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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Fiction by Sandra Lee
Author: Sandra Lee
Fandom: The Mummy, BtVS/AtS, TPM, The Sentinel, The X-Files, Highlander, Star Trek Voyager, Xena: Warrior Princess
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Fiction by Sandra Lee is a personal slash fanfiction site. It is part of S & K's Domain and hosted by Tripod.

The Mummy

  • ...Is only the Beginning - R/A PG-13 Summary - Back in the Egyptian Desert, Rick encounters someone he never thought to see again.
  • And in the End... - R/A Summary - Sequel to ...Is only the Beginning. Hopefully...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

  • Confession is good for the soul. - A/X, G Summary - A response to the Valentine's Day Challenge.
  • Confession is good for the Mind? - A/X, PG Summary - Sequel to Confession is good for the soul.

Star Wars The Phantom Menace

  • Until We Meet Again - Q/O PG-13 Summary - Obi-Wan's thoughts on... [Contains Spoilers]
  • Always - Q/O PG. Summary - Response to a long ago Wedding Challenge, but as with everything, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan do it their way.

Star Trek Voyager

  • Bound - P/? NC-17 PWP Summary- A mysterious tormentor has Tom captive
  • Gagged - C/P NC-17 PWP Summary- Sequel to 'Bound'
  • Breakfast in Bed - C/P R Summary- Humour...Not a hint of plot to be found
  • Essay Answer - C/P NC-17 PWP Summary- Answer to 500 word Essay Question at the end of Mona R's "Embraceable Q"
  • Eastersmut - C/P NC-17 PWP Summary- I think the title says it all <g>


  • A couch isn't just for sleeping on - M/K NC-17 PWP Summary - Another use for Mulder’s couch
  • Angel of Mine - M/K (kinda) PG-13 Summary - A short dream-like piece inspired by a photo.
  • Wishful Thinking - M/K NC-17 Summary - Set near the start of the episode 'Duane Barry' Just what was Krycek thinking during his poolside encounter with Mulder?
  • When One Door Closes - M/K NC-17 Summary - Part 1 in The End or The Beginning? Series but can stand alone. Krycek's POV not long after the episode The End.

The Sentinel

  • Drabbles for Karen - J/B NC-17 [Minor warning: includes elements of d/s] Summary - a series of connected drabbles that were originally written to cheer my beloved corruptor up and gained a mind of their own. Finished. 45 Parts.


  • The Gift - D/M (Highlander) PG-13 Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Partner - S/H (Starsky & Hutch) PG-13 Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday.
  • Umm...Ares? - A/J (Xena) PG-13 Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday.
  • Star Trek Voyager Drabbles - Assorted Drabbles
  • X-Files Drabbles - Assorted Drabbles
  • Other Sentinel Drabbles - Christmas Drabble Easter Drabble Bear Hugs Assorted Drabbles


  • Tickle Torture - V/M NC-17 Once a Thief. (aka The ABC Challenge Response)
  • Summary - A challenge response written by Karen - Beloved Corruptor and Sandra - Mistress of the Realm.