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Name: Constrict, also Con*Strict
Dates: 2001-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Type: slash
Founder: AWIT Press
Founding Date:
URL: Convention website
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flyer for the 1st year (2001)
flyer for the 3rd year (2004)

Constrict, also known as Con*Strict, is an annual slash convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. (The first year the convention was held in Pleasanton, CA). It bills itself as "A Celebration of Film, the Net, Deep-Throated Voices, Pretty Pictures and the Written Word, with an emphasis on Slash." The convention is small, with membership capped at 50. It offers: a Meet & Greet Reception, Party Games and Vid Show on Fridays. On Saturday the convention organizes a 'Movie Night' where members attend a movie that is currently playing in the theaters. There also is single track panel programming, along with more informal poolside programming.

The convention also publishes a commemorative fanzine every year called Constricted by Plot.

Sample 2009 Schedule[1]

2003 convention T-shirt (front)


  • 4:00/Early Registration in the Con Suite (TBA): (Packet stuffing might happen around 3:00)
  • 8:00/Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Showing


  • 09:00/Coffee & Snacks
  • 09:30/Welcome & Announcements
  • 10:00/TPM: Now & Then: What brought you in? Did you stay? Have you refocused within the fandom? Do you ignore everything after TPM?
  • 11:00/Shifting Sands: Being Left Behind: New fandoms, new OTPs, dead fandoms -- How do you keep going when everyone's moved on?
  • Noon/Lunch Break (Fruit & Veggie Trays will be available)
  • 01:00/Writing 101: The Basics: Putting it all together: Plot; POV; Long vs Short; Outlines; Original Characters
  • 02:00/When the Silver Screen Becomes FourColor: Comics in the Movies: Wolverine, Watchman, Ironman and more
  • 03:00/New Fandoms: The King is Dead; Long Live the King: Is Merlin the next big thing? Why not Burn Notice? Leverage? Eureka? Psych?
  • 04:00/Old Fandoms: The Comeback Kids: Starsky & Hutch, Pros, Man From UNCLE
  • 05:00/Vidding 101: The Basics: Let's talk technique and craft (as opposed to tech)
  • 06:00/Dinner Break
  • 07:00/Meet & Greet Reception and Party Games, hosted by Emu: There will be cake
  • 08:00/Let the Games Continue
  • 09:00/Vid Show
2003 convention T-shirt (back)


  • 09:30/Announcements
  • 10:00/Pimping 101: What are people missing? (can be fandoms, stories, tech)
  • 11:00/ARs & AUs: Why do some fandoms and characters really work here?
  • Noon/Lunch Break (cheese & crackers sometime around here)
  • 01:00/FemmeSlash: Our Dirty Little Secret: Beyond the obvious with HP & the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where else are we seeing it and who's writing it?
  • 02:00/Open vs Closed Fandoms: How to stay creative when there is no new canon or the canon is constantly evolving
  • 03:00/On-Line Resources: Writers Guides, Public Domain Art sites, Vidding Communities -- where do you go for advice, inspiration and tips?
  • 04:00/Supernatural's New OTP: Is it all about Castiel now?
  • 05:00/Remembering Stuart/Minotaur
  • 06:00/Dinner & a Movie (or a Show) or Bad Movies in the Lounge
  • 10:00/Plushy Theatre in the Lounge


  • 09:30/Announcements
  • 10:00/Geeks & the Girls Who Love Them: It's the age of the geek thanks to Numb3rs, NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory and others.
  • 11:00/Art 101: The Basics: How to come up with ideas, sketch them down, make mock-ups and other ways to translate something in your head to a piece of paper or a computer screen
  • 12:00/Lunch Break (desert will be served after)
  • 01:00/ Science vs Magic or SciFi vs Fantasy: (Katbear, I wasn't sure where you wanted to go here)
  • 02:00/A Boy Named Sue: The Woobies of Fandom: Why is X always the bottom and what if you think Y should be? Does Bottom = Fragile? (Why) Are we still assigning gender roles in same sex pairings?
  • 03:00/Rebooting Fandoms: Star Trek is just the latest. Dr. Who, Comic or Book fandoms into movie fandoms; what are the fannish rewards and frustrations w/ a reboot? What are common challenges and patterns?
  • 04:00/TPM Remembrances & Recs: Favorite stories, art, vids, toys, memories…

Convention Reports


Constrict 2010 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9-11, 2010.

