Chocolate Frog: McKay and Arionrhod's Fanfiction

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Chocolate Frog: McKay and Arionrhod's Fanfiction
Author: McKay & Arionrhod
Fandom: Harry Potter
Chocolate Frog McKay and Arionrhod s Fanfiction.png
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Chocolate Frog: McKay and Arionrhod's Fanfiction is a personal fanfiction site. It is hosted by SlashCity.

Welcome to Chocolate Frog, where you can find fanfiction written by McKay and Arionrhod, both separately and together.

McKay joined online fandom in 1997 and wrote under various pseudonyms, beginning with "Madame/Maddy" in The Monkees fandom, "JayKay" in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fandom, and "McKay" in the Harry Potter fandom.

Arionrhod and McKay began writing together in 2004. Their last fandom collaboration was for the last Snupin Santa fest in 2014.

Although most of the fanfiction here is Harry Potter based, McKay has also archived older stories from previous fandoms and occasional dabbling in other fandoms. There is both het and gen, but primarily what you'll find here is slash fanfiction, particularly Snape/Lupin slash.