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Video game fandom
NameFriday Night Funkin'
Developer(s)ninjamuffin99 (Cameron Taylor) (programmer, lead)
PhantomArcade (art)
Kawai Sprite (composer)
evilsk8r (art)
Release date5 October 2020
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
External link(s)Official Newgrounds upload
Official upload
See alsoNewgrounds
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Friday Night Funkin' is a 2020 rhythm game created by an indie team of developers, originally for the game jam Ludum Dare 47. Created as a homage to Newgrounds, the art style and humor of the game emulates 2000s Flash animations, with additional inspiration art style inspired by graffiti street art. The gameplay is similar to Dance Dance Revolution and other 4-key rhythm games. However, instead of dancing, the player sings alongs with various opponents, similar to Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man. The story of the game follows Boyfriend and Girlfriend facing opponents, the former engaging in rap battles against these opponents for various reasons.


The game stars college drop-out Boyfriend who is trying to woo a demon named Girlfriend through rap battles. However, Girlfriend's parents—Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest—do not want their daughter to date Boyfriend, trying to ruin their chances of dating via extremely violent means.



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Due to the fact that Friday Night Funkin' is open source, and the source code for the game is distributed under an open license (Apache 2.0),[1] there is a large modding scene for the game. Mods range in content and goals, from cosmetic mods, to fanmade weeks, to total conversions, and more. However, most mods are not built off the original code for the game; instead, they use mod engines that add new capabilities to Friday Night Funkin'. Many mods have been given shoutouts by the devs on Twitter.

Notable events

Week 7 Newgrounds crash

On April 18, 2021, the then-latest week was posted exclusively on Newgrounds. Newgrounds crashed shortly afterwards due to traffic overload.[2][3] This was compounded by the fact that Week 7 was only posted to Newgrounds, and the update was not pushed to builds, leaving Newgrounds as the only platform to play the update. After Newgrounds was brought back online, the Friday Night Funkin' page on Newgrounds was disabled for three days to allow time to set up additional infastructure.

Due to both fandoms causing Newgrounds to crash, some Homestuck fans drew comparsions between the release of Week 7 and the [S] Cascade release.

i'm so proud that the younger fandoms are speedrunning these milestones


Notable fans





One of the most popular het relationship is the canon ship Boyfriend/Girlfriend, while the most popular slash paring is Boyfriend/Pico, who are exes in canon. Some works have the three of them in a poly relationship.

Thanks to the modding community, other popular ships involve original characters, like Ruv/Sarvente and Whitty/Carol. There are also crossover ships such as Boyfriend/Hatsune Miku. [5]

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