Vid Shows


Approximate running time 110 minutes

Title Fandom Vidder
Channel Hopping Supernatural Ash
Improper Dancing Multi Mary Crawford
Mama Hamlet (2010) Obsessive 24
History Sarah Conner Chronicles DevilC
The Way We Get By Leverage wyomingnot
Girlfriend Stargate Atlantis Nel
Hurricane Galactica/Farscape Laura Shapiro
Red Merlin Obsessive 24
Numb Hornblower Black Hound
A Blip In Time Torchwood Di
Kill A Man Supernatural ZimShan
A Thousand Years Lord of the Rings AJ
Lost Button Atlantis/Dr. Who Chayiana
Love Game Spartacus Sabrina_IL
To Much Light in This Bar Life on Mars (UK) Absolute Destiny
Bromance (Birdhouse in Your Soul) Multi Clucking Belles
Tick Tock Leverage wyomingnot
Gonna Win Castle unknown
10th Doctor, The Musical Dr. Who Di
I'm Your Man Multi Charmax
Sedated Sherlock Holmes (2009) wyomingnot
500 Miles Supernatural Ash
Super Bon Bon The Fast & The Furious Gwyneth
The Promise Stargate Atlantis sian1359
Hymn to Him Jeeves & Wooster CL
If You Were Gay Merlin Di
Above & Below Torchwood/Dr. Who Di
Good Idea at the Time Leverage Lithium Doll
Only You Big Bang Theory China Shop
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Dogma Eunice
Black Fingernails, Red Wine Stargate Atlantis OBFreak
Channel Surfing Supernatural Ash


Playlist missing


(approximate running time: 120 Minutes)

Title Fandom Vidder
Firefly Theme Avengers (2012) Cruciatus
Grace Kelly BBC Sherlock Laura McEwan
I Hurt Myself Today Once Upon A Time Unknown
What Do You Want From Me Star Trek (2009) Unknown
Our Love is That Fragile Multi Giulia
Dust Bowl Dance American Outlaws Sian1359
When I Ruled The World Dr. Who (9/10) Di
Little Less Conversation Other (Ice Skating) TV Broadcast
One Vision Avengers (2012) Grammerwoman
Radar Die Hard (1) Greensilver
Girlfriend Sherlock Holmes Unknown
Rolling In The Deep X-Men First Class Arefadedaway
Slipping (Dr. Horrible) BBC Sherlock Unknown
White Blank Page Hawaii Five-0 Sian1359
Railway House Torchwood Greensilver
Workin For a Living Leverage/Spooks Things With Wings
Cat's In the Cradle House/BBC Sherlock Daasgirrl
Bad Reputation Multi (Femme) Skud
Skinny Rizzoli & Isles Charmax
My Freeze Ray Inception PeachyLimeDacquiri
Tony Awards Jackman/Harris TV Broadcast
Set Fire To The Rain Multi Talitha78
Lies of Handsome Men Thor Diane Williams
Running Up That Hill Sherlock Holmes (2011) Unknown
Let Me Go Stargate Atlantis Sian1359
I Touch Myself Hornblower Betsey
Your Life Dr. Who (11) Lim
We Didn't Start The Fire Surprise Unknown
Burn It To The Ground Avengers Unknown


