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Synonyms: Fanvid, Songvid, music video
See also: Vidding, AMV, MEP, Machinima, Feral Vidders, Songtape Collection, VCR Vidding, Digital Vidding, Contape, iMeem, Animatic, Custom Remix
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A vid or fanvid is a video edit, often set to music, produced by fans, known as "vidders". Similar to professionally produced music videos and promos, vidders take short clips of footage, generally from live-action source such as tv or movies, and arrange these clips over a song to make an argument or tell a story.

They were originally called "songvids"--to distinguish them from professional, MTV-style music videos--and collected on songtapes. The term was later shortened to just "vids".

The term vid also appears in professional science fiction, presumably the ultimate origin of the term in vidding fandom, though it could easily have been invented independently.

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History of Vidding

The earliest vids, circa 1975, were slideshows set to music; with the advent of VCRs, vids could be made by copying footage from one tape to another. Eventually, computer video-editing software became the standard, and today vids can be made by almost anyone with a computer, using the freeware supplied by Microsoft or Apple or other software.

Different Traditions

Distinct fannish video-making traditions have arisen separately in other fandoms. Anime fans developed anime music videos, or AMVs, while MADs developed in Japan. Video gamers have also developed their own video tradition of machinima, as well as GMVs (game music videos). Sites like YouTube also often feature remix and parody video art by fans who have little or no connection with these traditions.