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Name: Fanfic 101 ("Where Stories Come to Learn")
Owner/Maintainer: Celli and JenC
Dates: 04 April 2002 or before (webcounter, Wayback) - 09 April 2010 (last update)
Type: resource site, 101
Fandom: multifandom
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Fanfic 101 is a website with essays (or "lectures") on writing fanfiction. It also used to host fanfiction by Celli (the "Page of Doom") and Jen F..

The main authors are Celli and Jen F. Other authors are Calanthe, Jayne, Robin, Chris, and Lizbet.

The page was mentioned and quoted in Why? -- A Not-Remotely-Complete Investigation of the "Why Slash/Why Het/Why Femslash" Debate.


Description from seanachais:

Celli and JenC's page, functioning not only as an archive for the pair, but as a good source of essays on writing. I'm in it mostly for Celli's stuff -- she's written a little bit of everything, gen to slash. Currently she's writing Alias, but there's Buffy, Highlander, Forever Knight... You get the idea. All of it's good.[1]

From the website:

Welcome to Fanfic 101!

We love fanfic. Vignettes, epics, Mary Sues, missing scenes, long as it's interesting and done with love, we'll read just about anything.

But there are some things that we can't help but notice over and over (and over) again. Flaws in good stories that make them harder to read. And it's frustrating to start a story that might be our new favorite--and stop halfway through because we just can't read one more paragraph with bad spelling. Or whatever.

Your professor is Jen F. For Jen's credentials as the head of the department, go here.

At Fanfic 101, we are commmitted [2] to improving the quality of fanfic one fandom & one story at a time. To that end you'll find general rants about writing problems, as well as suggestions on how to fix them. Stay tuned for new "lectures"--and if you have a pet peeve you'd like us to talk about or a story you want workshopped, let us know!

And spread the word! [3]

The Essays


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