Vinland Saga

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Name: Vinland Saga
Creator: Makoto Yukimura
Date(s): 2005-present (manga); July-December 2019 (anime)
Medium: Manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Wikipedia:Vinland Saga (manga)
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Vinland Saga is a historical manga by Makoto Yukimura. Set in the Viking era, it loosely adapts the Vinland sagas, two texts documenting Norse attempts to settle in North America. The manga focuses on Thorfinn Karlsefni and features other historical figures such as Leif Erikson, Canute the Great, and Thorkell the Tall. Beginning as a weekly shonen serialization, it later moved to a monthly schedule in the seinen magazine Afternoon. It was adapted into a 24-episode anime in 2019.


Despite critical acclaim and popularity in curatorial fandom, Vinland Saga has a very small transformative fandom. The most popular ships are M/M due to its predominantly male cast. The most popular ship among Japanese fans is Askeladd/Thorfinn, which is much less popular in English-speaking fandom due to the age gap and manipulative relationship between the two characters. Thorfinn/Canute, or Thornute, is the most popular ship on AO3. Askeladd/Bjorn is, generally speaking, the second most popular ship on both sides of the fandom.

There were 343 works in the manga section on AO3 as of March 2021. The most popular three ships by number were Canute/Thorfinn, Atli/Torgrim, and Askeladd/Bjorn.

Example English-language fanworks