The Rising Sun

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Name: The Rising Sun
Owner/Maintainer: Dae
Dates: active in 2001
Fandom: slash fandom
URL: link)
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The Rising Sun was the home of three slash author pages: Dae's Page, Kee's Page and Temporary Shrine to the Goddess D.

Traditionally, throughout Europe and the New World, the image of a Rising Sun on a building marked the edifice as a house of ill repute. A brothel. A whorehouse. A not so nice place, not to be visited by good little boys and girls.

The same warning could apply to these web pages.

Please Note: A Majority of the Writings here are Slash, a term coined to refer to the implicit or explicit homosexual relationship contained within fan fiction.

By entering, you acknowledge that you are above the age of majority in your area and the nature of these stories.