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A composite of screenshots from various fannish custom remixes.
Original minigame, remix, and fandom from top to bottom:
Flipper Flop - It's Pizza Time! (Noteblock Remix) - Pizza Tower
Flockstep - BIG SHOT - Deltarune
Monkey Watch - Bomb Rush Blush (Smash Ultimate) - Splatoon
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Custom remixes are a type of fanwork specific to the Rhythm Heaven fandom. The term refers to three different fanwork formats, with fans using the term to refer to all three formats at once or any format interchangeably.

Most commonly, the term refers to fanvids that replicate a video of Rhythm Heaven remix gameplay. Remixes are a type of level in the Rhythm Heaven series in which the player plays through a sequence of minigames in time with the game's music, with custom remixes using music of the creator's choice.

In December 2016, software developer and fandom member chrislo27 published the first release of Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor, a fangame recreating Rhythm Heaven gameplay to allow players to create custom remixes. Fans began to use "custom remix" to refer to remixes created in Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor and similar programs. Custom remixes made in such programs are either recorded as videos and/or released as archived files for other fans to download and play.

Throughout the first half of 2017, Rhythm Heaven game modding emerged online. Similar to before, fans began to use "custom remix" to refer to Rhythm Heaven game mods that modify or add in-game remixes, or videos of such gameplay.

Custom remixes for music from a particular fandom, such as soundtracks for video games, often feature edited Rhythm Heaven visuals, with sprites and textures changed to match the setting, characters and theme of the source material.


Around late 2008, Japanese freeware game developer Krobon Station released Karateka Mania, a Rhythm Heaven fangame recreating the 'Karate Man' minigame. Karateka Mania contains a level editor, allowing for the creation and sharing of levels set to songs of the creator's choice. As such, Karateka Mania is sometimes considered by fans to be a precursor to custom remixes.[1]

The earliest known custom remix is a Rhythm Tengoku fanvid set to 'U.N. Owen Was Her?', a song from the Touhou franchise. The video was uploaded to Niconico on March 2nd, 2008 by mkd.[2] The earliest known English custom remix is a Rhythm Heaven Fever fanvid set to the track 'message' from the rhythm game REFLEC BEAT. The video was uploaded to Youtube on March 26th, 2012 by MaxaNum.[3]

Resources and guides for creating custom remixes date back to 2014.[4] Prior to 2017, custom remixes were only created through a combination of audio and video editing.

In December 2016, software developer and fandom member chrislo27 published the first release of Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor, a fangame recreating Rhythm Heaven gameplay for players to create custom remixes. In the README file for Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor on GitHub, chrislo27refers to the game as "A custom remix editor for the Rhythm Heaven series". The release of Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor facilitated an increase in the creation of custom remixes, as it allows for the creation and playback of custom remixes without video or audio editing knowledge, or searching for game sound effects. chrislo27 ended development of Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor in October 2020.[5] Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor was succeeded by Rhythm Heaven Mania, which ended development in 2022. A software fork of Rhythm Heaven Mania, Heaven Studio, remains in active development.

Rhythm Heaven modding emerged in 2017, with RHModding, a Discord server dedicated to Rhythm Heaven modding, being established in February 2017. Subsequently, in July 2017, dedicated Rhythm Heaven modding tools such as Tickompiler and RHMPatch were published to GitHub. The first known custom remix to be playable in a Rhythm Heaven game is a custom remix of the Codename: Kids Next Door intro theme modded into Rhythm Heaven Megamix. A recording of the remix being played was uploaded to Youtube on March 1st, 2017 by The Miner.[6]


Currently, custom remixes are often made and discussed on dedicated Rhythm Heaven fan communities and blogs, such as Rhythm Gehenna and /r/rhythmheaven. They are also posted on video sharing and social media sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Newgrounds, Twitter, and TikTok. Custom remix creators share guides, tips, and feedback in these venues with one another. Guides and feedback often focus on tempo matching, interesting input patterns, and legality, a fandom term for if a given set of inputs are accurate to how a minigame's inputs are sequenced.

Custom remixes are often well received by larger audiences outside of the Rhythm Heaven fandom, especially custom remixes specific to a particular fandom.

That is really cool, and to see the Iconic Fortnite Agents in the style of Rhythm Heaven makes it better.


Now THIS is a Rhythm Heaven Remix worthy of a P rank! This is so cool, thanks for using my music!



Custom remix tournaments are a fan activity in Rhythm Heaven fandom Discord servers where multiple custom remix creators compete against one another in a tournament bracket. In each matchup, both participants are assigned the same song to create a custom remix from. Afterwards, audience members and/or judges vote on their favorite remix, with the winner advancing in the bracket. Custom remix tournaments have been hosted on Rhythm Gehenna, the /r/rhythmheaven Discord server, and Tourneycord, a private Discord server dedicated to custom remix tournaments.


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