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Name: Constrict, also Con*Strict
Dates: 2001-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Type: slash
Founder: AWIT Press
Founding Date:
URL: Convention website
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flyer for the 1st year (2001)

Constrict, also known as Con*Strict, is an annual slash convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. (The first year the convention was held in Pleasanton, CA). It bills itself as "A Celebration of Film, the Net, Deep-Throated Voices, Pretty Pictures and the Written Word, with an emphasis on Slash." The convention is small, with membership capped at 50. It offers: a Meet & Greet Reception, Party Games and Vid Show on Fridays. On Saturday the convention organizes a 'Movie Night' where members attend a movie that is currently playing in the theaters. There also is single track panel programming, along with more informal poolside programming.

The convention also publishes a commemorative fanzine every year called Constricted by Plot.

Sample 2009 Schedule[1]

2003 convention T-shirt (front)


  • 4:00/Early Registration in the Con Suite (TBA): (Packet stuffing might happen around 3:00)
  • 8:00/Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Showing


  • 09:00/Coffee & Snacks
  • 09:30/Welcome & Announcements
  • 10:00/TPM: Now & Then: What brought you in? Did you stay? Have you refocused within the fandom? Do you ignore everything after TPM?
  • 11:00/Shifting Sands: Being Left Behind: New fandoms, new OTPs, dead fandoms -- How do you keep going when everyone's moved on?
  • Noon/Lunch Break (Fruit & Veggie Trays will be available)
  • 01:00/Writing 101: The Basics: Putting it all together: Plot; POV; Long vs Short; Outlines; Original Characters
  • 02:00/When the Silver Screen Becomes FourColor: Comics in the Movies: Wolverine, Watchman, Ironman and more
  • 03:00/New Fandoms: The King is Dead; Long Live the King: Is Merlin the next big thing? Why not Burn Notice? Leverage? Eureka? Psych?
  • 04:00/Old Fandoms: The Comeback Kids: Starsky & Hutch, Pros, Man From UNCLE
  • 05:00/Vidding 101: The Basics: Let's talk technique and craft (as opposed to tech)
  • 06:00/Dinner Break
  • 07:00/Meet & Greet Reception and Party Games, hosted by Emu: There will be cake
  • 08:00/Let the Games Continue
  • 09:00/Vid Show
2003 convention T-shirt (back)


  • 09:30/Announcements
  • 10:00/Pimping 101: What are people missing? (can be fandoms, stories, tech)
  • 11:00/ARs & AUs: Why do some fandoms and characters really work here?
  • Noon/Lunch Break (cheese & crackers sometime around here)
  • 01:00/FemmeSlash: Our Dirty Little Secret: Beyond the obvious with HP & the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where else are we seeing it and who's writing it?
  • 02:00/Open vs Closed Fandoms: How to stay creative when there is no new canon or the canon is constantly evolving
  • 03:00/On-Line Resources: Writers Guides, Public Domain Art sites, Vidding Communities -- where do you go for advice, inspiration and tips?
  • 04:00/Supernatural's New OTP: Is it all about Castiel now?
  • 05:00/Remembering Stuart/Minotaur
  • 06:00/Dinner & a Movie (or a Show) or Bad Movies in the Lounge
  • 10:00/Plushy Theatre in the Lounge


  • 09:30/Announcements
  • 10:00/Geeks & the Girls Who Love Them: It's the age of the geek thanks to Numb3rs, NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory and others.
  • 11:00/Art 101: The Basics: How to come up with ideas, sketch them down, make mock-ups and other ways to translate something in your head to a piece of paper or a computer screen
  • 12:00/Lunch Break (desert will be served after)
  • 01:00/ Science vs Magic or SciFi vs Fantasy: (Katbear, I wasn't sure where you wanted to go here)
  • 02:00/A Boy Named Sue: The Woobies of Fandom: Why is X always the bottom and what if you think Y should be? Does Bottom = Fragile? (Why) Are we still assigning gender roles in same sex pairings?
  • 03:00/Rebooting Fandoms: Star Trek is just the latest. Dr. Who, Comic or Book fandoms into movie fandoms; what are the fannish rewards and frustrations w/ a reboot? What are common challenges and patterns?
  • 04:00/TPM Remembrances & Recs: Favorite stories, art, vids, toys, memories…

Convention Reports


Constrict 2010 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9-11, 2010.