Constricted by Plot

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Title: Constricted by Plot
Publisher: AWIT Press
Date(s): 2000-Present
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Constricted by Plot is a slash multimedia commemorative zine for the convention ConStrict, a Vegas Summer Slash Con. Its editor is Sian.

Regarding the con zine's content" "Poems, drabbles, stories, art: it’s all welcome and wanted (except for RPS). Warnings will be included where appropriate." [1]


cover of 2001 issue

Constricted by Plot 2001 has 124 pages.


table of contents 2002, click to read
cover 2002 issue

Constricted by Plot 2002 is a comb bound letter sized zine that contains 152 pages.


Constricted by Plot 2003 contains 275 pages. Another commemorative zine for Con*Strict, a slash con. Primarily threesomes, with basic pairings of Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan by Obi-Ki; KatBear; Qurinas; Franzi; Tem-Ve; Writestuff (new Warrior's Heart Universe). Han/ Luke by Angel Sparrow; Mummy fic by Susan Anthony; JAG by Sian1359; Harry Potter by Karita Wyr; plus net reprints by Tenshi no Korin (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers); Gail (JAG); Creed Cascade & TJ (X-Men).


Constricted by Plot 2004 contains 175 pages.

  • Fore! by Qurinas (Harry Potter) (Ginny and Luna’s sixth year at Hogwarts looms and their summer vacation draws towards an end. With many summer assignments left to complete, they decided they should get going on at least one of them, it just happens to be the one that Ginny is dreading the most. Can Luna make the assignment more bearable for the youngest Weasley?)
  • Watching the Watcher by Elayna (POTC) Note: this story in most likely in this issue, but it could be another one instead)
  • NCIS
  • X-Men
  • Smallville
  • Magnificent 7
  • Firefly
  • POTC Includes 4 music vids (Multi/Star Wars/Mag 7/ POTC)


Constricted by Plot 2005 contains 275 pages. Art by Gloriana and Gail Riordan.

cover of 2005 issue


Constricted by Plot 2006 contains 200 pages.

cover of 2006 issue


Constricted 2007.jpeg

Constricted by Plot 2007 was published in 2007 and has 178 pages. The art is not credited.

It was the seventh year of this con, and zine.

From the zine regarding this year's concept:

I could be clever and say the seven deadly sins, but I wasn't clever when it was needed to pass that on. Instead, we've got a year of any thing goes. And boy, howdy, does it.


This year is my year for indulgences. The net reprints I've chosen aren't necessarily the newest fandoms, but I do feel they are some of the very best writers, and some of my very favorite stories, even if they're gen or 'pre-slash'. By which I do not mean that the new stories aren't terrific too — they are, and you should read every single one even if you don't know/like the fandom. I have been very lucky in my friends in fandom; a couple of the gals here have written for al most everything I've every published, and that's so going above the call.

All of the writers — and readers — for this zine have my profound thanks. I enjoy putting zines together almost as much as I love reading them and, while this year it will be available in digital and paper formats, I will never give up the paper end as long as someone else appreciates having something to hold in their hands while they read.

And as long as generous and talented folk allow me to publisher their words.

  • Miscommunications by KatBear (Star Wars: TPM) (6)
  • Everything Goes by Chanchito (Prison Break) (108)
  • Vegas by Martha Wilson (Stargate Universe, reprinted from the internet) (27)
  • Sole Survivor by Sian (Star Wars: TPM) (37)
  • Rope Tricks by Shrieking Ell (Batman Begins/Casino Royale) (40)
  • Two Paths, One Road by Lizbetann (Torchwood, reprinted from the internet) (45)
  • Dreams Are Not Enough by Isabel (Supernatural) (54)
  • Dark Offering by Elke (Star Wars) (58)
  • The Jenny Code by Domenikia Marzione (Stargate Atlantis, reprinted from the internet) (61)
  • 7sisters by Ten-ve (multiple fandoms around a central theme) (91)
  • Focus on the Here and Now by Laura McEwan (Star Wars: TPM) (102)
  • Bath Scrunchies and Other Sex Toys by Sian (Stargate Atlantis) (106)
  • Transitions of Power by Elke (Star Wars TPM, reprinted from the internet) (115)
  • Mr. Shore Goes to Washington by Lila Blue (NCIS/Boston Legal, reprinted from the internet) (123)
  • Living the Present by Obi-Ki (Star Wars TPM) (129)
  • What Happens In The Clubhouse by Skoosiepants (Stargate Atlantis, reprinted from the internet) (art here) (155)
  • Flash Flood by Elke (Supernatural, reprinted from the internet) ("I scrawled this down as it clawed its way out of my mind when I got home one evening earlier this week. Apparently this is what happens when I miss fandom very much and am stuck in traffic on my way home and wistfully remember a glorious thunderstorm sweeping across the sky south of the highway, one hot July afternoon on my way to a very porntastic Con*Strict in Vegas one year, the road spinning away beneath me, the sky and the desert and the open wide spaces and the wild wind." -- from online archive) The frontispiece is [here)reprinted from the internet) (166)
  • Of Thorns and Fruit by Gloriana (Star Wars: TPM AU) (168)


Constricted by Plot 2008 has 340 pages. From a distributor, Agent With Style: "This zine is a collection of stories from the attendees of Con*Strict, a wonderful multimedia slash con where anything goes, and that's just the kind of tales you'll find here. With the theme of this issue being crossovers, you'll see Sam and Dean discovering strange and supernatural happenings while paired up with the folks from Atlantis, Starsky and Hutch meeting Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, the group from "Stargate: Atlantis" bumping into Dr. Who, the "Supernatural" boys finding out what it's like to become a "Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger" and much more."

