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Name: Ileliberte
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, White Collar, Glee
Communities: Paintedspires, Star Trek Reverse Bang
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Ileliberte is a fan artist whose work has appeared mainly in online settings. In addition to her artwork, she moderates the Star Trek Reverse Bang.

According to one reviewer: "Her use of color saturation always drew in my eye because the characters seemed whimsical and well-placed within the surroundings of the pieces. This was originally what drew me to her Supernatural artwork as well. And then I found her line art pieces and while I readily commend many color art pieces, it is the absence of color in these pieces that take it to another level.....Her lines give the piece motion. ...And even with the use of partial color overtones, it simply adds to the feelings that the piece sets out to convey."[1]