Midnight Mass

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Name: Midnight Mass
Abbreviation(s): MM
Creator: Mike Flanagan
Date(s): September 2021
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA
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Midnight Mass is an American horror miniseries created by Mike Flanigan. It follows the residents of an isolated, majority-Catholic island community after a new priest arrives and mysterious events follow him there.


Midnight Mass follows several residents of Crockett Island, a small fishing community on an isolated island. Riley Flynn, a former altar boy, returns to Crockett island after serving four years in prison for causing a fatal drunk driving accident. At the same time, a new priest named Father Paul Hill arrives to replace the ailing and elderly Monsignor John Pruitt. A series of bizarre supernatural events, both miraculous and monstrous, begin to occur, sending the island into a deadly spiral.


  • Riley Flynn: a former altar boy who loses his faith in prison.
  • Erin Greene: a teacher and fellow returnee to Crockett Island.
  • Father Paul Hill/Monsignor John Pruitt: a priest who has served on Crockett Island for decades, and poses as a younger priest with a new name after he is de-aged during a pilgrimage. His actions kick-start the plot of the series.
  • Beverly Keane: a zealous and overbearing member of the church.
  • Sheriff Hassan: the new sheriff of Crockett Island, and a Muslim who is met with prejudice by the majority-Catholic population.
  • Leeza Scarborough: a devout teenage girl who was paralyzed from the legs down following an accidental shooting.


Midnight Mass was a hit upon release, and instantly struck a cord with audiences. A fandom quickly popped up, creating fanart, fic, and other transformative works.

Father Paul (Monsignor Pruitt) is the most popular character in the fandom, being the subject of a large amount of art, most of the fandom's fic, and a veritable deluge of thirst, memes, and thirsty memes. Posts referring to him as a "poor little meow meow" are not hard to find. There also exist art and edits of Paul/Pruitt as a "catboy"; this is at least partially thanks to an interview[1] in which Hamish Linklater (the actor who played Paul/Pruitt) compared drinking blood to being a cat sipping milk.

Within the first three weeks of the series' release, over 70 fanworks were posted to AO3; 3 have been posted to Fanfiction.net.


The canon pairing Mildred Gunning/Father Paul is the most popular ship on AO3 for the fandom. It is closely followed by Riley Flynn/Father Paul, with Father Paul/Reader in third.

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