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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Yahtzee Genre Edition
Author: Yahtzee
Dates: 2001 (Wayback capture) or before - present
Fandom: BtVS, AtS, Star Wars TPM, Star Wars, TOS, X-Files, Alias, Harry Potter, Lost, Smallville, X-Men, DS9, TNG, Joan of Arcadia, Lemony Snicket, Remington Steele, The Breakfast Club, Twin Peaks
URL: http://www.thechicagoloop.net/yahtzee/index.htm
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Yahtzee Genre Edition is Yahtzee's fanfiction site. Except for the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash in TPM fandom the site features mostly gen and het fanfiction. It has five separate pages which are linked from the main page. The last page is linked twice.

  • Thought Brackets - "What kind of fic did Yahtzee write back before she knew how to write at all?"
  • Gotterdammerung - "What happens when a regular old gen writer sees The Phantom Menace and discovers she's a slasher?"
  • insect reflection - "How many different ways can BTVS characters be made to travel through time?"
  • chivalry is dead - "In how many diferent ATS stories has Yahtzee mentioned Velga demons?"
  • Yahtzee's New Fic - "How many 'ships can Yahtzee possibly manage to write for Harry Potter fandom?" and "What sort of fic does Yahtzee expect she'll be writing next?"

Thought Brackets

Thought brackets.jpg
Archived here are the first fanfiction stories I ever wrote. Among them are stories about "The X-Files," the classic "Star Wars" trilogy and "Star Trek." Some of these stories haven't stood the test of time or experience, but are archived here under the principle of full disclosure. Others, I think, stand up very well and are worth reading. I'll let you decide which are which, though.

My Star Wars fan fiction

Frozen (PG) -- In this vignette, set shortly before "Empire Strikes Back," Leia compares and contrasts her upbringing with Han's.

Luke's Girl (PG) -- Not long after the events of "A New Hope," Han begins to make it his business to find out more about the woman his friend Luke loves and, in the process, forges an unexpected connection.

My Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction

Old Acquaintance (G) -- Spock makes a visit to the aged Dr. McCoy to discuss both the future and the past.

My X-Files fan fiction

Guardian (PG) -- Years after Mulder and Scully left the FBI, bureau agents show up in Scully's office to discuss her missing partner. Scully reveals how much the bureau really doesn't know -- or does she?

Renewal (PG-13) -- In the sequel to "Guardian," Mulder's homecoming proves bittersweet in a number of ways.

Gilead Two-time Spooky Award winner for Best Crossover. (PG-13) -- From the department of twisted crossovers comes this story that sets Mulder and Scully in the world of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale."

The Beast Within (PG) -- Also from the department of twisted crossovers comes this story -- but I'll leave the crossover for you to figure out as you go. Mulder and Scully's journey to a troubled Louisiana town leads Scully to an encounter with a far more troubled man.

Twilight (PG) -- Scully and Mulder have parted ways, but finally, some things cannot be faced alone.


I went to see "The Phantom Menace" with the same anticipation so many of us felt; I walked out with much the same sense of disappointment. The one flicker of imagination the movie inspired came during Qui-Gon's final scene; when he ran his finger down Obi-Wan's cheek, I thought, "Hmm. Bet the slashers have a field day with this."

I had already made plans to see the movie again, and the next time, I paid a little more attention to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Then I went back again just to see them. Though I resisted it for a couple of weeks, the change in my brain became undeniable -- I was becoming one of "the slashers." And yes, actually, I WAS going to have a field day with this.

Those of you who already read and enjoyed the "Surfacing" series will notice that it remains unfinished. Will I ever return to it? I don't know. I'd like to. But please rest assured that each story is complete, in and of itself; I think the series stands up even without its final chapters, and I hope you'll feel the same way.

If you are violently offended by slash (a term for fic that shows a sexual relationship between two people of the same gender), under the age of 17 or given to dangerous heart palpitations at the thought of Ewan McGregor unclothed, you should read no further...


