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Name: Tegaki
Owner/Maintainer: pipa.jp, Ltd
Dates: 2007-present
Type: Fanart
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: https://tegaki.pipa.jp/
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Tegaki is a website that allows users to draw directly within the website using a native art interface. Art created on Tegaki is generally limited to 480x640 pixels. There are various tags that users can post their art to, often fandom-centric. Unlike sites like Pixiv, works can only be "tagged" with one category, meaning that works are bound to the original category they were posted in.

There is a comment feature that lets users add further drawings of 480x160 pixels. This is often used to create stories, using each comment as a panel or drawing across multiple comments. They are also used to thank people who have left Likes on the original piece. The comment feature appears to have been disabled or greatly limited after Adobe cut support for Flash at the start of 2021.

Tegaki was at its peak from to 2008 to the early 2010s, but it still sees some use thanks to its simple and easy drawing interface. Some of the most popular fandom-related tags on the platform are for Hetalia (used on over 75,000 illustrations), Pokemon Gijinka (over 46,000), regular Pokemon, Inazuma Eleven (over 40,000 including multiple groups), Hatsune Miku (over 27,000), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (over 23,000), Gag Manga Biyori (over 19,000) and Nintama Rantarou (over 100,000 including all groups).