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Name: Jedi Apprentice: Fan Dimension
Date(s): 2000 - 12 December 2004 (last update)
Archivist: Faith
Type: gen fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback link)
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Jedi Apprentice: Fan Dimension was a fan-fiction archive for stories that take place between The Rising Force and The Phantom Menace.
Join Obi-Wan Kenobi and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, as they face adventures and perils put forth by the fans for the fans.

The stories were listed by genre: action/adventure, angst, drama, humor, hurt/comfort, romance, crossover, POV, AU.

The site was affiliated with Always Two There Are, Fett Central, Jedi Archives, The Padawan Trials and The Simming Force.

Description from Stay On Target:
Fan fiction organized by category, age and author. Also a featured fic and information on the Jedi Apprentice novels. JA stories. No slash or smut.[1]



The following stories have been removed from the archive. It may have been removed by request from its author. In an archive update in June 2003, submission rules changed such that WIPs were no longer posted on the site, and thus some of the stories listed below were removed for this reason.

Please note that once a fic is removed from the archive, the associated files are eventually removed both from the server and my computer. If you are the author of one of these fics and wish to repost its completed version, you should resubmit it.

Between Myself and the Powers of Darkness (archived: 2002.01.05; removed: 2002.07.31) by Darth Foutzious | age 16 | angst, WIP: rated PG (violence) | permanently inactive Obi-Wan is hallucinating, and the images are not good ones. Can Qui-Gon help his apprentice before the boy goes completely crazy?

Darkness Falls (archived: 2001.07.14; removed: 2003.06.06) by Kristin | age 15 | adventure: rated PG | incomplete Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon journey to the planet Manchuria for a vacation. They meet some unexpected surprises that lead to an encounter with an old foe, one that could end with deadly results.

Demons of the Darkness (archived: 2002.06.23; removed: 2003.06.06) by Obikenobi1grl | age 15 | angst: rated PG13 | incomplete What seems to be a simple mission turns difficult when Obi-Wan is kidnapped in an effort to get information on the murders of three of the planets four senators, and tortured when he says he doesn’t have the information. Can Qui-Gon find him in time, or will Obi-Wan go insane before he can be found?

The Evil Plan (archived: 2001.08.31; removed: 2002.06.23) by KenobisGirl | age 16 | drama, WIP: rated PG13 (violence) | permanently inactive An evil plan is unfolding; one that will bring the Jedi to their knees...

Finding the Light (archived: 2001.07.08; removed: 2003.06.06) by Jedi Joel McGregor | age 24 | angst: rated PG13 (violence) | incomplete Obi-Wan loses something with such value and importance it threatens his training. Little does he know, the accident that leads to his impairment entails far more.

Forgotten Birthday (archived: 2003.07.07; removed: 2003.12.19) by Padawan Jess Kenobi | age 14 | angst, hurt/comfort, AU | at author's request Obi Wan and his Master aren't getting along to well and when Qui Gon forgets Obi Wan's birthday he finally snaps out of it and realizes how much he's benn neglecting his padawan after an encounter.

Gone From Danger (archived: 2001.02.03; updated: 2002.06.12; removed: 2003.06.06) by Jedi Vulicanne | age 18 | angst: rated PG | incomplete While struggling to come to terms with recent events, Obi-Wan quickly discovers that his life is being threatened by dangers both within and without.

The Heart's Balance (archived: 2002.05.21; removed: 2003.06.06) by Jayne | age 12 | angst: rated PG13 (subject matter, violence) | incomplete Qui-Gon is called back to the temple to find his balance. There, he helps a boy find his own balance. (AU to JA series)

The Lost Children (archived: 2000.09.03; updated: 2002.01.01; removed: 2003.06.06) by Knight Obi-Wan | age 15 | angst: rated PG13 | incomplete When a mission goes wrong, how will Qui-Gon deal with the loss of his Padawan?

The Lost Love Series (archived: 2002.06.12; removed: 2003.06.06) by Obisgurl | age 16 | drama: rated PG | incomplete After four years, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have worked out their initial problems. Now they face a situation neither was prepared for... a teenage girl being thrust into their lives.

