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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Mulder/Krycek Shrine
Author: Satina & Shannon
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback link)
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The Mulder/Krycek Shrine was a personal Mulder/Krycek fansite.

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This is where you can find all of the work Satina and Shannon have created in which we've made our own personal attempt to explore, celebrate, and heal the awesome archetypal miracle that is Mulder and Krycek's relationship. We hurt them, we heal them, but no matter what we're doing to them, we always, always love them.

These stories are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. They contain representations of the darkest parts of the human experience, such as pain, violence, rape, betrayal, hopelessness, greed, and fear, but they also contain representations of the most transcendant parts of it, such as transmutational sex, forgiveness, healing, redemption, spirituality, and love.

One of our greatest passions in life has been to depict our own ideas about how the complexity of Mulder and Krycek's connection could be brought to a place of healing through the alchemical fire of sex. If that's not your thing, you are SO in the wrong place.

All stories are roughly in chronological order, with the oldest first and the most recent at the bottom. New works will be announced on our Live Journal, or our announcement-only list The M/K Shrine.

If a link isn't working, it's probably because this site is under major construction. Feel free to send us an email and we'll let you know.

Pre-April 2005 Archive

Shannon and I were part of the X-Files fandom from 2001 until 2005. The links below will take you to all the work posted to the fandom during those years.

Satina's Individual Works

In my early years in the fandom, my all-pairing fanfiction site was called X-Tasy 4 X-Philes. I had a dear friend named kacaso who made me this and other graphics. I don't know what happened to her. Thank you, kacaso, wherever you are.

My story as a writer of X-Files Fanfiction 2001 - 2008

X-Files fanfiction unequivocally changed my life. It has remained an integral part of it ever since, even during the two-and-a-half years I dropped out of it publicly. My story as a writer is told here, intimately intertwined with my own personal story. I cannot tell the truth about my writing without telling at least some of the truth of my personal life. If this doesn't interest you, then just skip this stuff and go onto the fics.


I entered the fandom as a reader of MSR in March of 2001. I was a married mother of two. By April, I wrote my first story, Two of a Kind, because no one else would write my idea. I experienced the wonderful miracle that is feedback, and went on to write several more MSRs. You can find my MSR stories on the all-pairings, all-ratings X-Files fanfiction archive, Gossamer, under my name, for now.

In May, due to urgings of my new fandom friends, I started reading stories about Krycek and fell in love with his dark, tortured soul and angel-devil face. At first, I only read heterosexual pairings, but after reading an M/Sc/K named Prone, I opened my eyes to the amazing complexity and chemistry between Mulder and Krycek, and started reading M/Sc/K and little M/K.

In June, I decided to try my own hand at writing a more expanded sexual viewpoint, and I wrote the first chapters of an M/Sc/K series called A Shared Obsession. Not coincidentally, this is also the month I met Shannon through the MSR fandom and felt an instant, electric connection to her that I could not deny. My then-husband, David, recognized the incredible power of this connection, and to my shock, encouraged rather than discouraged our relationship. Soon the three of us were involved in a very real threesome relationship long distance. This sparked a very intense interest in M/Sc/K, and inspired the creation of many M/Sc/K stories over the next couple of years, as well as a Yahoo Group called MSKipperVille. For now, that work can also be found at Gossamer. I must stress that none of the stories written reflected in the least what it's really like to be in a polyamorous relationship. They're pure fantasy.

It was during that same month that I took the plunge and tried my hand at writing my own purely M/K slash story, Too Little Too Late, for the X-Files Lyric Wheel. The story turned into a short series within a matter of days, and though I continued writing mostly MSR and M/Sc/K, I became an avid reader of M/K.

The Barenaked Ladies Series 6/03/01

Too Little Too Late Leave Falling


In July of this year, I moved in with Shannon. I had been working to convert her to writing slash, but she did not switch over easily. She began by expanding to MSR-heavy M/Sc/K, although I did manage to coerce her to write me her first slash story ever, One to Grow On, as a birthday present, and later in the year got a sweet, funny little slash story, The Closure Mantra, out of her. We also tried something new in our writing. We each get on separate computers, then went into role and Instant Messengered as Mulder and Krycek. We began with very little idea where the story would go, other than that Mulder would not know it was Krycek at first and then would find out. Our first IM-style fic, which also includes narrative with every part, It's Not Enough, was written over the course of this year. I was also writing individual M/K stories like crazy, becoming thoroughly obsessed with the pairing. Those stories are found here:

The Love Hurts Series Love Hurts I 1/17/02 Love Hurts II 2/13/02 Love Hurts III 3/17/02 Love Hurts IV 4/08/02 Love Hurts V 4/08/02 Love Hurts VI 10/26/02

Zing 1 2/02 (Sequel) Zing 2 4/05 This sequel was written right before I left the fandom and I don't believe it was posted anywhere except my personal list. I then rewrote and revised it over the next two years, so its public posting date is more accurately 1/13/08.