Consolations (PG-13) -- Years after the time of TPM, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan try to understand what went wrong.

The Surfacing Series

insect reflection

This site has received an Easter Egg Award from The Awards [1].

Insect reflection.jpg
Welcome to insect reflection.

This site's title comes from Tara's ill-ventured joke in Season Five's "Family." It didn't quite go over then. But to me, the phrase "Insect Reflection" sums up everything in the show that's inventive, mysterious, powerful and funny -- ie, everything the show does best. In these stories, I've tried to recapture that mixture of action, humor and drama. (Warning: some of the fic here is intended for mature readers. Please note and use the ratings given for each story.)

Destination Unknown (PG-13) -- Six conversations. Five unanswered questions. Four people. Three relationships. Two continents. One big honkin' crystal from who knows where. No plot. You're warned.

I-55 (PG) -- Betrayals come in many forms.
Winner of a Mad Excellence Award from Organized Insanity and an Excellent Fanfic Award from SOBAZ.

Phoenix Burning (R) -- This is a follow-up to "The Gift" quite unlike most you will have seen. Buffy awakens from death to find a world vastly changed.
Winner of : a Summer 2002 Highest Recommendation award from the BtVS Fan Fiction Club, a Best Created Hero award for Sumiko from Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, a Recommended Reading award at Angel Obsessed, the Summer 2001 Halo Award for Best Drama, the Excellent BtVS Fanfiction Award by Darkness Beckons, the Summer 2001 Undead Awards for Outstanding Novel, Oustanding Action, Outstanding Future and Outstanding Buffy Characterization, and an Awesome Fanfic Award from Buffyguide.com. (Coming soon -- "Phoenix Burning: The Site," complete with illustrations, music files, additional scenes and further stories.)

Being Lois Lane (PG) -- In the aftermath of "Becoming, Part 2," Joyce tries to deal with what she knows -- and doesn't know -- about her daughter.
Winner of the Excellent Character Insights Award by Darkness Beckons

Named (NC-17) -- "She's using me."
Winner of the Summer 2001 Undead Award for Best Buffy/Other Romance.

In Harm's Way (PG-13) -- Buffy searches for her future. The Scooby Gang searches for Buffy. Spike goes to the mall.

Acid Test (PG-13) -- Xander takes a long, strange trip.

Winner of a Best Xander Fiction award by Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.

chivalry is dead

Chivalry is dead.jpg
Ah, Angel. They say you're too broody, too guilt-ridden, too obsessive. But I love you just the way you are. Don't ever change.

The themes of guilt, redemption and transformation in the series "Angel" are fascinating for me, and the show's freer structure allows fic writers a lot of room to get in and explore these concepts for ourselves without stepping outside of canon. Angel can re-examine the problems and paradoxes of his existence for eternity -- he's going to live forever, and he's not going to feel all better anytime soon. Poor Angel. Lucky us. Fanfiction

(NC17) "Good question," Lilah replies. "The only answers I have for you are that it's big, it's got horns, and it's fond of gouging out your intestines while you're still alive. And guess what's best of all, Lindsey? It's coming after you."

A Stitch in Time The story of 104 years and five months.

The Last Virtue (PG 13) "Gunn has always considered Kwanzaa severely suspect, a fake holiday that has less to do with being black than it does with selling crap like the kente-cloth table runners. In darker moments, he thinks it's probably the result of an evil collaboration between Al Sharpton and Hallmark."

The Uninvited Guest (R) "'She will tell us all she knows, all she has done. And we will make our judgments accordingly. So you see -- Faith has nothing to fear but the truth.' Like that ain't enough to be afraid of."

On the Education of a Young Man (PG-13) Containing an assessment of the intellectual and moral advancement of Master Connor Angel, late of Quartoth, in various subjects appropriate for the refinement of a gentleman; in seven parts.

Hoop Screams (PG) When the Staples Center becomes infested by demons, there's only one detective agency in L.A. the Lakers can call on.