Title Fandom Vidder
Neeson Season Liam Neeson Jon & Al
Soccer Practice Stargate Atlantis Bironic
What Are You Talking About Avengers Franzi
From This Moment On X-Men First Class Karita
Mothership Dr. Who/10th Laura Shapiro
If I Were Gay Justified ???
Space Girl Multi-Femme Charmax
Fast Car Fast & Furious ???
Gone Real Genius Laura Shapiro
Skin James Bond Chasa
The Musical The Hobbit Jon & Al
The Promise BBC Sherlock Laura McEwan
POTC Theme Haven Franzi
Freeze Ray Inception Peachlimedaiquiri
I Hurt Myself Today Once Upon A Time ???
Far From Home Spartacus* ???
Ball of Confusion X-Men First Class Karita
Only A Lad X-Files/Buffy/Thor Laura Shapiro
You Win Or You Die Game of Thrones ???
In the End Fast & Furious Moohworks
A Thousand Years Sherlock Holmes RedHandsRedRibbons
The Look Charlie's Angels Jetpack Monkey
Eye of the Tiger Star Wars Silgar33
All These Things I've Done Avengers Yunuen
A Real Good Man Justified ???
Your Life Extempore Dr. Who/11th Lim


Playlist missing


(approximate running time 70 minutes)

Fandom Title
Magic Mike Penis Song*
Kingsmen Holding Out For A Hero
Robert Downey Jr. Fight The Power
MCU One Woman Army
MM: Fury Road Wild Boys*
BBC Sherlock Counting Stars
Hollow Crown Poets of the Fall
Multi Fandom Crusify My Enemies
Constantine Not Going To Die Today
Arrow Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Winter Soldier It's All Coming Back To Me Now
X-Men: DOFP Can We Start Again
True Detective Running Joke
Sarah Connor Chronicles Beat Devils
Sons of Anarchy Knocking On Heaven's Door
Multi Fandom No Bravery
Musketeers Avengers Trailer
Hawaii Five-0 Girlfriend
Whedonverses Mister Booze
Stargate Atlantis I Do the Dumbest Things For You
MCU Uptown Funk


(approximate running time 93.30 Minutes)

Title Fandom Vidder
The Force Awakens Theme Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Dan LaVeaux
Stardust Trailer Voice Over Dr. Who (10th) QueenOftheCastle
For Those About To Rock BBC Sherlock Emcee Frodis
You Belong To Me Multi/FemmeSlash Eemersonm
Hold On ShadowHunters Kitty
The Future Will Be Silent Dredd Wyomingnot
Been Better Killjoys LithiumDoll
You Got It The Nice Guys Franzeska
Right Now Star Wars Saga Emcee Frodis
No Hero Hawaii Five-0 McDannoLand
Over and Over Legends of Tomorrow TriangleWithLine
I Can Go The Distance Captain America Daily Asgardian News
The Sun Is Hot Force Awakens Wyomingnot
Desire Man From Uncle (Movie) Shining5tar5
Ever The Same Leverage Patron Saint of Thieves
Wrong Side of Heaven Lucifer Peter Schibetta
Devil's Backbone Force Awakens Roane
Only A Lad Multi Fandom Laura Shapiro
Light A Fire Captain America Ruoyi Sun
Warriors MCU (Netflix) BMorse
Something Russian MI: Ghost Protocol Something Russian
Bad Romance Agent Carter Mithborien
Fight Song Star Trek Reboot Anna
Show Dialogue SG1 T.D. Possum
Anything You Can Do Thor Daily Asgardian News
Let It Flow(Go) Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Happy Together Supernatural Andrea
Everybody Wants To Rule The World Avengers Daily Asgardian News
We Didn't Start The Fire Multi Fiercyn & Scribe