Angelface - The Original M/Sc, M/K version 2/03/02 In 2004, thoroughly obsessed with pure slash and no longer reading or writing M/Sc/K, I revised this story to be purely M/K because it was one of my favorites and I wanted to be able to enjoy it as a slasher. You can read that version HERE, as soon as it's reformatted and uploaded.

Underground 2/13/02 This was one of the fics that was written to erase what happened in Existence, otherwise known to slashers as The Episode That Never Happened.

The Towel Series Towel 1 2/13/02 Towel 2 2/13/02 Towel 3 2/13/02 Towel 4 3/17/02

The Triangle Series This is my M/K answer to the episode 'Triangle'. Triangle 1 2/13/02 Triangle 2 6/12/02 Triangle 3 6/25/02

This Partner Thing 2/13/02

For As Long As I Can Remember 2/13/02 (Sequel) Never Forget 12/31/02

The Value of a Life 3/02 (Sequel) A Blade of Sunlight 1/31/03

Constant 3/27/02

Stoli 1 3/17/02 (Sequel) Stoli 2: Suh-weet! 4/08/02

Every Me, Every You 4/08/02

Alex Unleashed 4/18/02 (Sequel) Alex Unleashed 2 4/18/02

The Power To Save Ourselves 5/25/02 This story is very unique and special to me, and was a very personal attempt to spiritually salve the ache of losing Krycek in The Episode That Never Happened.

Wishin' Don't Make It So 6/26/02 This was my effort at writing purely comedic slash.

The Pick-Up Artist 8/28/02 (Sequel) Hard To Get 9/10/02

With Or Without Him 9/17/02

Mayday - Original Version 10/26/02 There were many things I really loved about this story, but as I become a more sophisticated writer, the sloppy characterization and plot kept me from enjoying it. during my hiatus from the fandom,when I couldn't find the motivation to write new material, I totally revised this, tightening up character and plot. I am now much happier with it. To read the revised version, click HERE, once it's uploaded.


In 2003, having ironed out many kinks in both our writing and life partnerships, Shannon and I decided we worked very well together, and we produced several collaborative works, with me (Satina) as Mulder and Shannon as Krycek. Again, those are on our Collaborative Works page.

We both also produced individual works. These are mine:

The End 3/18/03

Trust 6/28/03

The Only Reason 10/10/03

Feel Good Burn 10/31/03

A Rose By Any Other Name 10/31/03 (Sequel) Smells As Sweet  ? This set of stories is a crossover with the Nicholas Lea movie, Lunch With Charles.

Home Improvement 12/27/03


In March of this year, David separated from the relationship, and Shannon and I began living as a monogamous couple. We continued writing both individual and collaborative, narrative-style fics. You can find the joint works on our Collaborative Works Page and you can find Shannon's individual works on her page. You can find my individual works here:

Gay Chicken 3/31/04

Body Talk 9/10/04

Christmas Carol Redux 12/04 (Sequel) Redux 2 (WiP) 1/05 This was written for the 2004 Mulder/Krycek Christmas Zine.


In the first half of 2005, Shannon and I returned to writing IM-style fics, and it was during the span from February to May that we produced 23 different stories this way. It was a fast, exciting, totally involving way to create. We also experimented with doing this in front of a live chat audience, and even had people in that audience contribute to the story once. You can find those stories on the Collaborative Works page.

In addition to those, we each worked on a few individual stories as well, although they remained unfinished and thus unposted when we left the fandom. All of our WiP's, individual and collaborative, can be found on our Works In Progress Page, otherwise known as the, "If people are brave enough to read these and feedback them then we might feel inspired to actually go back to them!" page. Enter at your own risk.

In April of 2005, for personal reasons, Shannon and I left the public fandom, but we never stopped loving Mulder and Krycek, and we continued writing a little bit for each other and a few Precious friends.

Mulder/Krycek Multimedia

My interest in Mulder/Krycek goes beyond writing, and I've created a few multimedia works and have plans to create more.

My Music Videos

I've made a couple of Mulder/Krycek slash videos and would like to make more. You can see my first efforts on my YouTube Page.

Mulder/Krycek Sound Wavs

I played with some sound editing software and spliced some Mulder wavs with some Krycek wavs to come up with some fun new slashy creations. You can check those out here. As soon as I upload them. Sorry.

Coming soon!

Thanks for visiting. To receive email announcements whenever this site is updated, please join The M/K Shrine Update List. And please remember that it is your feedback that inspires the creation of this shared love. If you enjoy my work, please let me know! Come again soon![1]

Shannon's Individual Works

My name is Shannon and I started writing fic, albeit MSR, in April of 2001. If I hadn't met Satina, who knows? Maybe I'd still be writing Mulder/Scully smut to this day. *shakes self* But I don't. I write M/K slash. I didn't get here easily. In fact, I came along kicking and screaming. Along with the kicking and the screaming came a few Mulder/Scully/Krycek stories, which I don't read (or archive) anymore but which nonetheless represent a very important time of growth and integration in my life. You can find those, as well as my MSR's, at Gossamer, if you're uncommonly brave.

