as being self-contained Word count: 2,100 words Summary: "Much had been losing Robin all his life"


Primeval is a TV series that started airing in the UK early in 2007. The basic premise is that mysterious "anomalies" are opening up in various locations, which serve as portals back into prehistoric times. Various monsters come through and rampage around in the modern day, and our heroes try and deal with it. Nick Cutter is an evolutionary biologist, and Stephen is his lab assistant. Connor is a geeky student, and Abby is a reptile expert from the local zoo. Claudia is civil servant involved in hushing all this up, and Lester is her boss. Helen is Cutter's wife, who went missing 8 years ago, near an anomaly... I did enjoy writing both of these stories (which I posted on LJ, using my ladyofastolat name) but Stargate Atlantis leapt out and grabbed me a few months later, and I'm very strictly monogomous in my fandoms, totally unable to write in more than one at a time, so I never wrote more.

Big and Scary

Rating: PG. Well, probably G, but I prefer to err on the safe side. Spoilers: Very vague hints about something that happened at the end of series one, but not enough to spoil it for someone who hasn't seen it. Actually, I think this story would probably make perfect sense even to someone who's never seen the series at all. Genre: Humour Word count: 3000 words Summary: Stephen is all alone with something Big and Scary.

Broken Images

Rating: PG Spoilers: This is a post-episode story for the final episode in the first series (i.e. episode six.) It follows directly on from the episode, and deals with the consequences of the episode. Word count: 8000 words Summary: Aftermath and consequences. To say any more would be a spoiler.