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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: LdyGossamer's FanFiction Archive
Author: LdyGossamer (Susan Anthony)
Dates: 10 March 2002 or before - 26 May 2005 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Gundam Wing, The Mummy Returns, XWP/HtLJ
URL: http://www.geocities.com/area51/keep/8613/ldygossamer.html (Wayback link)
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LdyGossamer's FanFiction Archive was LdyGossamer's Star Wars TPM slash fanfiction page at Astarte's Artists in Residence. The site was hosted by GeoCities.

This archive contains material that is intended for an adult audience. If you are below the legal age in your area, please exit the building HERE.

The fiction archived on this site contains scenes of male/male relationships with lots of humor, drama, smooching and TLC with a touch of angst. If this kind of material is disturbing to you, please go no further and exit the building HERE.

If you move beyond this point, ignoring the warnings that are placed here for your benefit, you can hold only yourself responsible for whatever you end up reading. I do not want to hear about it if you cut yourself on a particularly sharp piece of fiction. Here's a Band-Aid and please exit the building HERE
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Star Wars TPM

Master/Apprentice TPM FanFiction

  • Something To Talk About - Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon become grist for the rumor mill. QG/OW, AU, Romance, First Time, R. Posted 06/27/2000
  • Something to Talk About: Verse Two - Will Mace get a clue? QG/OW, Mace/Desrin, AU Romance, R. Posted 03/20/2001
  • What Might Have Been - What might have happened if things had turned out differently for Obi-Wan. QG/OW, AU, Romance, Drama, Angst, Songfic, PG. Posted 10/03/2000
  • True Love - Qui-Gon answers a Question from his padawan. QG/OW implied for the future, Pre-slash, Romance, Humor, PG. Posted 10/11/2000
  • In These Final Hours. An apprentice makes a final request of his master. QG/OW, AU, First Time, Angst, Songfic, NC17. 11/21/2000
  • Unexpected Paths - Things don't quite turn out as Jedi Initiate Obi-Wan had hoped. AU, Pre-Slash, Angst, G. Posted 06/02/2001
  • Duel of the Fates - The real reason it's called Duel of the Fates. QG/OW, AU, Humor, First Time, R. Posted 06/16/2002
  • As the Temple Turns - How things really work at the Jedi Temple. Q/O implied, non Q/O implied, AU, Humor, Drama, R. Spoilers: some for TPM, a tiny tiny one for AOTC. Posted 07/05/2002, updated 05/30/2004
  • Blame It On Qui-Gon - Cause and effect, what really happened to cause the downfall of the Republic. AU, Humor, Non Q/O. Posted 08/30/2002
  • A Boy of Pure Light - Qui-Gon considers Obi-Wan's importance in his life. *WARNING* CHAN implications, QG/OW, AU, Angst, POV, R. Posted 08/06/2000
  • The King's Justice - In a Medieval world, the King's Justice is sent to investigate why Qui-Gon Jinn, Earl of Kinnion, has been found guilty of murder. QG/OW, First Time, AR, drama, romance, R. This story was written for zine 'Force of a Different Color 2' published in July of 2003.
So Much For The Negotiations
And You Must Be...
So Much for Good First Impressions
The Things We Do

Xanatos FanFiction

Fan fiction featuring Xanatos Chiyari with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

  • My Aikani - The future is always in motion and Obi-Wan's path is not as certain as it seems. AU, Angst, Drama, Romance, X/OW, NC17. Posted 09/30/2002
Enlightenment - Obi-Wan walks a long path to Enlightenment of the Body. A story originally posted in the Rituals and Meditations zine put out by 10 Eye Press.
Telepathic Sex Doesn't Count - A discussion between a master and his padawans on the nature of sex, sequel to Enlightenment. From a challenge by Nimori, "Telepathic sex doesn't count, Master. You're still a virgin." Posted 06/20/2002
Great Minds Think Alike - Trying new things on the spur of the moment isn't always advisable. This begins a few hours after the story 'Telepathic Sex Doesn't Count' ends. It might be confusing if you haven't read that story. Posted 03/17/2003
  • Bonds and Vows - AU, Angst, Drama, Pre-ObiSlash, X/O eventually, X/other implied, PG
For the Best - An unexpected encounter in the Temple leads the Jedi Order onto a different path. Posted 03/06/2001
For the Worst - The Jedi are not the only ones to search for Qui-Gon and his charge. Posted 05/05/2002
In Darkness - Xanatos struggles to mend his relationships as the Hunters close in.
In Light - Recovery and a mission against the Dark begins. Posted 02/28/2003
Death Dare Not Part - Confrontation. Posted 09/06/2003

Miscellaneous Slash FanFiction

Gundam Wing

WARNING! These stories contain material which GW fandom refers to as Lemon or Lime or shounen ai and it is usually of the CHAN variety since the characters in this anime are all fifteen.

If this bothers you, please don't read these fics

  • Wait for Me - Old friends meet again. 1x2, 3x4 primary, AU, Romance, Tiny Angst, PG. Notes: This story came to mind after I read Visiting Old Friends, a beautiful story by Traed that can be found http://www.gwaddiction.com/. You might understand the story a bit more if you read that one first but it's not necessary.
  • Duo and the Dragons - Prince Maxwell's first adventure. 5+2, 1x3x4, AU, Humor, Fairy Tale, PG

The Mummy Returns

  • The Med-Jai Born series - Ardeth Bay/Rick O'Connell, NC17, AU, Angst, Romance. Ardeth Bay knows the true meaning of Imhotep's words, 'For our love is a true love, an eternal love, our souls mated, together as one, 'forever'.
To Feel His Touch Again
To Find His Heart Again
To Cherish His Soul Again
  • Simply Irresistible: Herbs and Moonlight - Troublesome dreams lead to an unexpected understanding for one American adventurer. Ardeth Bay/Rick O'Connell, NC17, AU, PWP, First Time, Romance. This story was written for the 2003 'Constricted by Plot' Commemorative Slash Zine for Con*Strict in July of 2003.

Xena/Hercules Fic

  • Hercules Proof - Ares/Joxer, H/I implied, Humor, R. Ares comes up with a way to protect his Temple from Hercules' temper. posted 05/30/2004