Title Fandom Vidder
01 Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Lorde version) Wonder Woman Movie shadedcolor
02 Prime (Allie X) Yuri! On Ice AllegoriestAMVs
03 Shake It (Metro Station) Ewan McGregor moviegeek03
04 Gay or European (Legally Blonde Soundtrack) Thor DailyAsgardianNews
05 Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (James Brown) Maru (the cat) AbsolueDestiny
06 Ex's and Oh's (Elle King) Supernatural Roarkshop
07 Hold Each Other (A Great Big World) Man From Uncle (Movie) Franzi
08 Against All Odds (Phil Collins) Blake's Seven ???
09 Small Doses (Bebe Rexha) Humans Hevoke
10 Coming Home (Diddy ft Dirty Money) Lethal Weapon (TV Series) Ruby
11 O Fortuna (Carl Orff - Hard Church Remix) Riddick Zoe Rayne
12 What Kind of Man (Florence & The Machine) Black Sails Sarashina Nikki
13 Sound of Silence (Disturbed) Multi Fandom gabygogo505
14 Take Me To Church (Hozier) Preacher IRA theSilence
15 Live Like Legends (Ruelle) Marvel (most 'verses) Ak Editx
16 Angel (Theory of a Deadman) The Flash (television series) Kelli Raquel
17 Hit and Run (LOLO) Dr. Who LuinaLuna
18 Unstoppable (Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack) Guardians of the Galaxy Jarrett H
19 Lost Boy (Ruth B) Librarians Alex WorldClassThief
20 Brighter Than The Sun (Colbie Caillat0 Star Trek (all) shinyjenni
21 Flares (The Script) Captain America Civil War Nameless Tory
22 Warriors (Imagine Dragons) Wonder Woman Movie Foomatic


(approximate running time ~75 minutes)

Title Fandom Vidder
500 To 1 Vegas Golden Knights Budweiser
Freedom Ride Captain America SallySparrow017
Halfway Out Of The Dark Dr. Who Purple Fringe
Rescue Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries LlinTrek
Trouble Interview With A Vampire Bironic
She's A Lady Legends of Tomorrow Fluffernutter
Smooth Criminal BBC Sherlock Sim Mallec
Glitter and Gold MCU DJC Prod & Grable 424
I Get The World LA Confidential Franzeska
Skeleton Key Sicario Franzeska
Welcome to the Black Parade Star Wars Mocking Jamie
Becoming Q James Bond & London Spy+ Tamaki
Human Punisher Veritas Productions
Every Breath You Take Killing Eve Astrid 99
The Outsiders The Expanse Violace
Centuries Star Wars Agents of Oakenshield
Get Better Hawkeye(s) Comic Absternr
Don't Stop The Devil Lucifer Alex Rex
Battle Royale Thor Ragnarok The Clexa Chronicles
Parachute Leverage Things With Wings
Something Good Mission Impossible:GP Lilly the Kid
Shut Up & Dance Multi Fandom Stephen Kirk
Friction Black Panter The Clexa Chronicles
Light Em Up Vegas Golden Knights Des


(approximate running time 75 minutes)

Title Fandom Vidder
Rise Captain Marvel JOSHMC1113
Glitter and Gold The Punisher Allyson Calleigh
Wild One Channing Tatum Sisabet
Mutable (I Was A Fool) Good Omens Franzeska
Hey Ho The Magicians Can't-Fight-The-FanVid
Hakuna Matata Stargate BinatM
Troublemaker Hawaii 5-0 Apanparapenguin
Psycho Michelle Gomez IHaveNotTurnedGood
Summer Lovin X-Men First Class Jay
Thunder The Orville Arrowofshield
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Multi Fandom Claire Darko
Heathens NCT (K-Pop) PCY-Babygirl
This Is War Star Wars Koppiezus
Paint It Black The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina MythicalRoyalty
What We've Become BBC Sherlock BakerEdits
We Are Home Avengers Endgame VIdDuality
Let Her Go Gentleman Jack AcquiredAlias
A Walk Among The Stars (Saturn) Dr. Who Grayzetv & Zowho
Family (You Moved) The Umbrella Academy Secretly To Dream (Loki)
Only Human The Expanse Brian Smith
Lions Inside MCU DJCProd & Grable424


