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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: bangbang* fanfiction by sutlers
Author: sutlers
Dates: ? - 22 July 2010 (last update)
Fandom: D.Gray-man, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kuroshitsuji, Mononoke, Prince of Persia, Vinland Saga
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bangbang* fanfiction by sutlers is a personal fanfiction site. It was last updated 22 July 2010.


[You Give Love a Bad Name] Kanda/Allen; NC-17; 9,200 words; posted 04.03.08; Harry Potter crossover The one where Allen is a veela and everyone except Kanda is trying to have sex with him.

[Baby What a Big Surprise] Kanda/Allen; NC-17; 3,500 words; posted 02.26.08 Kanda is bad at sex.

[Matthew 12:43] Tyki/Allen; PG; 600 words; posted 02.25.08 Tyki dreams now and in them is a house, palatial and sprawling.

[Sons of Heresy and Error] Kanda/Allen; R; 12,400 words; posted 02.18.08 There are accusations of heresy, more or less true, and Allen goes insane in the Carpathians. Kanda does not, mostly.

[Le Remède] Kanda/Allen/Lavi; R; 18,000 words (ongoing); posted 11.17.07; cowritten with fallia "Cross called it Le Remède," Allen says. "I think it was some sort of private joke."

[Prayer of Patience] Kanda/Allen; R; 2,500 words; posted 11.11.07 "I'm blind," says Kanda in a very even voice.

[Green Coat Out of China] Cross/Anita; PG; 1,100 words; posted 11.02.07 Later, Anita remembers it in bits and pieces, the smell of jasmine in the water and the silky smoothness of the flower petals.

[10.3] Kanda/Allen/Lavi; PG; 600 words; posted 09.30.07 It is October before they make it to Germany and the festival has already been going for a week.

[Sealed by Sunset] Tyki/Lavi; R; 1,200 words; posted 07.26.07 The first story he tells the new Bookman is about a young earl, one with glossy black curls and a careless smile, balls and foxhunts and an easy sort of cruelty.

[Eternal Jewel City] Kanda/Allen; R; 1,900 words; posted 05.09.07 They are sent to Bangkok, and Kanda doesn't like it.

[Under New Management] Kanda/Allen; NC-17; 1,400 words; posted 04.18.07; sequel to Back in the Black Kanda still doesn't like Allen's coworkers much.

[Back in the Black] Kanda/Allen; NC-17; 6,600 words; posted 04.16.07; cowritten with fallia The one where Kanda is a 30 year old accountant and Allen is an impossibly queer, trendy barista. And sex ensues.

death note

[La Joconde Sourit] Light, L gen; G; 500 words; posted 04.13.07 L's been to Paris, but Light has never been outside of Japan.

[Single Booger Theory] L, Near, Mello gen; G; 800 words; posted 03.13.07 In which Mello makes Near eat a booger and L despairs of the future of law enforcement.

[Amaurot] Light gen; G; 400 words; posted 03.11.07 Light goes to the supermarket to pick up milk for his mother.

[Shotgun Religion] Matt/Mello; R; 5,500 words; posted 01.15.07 It was, Matt is starting to realize, a hell of a way to fall in love for the first time.

fullmetal alchemist

[Horehound Drops] Roy/Ed/Al; R; 1,900 words; posted 12.20.06 He tells Hawkeye he is going home early and doesn't question his choice of words until he is already out the door.

[Ab hinc] Roy/Ed/Al; PG; 300 words; posted 12.05.06 He will pretend to be asleep for a little longer, allowing them this that he does not understand but will breathe in anyway.

[Quiet Lies the Hearth] Roy/Ed; R; 1,800 words; posted 11.19.06 It's been a long day.

[House of Flowers] Ed/Al; PG-13; 2,300 words; posted 11.16.06 They get off the ship and sway a little, not yet sure of their land legs.

[Gather Us with Dawn] Roy/Ed; G; 500 words; posted 10.17.06 Some mornings.

[With Hinged Knees and Steady Hands] Roy/Ed; PG-13; 1,100 words; posted 09.20.06 In which Roy could have died and Ed was very angry with him.

[Ice upon the Water] Roy/Ed; PG-13; 1,100 words; posted 09.08.06 Winter in Central, in which Roy uses up his leave and Ed is just kind of there.

[Easy Like Summer Morning] Roy/Ed; R; 1,000 words; posted 07.16.06 There's a certain point when you just become helpless against the force of it.

hikaru no go

[Jacob's Ladder] Touya/Shindou; PG-13; 6,600 words; posted 07.15.07 It's the one where Touya has narcolepsy so he and Shindou go to Hawaii.

[Scopophilia] Touya/Shindou, Ogata; PG-13; 600 words; posted 04.13.07 He caught them making out, once.

[Letters to Piso] Ogata/Touya/Shindou; R; 400 words; posted 04.01.07 Ogata's no poet, and he knows this—just a dirty old man, really, astigmatic and weirdly obsessed with luxury (fame perhaps to a lesser extent).

katekyo hitman reborn!

[Moment on the Road] Yamamoto/Gokudera; R; 3,700 words; posted 07.18.10 "I get off on pain," Gokudera snapped.

[Too Much to Handle] Dino/Bianchi; R; 5,400 words; posted 01.10.10; same universe as Never Loved You How to not get the wrong idea.

[Never Loved You] Yamamoto/Gokudera (8059); R; 2,300 words; posted 01.02.10; same universe as Too Much to Handle Easier than admitting how badly you want it.

[Darkness Where You Go] Tsuna/Mukuro (6927); NC-17; 500 words; posted 12.13.09 Tsuna has heard some people say he's blind, and maybe he is.

[Take It Easy (As You Can)] Yamamoto/Gokudera (8059); NC-17; 5,900 words; posted 07.28.09 "It's a virus," Shamal said after they were done being scanned. "When it replicates it emits a low-level Mist flame that burns on a sub-dermal level, very hard to sense—what did you say it did, again?"

kuroshitsuji (black butler)

[Mock the Air] Sebastian/Ciel, pre-slash; PG-13; 500 words; posted 04.20.09 The one where Ciel fell off Big Ben. Wingfic. Oh, ignominy.

[That Denial Takes from None] Sebastian/Ciel, pre-slash; R; 1,400 words; posted 04.06.09; extra for Bound by Mitra and Varuna The incident at Eton.

[Bound by Mitra and Varuna] Sebastian/Ciel, etc.; R; 3,700 words; posted 04.03.09 Murder in India.


[Salt of Blood and Sea] Medicine Seller/Kayo; R; 1,100 words; posted 10.11.07 She has seen the medicine seller on this ship.

prince of persia

[Antecedence] Dastan/Tamina; R; 3,000 words; posted 06.07.10 The things Tamina does and does not remember.

vinland saga

[Sea Change] Canute, Thorfinn, etc.; PG-13; 1,000 words; posted 12.08.09 How to offer someone a purpose.