No Matter Where You Are (archived: 2002.05.21; updated: 2002.06.12; removed: 2003.06.06) by Jenn | age 15 | angst: rated PG (violence) | incomplete Obi-Wan is trapped on Earth during the time of the American Revolution with no way to got off the planet, all a while not being able to use the Force. (Between JA#13 and JA#14)

Nowhere to Run (archived: 2002.01.05; removed: 2003.06.06) by Moonbeam | age 17 | angst: rated PG13 | incomplete When Obi-Wan is captured as a prisoner of war, Qui-Gon must find him before his time runs out, and Obi-Wan disappears forever.

Of Grunts and Padawans (archived: 2002.05.21; updated: 2002.06.12; removed: 2003.06.06) by Bill-the-Pony | age 15 | humor: rated PG | incomplete Just a little diddle into a day in the life of - yes, everyone's favorite padawan - Obi-Wan Kenobi. Following some of the disasters and strange little happenings.

One Apprentice, One Pathway #2: Ordeal (archived: 2002.07.31; removed: 2003.06.06) by Ginger Jedi | age 14 [[Media:|Media:]] angst: rated PG13 | incomplete Every Apprentice has to take a test after their first year under a Master. But why is one apprentice’s test so different to everyone else’s?

One Apprentice, One Pathway #3: Hidden (archived: 2001.04.01; completed: 2001.04.13; removed: 2002.07.31) by Ginger Jedi | age 15 | angst: rated PG13 (violence, mature subject matter) | under revision Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan find something that doesn't want to be found...

One Apprentice, One Pathway #4: Twisted (archived: 2001.07.14; completed: 2001.07.31; removed: 2002.07.31) by Ginger Jedi | age 15 | angst: rated PG13 (language, violence) | under revision Obi-Wan's acting strange and Qui-Gon wants to know why.

One Apprentice, One Pathway #5: Changeover (archived: 2002.01.01; removed: 2003.06.06) by Ginger Jedi | age 16 | drama: rated PG13 | incomplete On a visit to a strange planet, Obi-Wan picks up a gift for his girlfriend, Kyrana, unaware of it's amazing power...

The Past Reborn (archived: 2001.04.29; removed: 2002.06.23) by Moonbeamer | age 18 | adventure, WIP: rated R (graphic violence) | unable to contact author In a do or die mission, Qui-Gon Jinn, his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, and another Master-Padawn team are sent to the doomed planet of Rethla 5 to evacuate and save the governor. Will they beat the clock, or has time got them licked?

The Return To Kegan (archived: 2002.06.23; updated: 2002.07.31; removed: 2003.06.06) by Tyler | age 16 | angst: rated PG13 (language, violence) | incomplete Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Siri, and Adi Galla return to the newly reformed world of Kegan to keep the planet from being taken over by their "old friends," Tan and Vieve. But, there is a bigger picture... (Right before JA#14)

Shame (archived: 2001.10.12; removed: 2002.06.23) by Darth Foutzious | age 19 | angst, WIP: rated PG (violence) | permanently inactive A horrible event leaves Obi-Wan with feelings of guilt.

Space (archived: 2001.10.12; updated: 2002.07.31; removed: 2003.06.06) by Cheryl W. | age 16 | angst: rated PG13 (violence) | incomplete, unable to contact author Obi-Wan is gravely injured...

The Toll (archived: 2002.05.21; removed: 2003.06.06) by Jedi Joel McGregor | age 16 | angst: rated R (violence) | incomplete Qui-Gon commits a horrific act prompted by numerous emotional sufferings, and struggles to bond with an apprentice who doesn't seem to care anymore.

Trials (archived: 2001.08.11; updated: 2001.10.12; removed: 2002.06.18) by Felicia Zezili | age 17 | drama, WIP: rated PG13 (violence, language) | under revision Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leala Divone, the daughter of the Emperor of Satune, are in the caught middle of a conspiracy. Will they be able to find out who is behind it before they are “taken care of”?

A Vision of Truth (archived: 2002.05.21; removed: 2003.06.06) by Ruyn | age 14 | drama: rated PG | incomplete

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are sent to a strange planet. They return hurt and tired but their mission was a success…or was it? Can a dream really for tell the future? Does more trouble await them? And if so from where?

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