Once I saw the light, (and this was around the writing of three fics: Arrogant Bastard, Honey and Vinegar, and boy), I took to M/K like a racoon to trash, and I could hardly stop writing to take a shower. Thus followed a couple very prolific years!

Satina and I left the fandom in 2005, and we've been out of the fandom for two years now. The decision to come back wasn't made flippantly. It's a very meaningful step for us both. It's quite good to be back. I'm excited to share our old and new stories with everyone, veteran and newbie alike. So please, dive in, enjoy, and share the Mulder/Krycek phenomenon with me!

Mulder/Krycek slash written by Shannon from 2001 to 2005


One to Grow On 1/27/02 (first slash ever, written as a birthday present for Satina)

The Closure Mantra 5/06/02

Two Great Tastes 10/01/02 (sequel) Dangerous 10/31/03

Out of Nothing At All 11/06/02


Arrogant Bastard 3/09/03 (sequel) Arrogant Bastard 2 11/30/03

Honey And Vinegar 3/15/03

boy 5/26/03

Takin' Care of It 10/31/03 (sequel) Mulder's Trip 1/31/04

Degrees 12/31/03 (sequel) On The Verge of Burning 1/31/04 (sequel) Rising Possibilities 2/14/04

Volition 12/31/03


And Many More 1/29/04

Ordinary Man 2/24/04

By My Side 3/11/04

Do Svidanya 4/03/04

Tasting Bach 4/22/04 (sequel) Like Cats And Earthquakes 7/31/04

Find Your Way 6/03/04

Burn to Shine 8/01/04

Bryce 8/07/04

A Jog In The Park 10/17/04 (sequel) Fear of Success 11/01/04 (sequel) One on One 11/05/04

Collide 11/18/04

Midnight Mass 12/24/04


The Rules 1/29/05

Believe 2/27/05

Crying at the Locks 2/28/05

The Drabbles

This were mini-fics written for a writing challenge in which the objective was to write a story with 100 - 500 words.


The Edge


The Legacy of Orson Wells[2]

Collaborative Works

Here is where you will find the collaborative works done by Satina and Shannon during the years of 2002 - 2005. New stuff done since then is on the home page.

The IM-style Stories

It's Not Enough 5/02 This was our first experiment with this method of writing. We did not return to it again for 3 years. And then we went a little crazy with it, using it as a way to deal with the negative things that were going on in the fandom.

Reddy2GetOff 2/23/05

Taken 2/25/05

The Fibbie Series This entire series was written live in front of a chatroom audience and then polished up for posting. We would meet roughly once a week in a private chatroom to continue the series.

Fibbie 1 2/28/05

Fibbie 2 3/12/05

Fibbie 3 3/18/05

Fibbie 4 3/25/05

Fibbie 5 3/31/05

Hot Desert Nights (all parts) 3/05

Finite Gold 3/05/05

Faux Scully 3/06/05

Lisa e Krysa 3/11/05

Sacred 3/15/05

Heroes Of The Resistance (Written with additional contributors) 3/19/05

Yoga 3/21/05

Rat In A Hole 3/24/05

I Want to Believe (WiP) 3/26/05

Happy Ostara 3/27/05

The Busy Executive 3/30/05

Green 4/05/05

Between Worlds 4/07/05

Cypher 4/10/05 (Revised 8/26/07)

For Your Good 4/11/05

The Deal 5/05/05

The Narrative Stories

Tension 11/27/02

Snakebite January - October 2003

Sex Type Thing 9/31/03

Friction I think it was March of 2005. If you know, let me know!

Stimulus 10/24/07

Salacious 1/13/08 I think we released a rough version of this just before we left the fandom, but it was never archived. This is a final draft and is way better than that version.

Old Works In Progress

Feeling brave, or run out of new M/K to read?

This is where we have stashed the stories we started between 2001 and 2005 and then abandoned.

Come on in and see if there's anything here worth nagging us to finish.

The New Stuff

First posted after 1/10/08:

Sacred II, (sequel to Sacred) by Satina and Shannon 1/14/08

History, Book One, Illustrated by Shannon 1/12/08

Uncanny by Satina 11/05

The Contract by Satina 10/07

New Wine: An M/K Villanelle (poem) by Shannon 1/29/08

Stop and Start (poem) by Shannon 6/14/06

Heat Beneath Your Winter by Satina April 2005

SIMulation by Satina and Shannon March 2, 2008

The Luminous Liminal: Transformation In and Through Mulder/Krycek Slash by Shannon An academic paper Shannon wrote for her Women's Lit class. June 7, 2008

Wild Horses, Book One by Satina (WiP) September, 2007

All Bets Are Off by Shannon July 2, 2008

You May As Well Forbid the Sun to Shine by Satina July 2, 2008

Off the Books by Satina (WiP) Coming soon!

Shades of Gray by Satina and Shannon (WiP) Coming soon!

Kinda I Want To by Satina (WiP) Coming soon!


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