Sea Change (NC-17) -- "... everything Angel personifies is everything Lindsey's trying to put behind him by boarding a ship bound for the other side of the world. And Angel has spoiled the plan by climbing aboard himself."

Them Mean Ol', Low-Down, Lando Calrissian Blues Crossover Parody! "Okay, on the off chance that I've misheard you, that perhaps there is a merciful God and my cold medication is just creating auditory hallucinations, let me repeat -- You're saying that Crackpots Day is only a cover for the clandestine supernatural and paranormal activities of the government?"

As Time Goes By In its own unexpected ways, the Hyperion Hotel remains the last help for the hopeless in the wasteland once known as L.A.
Winner of the Winter 2002 Halo Award for Best Crossover and a Best Character Interaction award from A Whole New World.

The Quality of Mercy (R) -- Just as Angel's pulling himself back together, Riley shows up, falling apart.
Winner of a Best Angel Fiction award from Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, and Fiction of the Week from the Riley fanfic group.

Splinter (R) -- "Listen: there's a hell / Of a good universe next door; let's go." -- e. e. cummings, "1 x 1." Coauthored with Rheanna.

Captive of the Soul (PG-13) -- Angel's attempt to keep his friends safe from harm might lead them into the greatest danger of all.
Winner of the Summer 2001 Undead Awards Black Onyx Award for Oustanding Darkfic (sponsored by The Darker Side of Sunnydale), and is Recommended Reading by Angel Obsessed.

The Other Half Lives (PG) -- After Wesley is injured, Cordelia re-examines her feelings for him. But Wesley's making a few changes, too.
1st place winner of the Unconventional Fiction award from the Summer '02 Believe Awards, and the Schmuck Bait Twisty Plot Award

Lifespan (G) -- What if Angel's shanshu doesn't occur for many, many years to come?

Halo Award winner for Best Future Fic, and is Recommended Reading by Angel Obsessed.

Yahtzee's New Fic

Yahtzee s New Fic.jpg
Now that I code my own pages and do my own Photoshopping, the look of things is a bit more, well, sparse. But you should still be able to find plenty of fun stuff to read here. Eventually, one or more of these fandoms might have a page of their own. And a little jump-down menu might be nice too, mightn't it? Must learn more coding, and soon. But for the time being, all the new fic has a home here.


"Hard-Boiled vs. Sunny-Side-Up": Humorfic. Sark and Marshall eat eggs. Spoilers through the S4 opener, "Authorized Personnel Only."

"The Backup": AU, in which Will's life and emotions are pulled in directions he could never have imagined. Rated NC17. (Jack/Will)

"You Only Live Once": Crossover with "Lost" -- in which we discover why the pilot of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 looked so much like Eric Weiss --

"Irenicon": After the revelations at Wittenburg, Sydney and Jack are further apart than ever. But when Sloane's endgame and Rambaldi's ultimate plan are revealed, father and daughter must bond together to prevent disaster. Rated NC17. (Jack/Irina, Syd/Weiss, Vaughn/Nadia, with some scenes of other pairings)

"Soap Opera": Sydney, Weiss and a bubble bath -- what could go wrong? Weiss wants to know -- when did everything start to go right? (Syd/Weiss)

"Bristow's 11": The only way to recover a priceless Rambaldi artifact is to break into the Xanadu Casino in Las Vegas, and Jack Bristow's the man with the plan. Rated NC17. (J/I, J/K, S/V, JS/LR)

"Escape in Three Directions": Jack and Irina's separate missions in Nicaragua collide, and the resulting games they play entangle Katya, Irina's captors and their own darkest instincts. Rated NC17. (J/I, J/I/K)

"Jack Bristow At The Edge of Reason": In which a vital Rambaldi manuscript makes its way into the possession of of a London publisher, one "Miss Bridget Jones." (JB/BJ, sort of)