Title Fandom Vidder
MCU (Loki) Let's Get This Party Started Lori
Good Omens (Aziraphale/Crowley) Halo Alpheratz
Hawaii Five-0 (Steve/Danny) Something's Gotta Give Lamardeuse
The Untamed (WangXian) Every Little Thing He Does SuzVoy
Fast & Furious (Dom/Brian) Shut Up & Drive Perirus
Smallville (Clark/Lex) Against All Odds Sisabet
Killjoys (Aneela/Delle Seyah) Queens ThingsWithWings
Star Trek Reboot (Spock focus) Poker Face Talitha78
The Umbrella Academy (Overview) Bohemian Rhapsody Val
MCU (Tony/Clint) Circus Lights ???
Star Wars (Obi-Wan focus) Believer Bryce Crane
Titans (2018) Born For This Tarq
Dr. Who (AU x Broadchurch) Doctor Broadchurch VerseNaberrie
Picard (canon overview) Castles Jayne L (Serrico)
Orphan Black (canon overview) This Is War Eminemgirl814
Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg) Raise Your Glass TurquoiseTumult
Deadpool (Deadpool/Many) Oops I Did It Again Findmeinthealps
The Witcher (canon overview) War Pigs Grable424
MCU (canon overview) We Are The Champions MadXThing


(approximate running time ~90 minutes)

Title Fandom Vidder
Glitter and Gold The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Cinnamon Bucky
Hero Obi-Wan Thomas
When I Die Word of Honor Franzeska
I Lived MultiFandom (Happy) Federica Lentiggini Freekles
Let Me See Who You Are Animation (Trans) Amani
I Fell In Love With You MultiFandom (Lesbian) Maybe Someday
The Greatest MultiFandom (POC) Bironic
The Crown MultiFandom (Male) Evelyn Jackson
Team Zero The Umbrella Academy HelenMand
Hit Me With Your Best Shot The Old Guard Aurum Calendula
Carry On My Wayward Son Supernatural Frissxedits
You Should See Me In a Crown The Queen's Gambit The Psychotic Jackass
Forty-Five Years From Now Due South Gallifrey Wizard
Dynasty WandaVision Black Dilong
Devil At My Door Lucifer Kristen Harris
Hurt Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Liv's Vids
Starring Role Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty Wawa Wu
Made of Stardust Star Trek ???
Silly Old Universe Dr. Who Margarita Life
Warriors Wonder Woman Simply Material
This Is War Avengers Endgame Tymarvelx3000
Heroes The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Klaretta319


(one hour in length)

Title Fandom Vidder
I’ll Make A Jedi Out of You SW Originals The Clarkson Twins
Chasing Cars Due South Sisabet
The Chain AO3 Nandermo Nation
Naked Multi Sweet Shadows
Timber Person of Interest Greysbear
I’m Not A Hero Murderbot Diaries Sour Dagger
The Scientist Untamed Earl Hatter
Warriors Dune AWS Vids
Carol of the Bells Hawkeye Series TB Edits
Live As A Belter The Expanse Zurik23M
Madness Stranger Things JR Edits
Soldier TF&TWS (No Longer Available)
Immortalized LOTR AWS Vids
Grace Kelly Our Flag Means Death Larmaduse
This is Me X-Men Dee Doyle
Saturn SW Prequels Ryekoon

2023 Vid Show

Title Fandom Vidder
Stanley Cup Golden Knights hype video
Boston Legal A little less conversation mamoru22
Stargate Atlantis Stress Rache and Sandy (Clucking Bells)
The Sentinel This Kiss Diana Williams
Highlander I'm Not a Virgin Anymore Luminosity
Due South Love Don't Die Luminosity
Multiple Fandoms The Casper Slide
Star Trek: The Original Series Dante's Prayer Killa
The Sandman The Sandman_ Tribute EdgRms22
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace Hurt
Vikings VALHALLA calling me
Xena Boom Boom Ba Charmax
Black Sails Captain Flint _ Black Sails Tribute 221bree
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace Someone You Loved
Highlander Change the Locks Jo, Sandy Hereld and Nicole
Stargate Atlantis Men of Devotion Chayiana
The Sandman Dreams Salemsmind
Hawai 50 Remake You and Me stellarmeadow
Stargate Atlantis My Brilliant Idea Lim
Marvel Universe Glitter and Gold DCProd & Grable424