Reactions and Reviews: 2008

This needs to be read because it just shows that the love Starsky and Hutch have for each other can even push two jedi into loving each other. Starsky and Hutch have the real force, love. [2]


Constricted by Plot 2009 has 296 pages.


cover of the 2010 PDF zine

The 2010 zine contains 196 pages and was released in PDF format on a CD.

From the zine:

Kinks and/or that which seems to often go hand in hand: clichés (such as aliens made them do it, mate or die and other classic tropes of fiction). For those of you looking for something perhaps a little more sedate, let’s throw it open to camping trips, tin, aluminum, diamonds and/or symbolic gestures.

All frontispieces have been put together by the editor with gakked images from the web, except for Domenika’s, who created the story for Ilbertine’s beautiful art.

  • The Men Who Stare At … Jedi by Tem-ve H'syan(Star Wars: TPM & Men Who Stare...) (4)
  • If You Can’t Be With The One You Love by Auburn (Stargate Atlantis, reprinted from the internet) (16)
  • Not Quite Hotel California by candygramme (Supernatural) (44)
  • This is the Army of None, Got No Flag, Got No Home by Devilc (The Sarah Conner Chronicles/Terminator Salvation) (60)
  • Turnabout by KatBear (Star Wars: TPM) (74)
  • Standard Operating Procedures by Domenika Marzione (Star Trek Reboot Net Reprint, written for the Star Trek Reverse Big Bang to accompany an illustration by ileliberte (172)




Constricted by Plot 2013 contains 192 pages.

front cover of 2013
[From the zine]:

In keeping with number thirteen (and my favorites), this year’s story themes were H/C (more than angst); Phobias; Cats and/or Rabbits; Mirrors; Covens or other mystical groupings; Visions; and Healing. Of course, I also didn’t turn down any story offered, so Anything Goes is also an acceptable theme (including my own stories.)

Katbear provided her own covers, while DevilC sent inspirational photos that I didn’t use (sorry). All other frontispieces have been put together by the editor with gakked images from the various sites on the web or from her own extensive photo les.

  • Meditation by Katbear (Star Wars: TPM) (4)
  • Bingo Snippets by Sian1359 (Hawaii Five-0) (8)
  • 'Cause the Chance is for the Taking, and the Taking's Right by DevilC (Chicago Fire x Shameless) (12)
  • Sacrifices That We've Made by Laura McEwan (Sherlock BBC) (25)
  • Secrets of the Heart by Katbear (Star Wars: TPM AU) (57)
  • Sometimes You Get What You Need by Cakeisnotpie (Avengers/Supernatural, reprinted from the internet) (93)


Constricted by Plot 2014

[From the zine]: Fourteenth con, fourteenth zine. Fourteen is the number of days in a fortnight, the number of pounds in a stone and the number of lines in a sonnet. Anniversary gifts for this year include ivory and gold jewelry. So, that means —

The frontispieces have been put together by the editor with gakked images from the various sites on the web or from her own extensive photo les, although Katbear provided the concept for hers (not that I ended up using it — sorry — and so it’s probably not quite the right picture for your head).

  • The Time Is Now, Then Did You Notice by DevilC (Magic Mike) (4)
  • You Don't Even Know My Name by Alex (BBC Sherlock) (23)
  • Fred Bear Was a Fabulous Hunter by Sian1359 (Marvel Cinematic Universe, reprinted from the internet) (34)
  • Bard of Jyn by Katbear (Star Wars: TPM AU) (97)


Constricted by Plot 2015 contains 108 pages.

cover of 2015
[from the zine]:

Fifteen years in the making; making this zine for fifteen years, and Katbear has given me at least one new story for each of them. Most of this year’s contributors are no strangers either, and all of you simply rock. Thank you.

The big One Five. An anniversary of note. Fifteen represents the perfect three-dimensional expression - 3 X 5. It is the num- ber of the man, the human spirit, holy or satanic, and there are fteen fruits of the esh: sexual vice, impurity, sensuality, the worship of false gods and sorcery, antagonisms and rivalry, jeal- ousy, bad temper and quarrels, disagreements, factions and mal- ice, drunkenness and orgies. So let's celebrate those fruits.

The frontispieces have been put together by the editor with gakked images from the various sites on the web or from her own extensive photo files, although Katbear provided the images for hers.

  • Heroes Always Make a Difference by DevilC (DCU /pre OYL — Hawkman/Atom) (4)
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion by Katbear (Star Wars: TPM) (36)
  • Near Occaision by Split (Warhorse) (75)
  • Nobody's Fool by Sian1359 (MCU/Avengers, reprinted from the internet) (83)
  • Quest by Katbear (Star Wars) (102)
  • Bonus Track Podfic: We Really Must Talk by Alex (read by Laura, no fandom specified)


  1. ^ from the 13th issue
  2. ^ from a 2010 comment at Crack Van