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Pairing: Askeladd/Bjorn
Alternative name(s): AskeBjorn, Bjornskeladd, Askejorn, アシェビョ
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Vinland Saga
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: minor
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Askeladd/Bjorn is the overall third most popular ship in Vinland Saga fandom. Bjorn is Askeladd's second in command and is shown to be unquestioningly loyal despite Askeladd's increasingly erratic behavior.

"@[username redacted] ヴァイキングはガチホモの男の集まりみたいなイメージが自分の中にあるのですが、アシェラッド兵団にガチホモはどれくらいの割合でいたのですか?"答→ちらほら、いたんじゃないかしら。ビョルンてちょっとホモっぽいと思います。
Makoto Yukimura on Twitter.

In 2011, creator Makoto Yukimura stated in response to a tweet asking if there were any "gachihomos" among Askeladd's band, "I think Bjorn kinda has some homo vibes." The tweet was unearthed by English-speaking fans in March of 2021.