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Name: Fanfic 101
Owner/Maintainer: Celli and JenC
Dates: 04 April 2002 or before (webcounter, Wayback) - 09 April 2010 (last update)
Type: resource site, 101
Fandom: multifandom
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Fanfic 101 is a website with essays (or "lectures") on writing fanfiction. It also used to host fanfiction by Celli (the "Page of Doom") and Jen.

Description from seanachais:

Celli and JenC's page, functioning not only as an archive for the pair, but as a good source of essays on writing. I'm in it mostly for Celli's stuff -- she's written a little bit of everything, gen to slash. Currently she's writing Alias, but there's Buffy, Highlander, Forever Knight... You get the idea. All of it's good.[1]

The page was mentioned and quoted in Why? -- A Not-Remotely-Complete Investigation of the "Why Slash/Why Het/Why Femslash" Debate.


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