Barb and Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Barb and Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash
Author: Barbara J. Webb & Hth
Dates: 2001 or before - 2004 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: due South, Twin Peaks, Law & Order, The Practice, US Marshals, The X-Files, Profiler, AtS, BtVS, Star Wars TPM, XWP, Star Trek Voyager
URL: (Wayback link)
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Barb and Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash was a slash fanfiction site with stories by Barb and Hth.

The stories were divided into one of three timelines aka alternate realities, where the same characters (mostly) meet and fall in love in completely different manners.

The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the RareSlash Ring and the Pretty Boy Slash Site webring.

About Us Page

Hth Says:

I discovered slash two or three years ago; I read every Star Trek story I could get my hands on, but it wasn't until I discovered X-Files slash that I began writing it myself. My fandoms slowly expanded, and I now routinely write about characters from Law and Order, The Practice, SW: The Phantom Menace, Due South, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as the X-Files. Back when I started -- which was not, remember, all that long ago -- slash on the web was almost entirely m/m, which left me only about half blissfully happy. My slash career grew up kind of alongside the subgenre of f/f slash; the first purely f/f mailing list that I know of was the Scullyslash list, and my story "Thank You for Not Smoking" (which later won a Whammy award for Scully slash) was the first piece of fiction posted to that list. Time passes, and I am now the listowner for the only all-fandoms f/f slash list on the internet, Ladyslash, and my most recent award was the Due Credit award in the category of f/f slash for my Frannie Vecchio/Dana Scully crossover; I'll also be attending the DueSlash convention in the spring and contributing to the Slashing the Girls panel.[1]

Barbara Says:

I was dragged kicking and screaming into slash by Hth, and like her cut my teeth on Star Trek. X-Files, Highlander, and Babylon 5 were quickly added to my read-only repertoire, but it wasn't until I discovered Due South -- both the slash and the show at the same time -- that I began writing my own stuff, including my "One Ray, Two Ray; Old Ray, New Ray" series that was nominated for awards in eleven categories in the First Annual Due Credit Awards. After that, I was hooked. In addition to Due South, I have completed stories involving characters from Law & Order and the movies The Fugitive and US Marshals, and have writing projects that include SW: The Phantom Menace, X-Files, Highlander, Babylon 5, and other fandoms. Currently, I am the listowner of the Witnesslist slash mailing list, a list devoted to slashing law enforcement personel (both those on the streets and in the courtrooms) that currently has stories archived from the fandoms SW: The Phantom Menace, Due South, US Marshals, Law & Order, The Practice, SWAT Kats, and X-Files, and others. With Hth, I will be attending the DueSlash convention in Chicago and will be hosting the "I Swing Both Rays" panel and a member of the "Fanfic: Getting ideas and carying them through to the finished story" panel.[1]


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