"The Prophet's Right Hand": Alternate-reality fic, in which young CIA agent Jack Bristow is given the assignment to meet, seduce and marry KGB agent Irina Derevko. (J/I, S/D, Sl/E)

"Safecracker": Katya considers Irina, Jack and her own past -- and decides that pain is sometimes the better alternative. (J/I, J/K)

"The Thought That Counts": On the first Christmas of Sydney's two missing years, Jack attempts to get through the day despite the imperfection of gifts, both received and given. (J/I)


"Breaking Up The Band": During the first war with Voldemort, the intensity becomes too much for Sirius, Lily, Remus and James, and partnerships become -- confused.(SB/RL, SB/JP, JP/LE, RL/LE)

"Early Hours": In the first days of their relationship at Hogwarts, Sirius dares to ask Remus a few personal questions about being a werewolf. Warning for big, shameless, movie-induced shmoop. (SB/RL)

"Masked": All Harry's friends think Draco may be betraying him. Why won't Harry believe them? (H/D)

"Inhabited By Winter": "Remus wishes to be anywhere else; he wishes to be home, wherever that is. Number 12 Grimmauld Place isn't it. It could be, if he were free to choose. But he is not." (S/R)

"The Bloody Stare of Mars": In a dystopian future after Lord Voldemort's ascent into power, a desperate Hermione Granger turns to Severus Snape for help. But when she becomes a spy in his household, their relationship becomes complicated in ways neither could ever have anticipated. (HG/SS)


"Claire's War": A story told in drabbles, all with titles of "Babylon 5" episodes -- don't ask. AU version of the events after Claire's kidnapping by Ethan's tribe. Rated R. (Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire)

"Making Do": The story of an obviously straight man, his obviously gay boyfriend and the law of supply and demand. Rated NC17. (Jack/Boone)

"Constellations": A few days after the crash, Jack thinks about all he's lost. Rated NC17. (Jack/Kate)

"Extra Charges May Apply": What "Helen" thought of her regular customer on the phone-sex line, John Locke.


"Them Mean Ol', Low-Down, Lando Calrissian Blues": Crossover parody with "The West Wing," "Angel" and more! "Okay, on the off chance that I've misheard you, that perhaps there is a merciful God and my cold medication is just creating auditory hallucinations, let me repeat -- You're saying that Crackpots Day is only a cover for the clandestine supernatural and paranormal activities of the government?"

"Shimmer": Chloe and Lana in the Fortress of Solitude. (Chlana)


"He/We/They/I": Xavier's tea party has one chair for three guests. (X/M, implied)

"Souvenirs": After Alkali Lake, Rogue and Logan try to get away from it all. (Rogue/Logan)

"Given Up": Crossover with "The X-Files," in which an encounter with Xavier makes Scully doubt the most important decision she's ever made. (M/S)

"His Terrible Swift Sword": In the past, a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr struggle to discover their powers -- and in the near future, humanity is waging war on Magneto's Brotherhood and losing. Rated NC17 for sexual content and references to violence. (Logan/Rogue, Charles/Erik)


"The Long Haul": In the final days before the Federation officers arrive at Deep Space Nine, Kira considers what their presence will mean.

"Tempest-Tost": Jean-Luc and Beverly enjoy an arcadian idyll, where everything is almost too perfect. (P/C)


"Five Things She's Not": Grace tries to deal with her confusion about Joan, about Luke and about herself.

"Goodnight, Moon": Written for the "Day After Tomorrow" challenge, questioning where all fandom's characters will be on the day the world ends. Joan has questions for God, but can she accept God's answer?


"The Gargantuan Garden": When the Baudelaire orphans meet Edward Scissorhands, can any good come of it?


"Put The Blame On Steele": Steele considers the leading lady in his life, and casts about for a happy ending to their tale. (RS/LH)


"The Princess and the Basket Case": Monday morning is going to be SO weird. (C/A)


"Black, White and Red All Over": Agent Cooper's dreams are getting stranger all the time. (DC/AH)