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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Laura's Writing Nook
Author: Laura Schomberg
Dates: 16 June 1998 or before - Last updated January 18, 2004.
Fandom: Sentinel, Highlander, Emergency!
Laura's Writing Nook
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Laura's Writing Nook was a personal fanfiction site. It was a member of The Sentinel Webring and it was hosted at GeoCities.

The Sentinel


   This story was written shortly after the end of the first season. What sort of sacrifices will the guys make for each other? 

Blair's Theory of Relativity

   Written during the beginning of second season. Is being a Sentinel hereditary? 


   Written during the second season. Garret Kincaid is back. 

Brotherly Love

   Written before Naomi Sandburg was introduced. Blair's brother comes to town. 

To Have Loved

   The guys hunt for a stalker. 

When I'm 64

   Just a short silly piece. 

Dead Reckoning

   Written before Blind Man's Bluff. How will Jim handle being blind?

After The Fire

   The zine versions of my stories Desctruction and Reconstruction. Please heed the warning at the beginning carefully.


   What Price Vengence
       Originally titled First Time Out. An associate of MacLeod's is in town, running from a headhunting Immortal. 
   For My Child
       A family reunion is marred by The Hunters. 
   Duncan MacLeod Goes to the DMV
       A bit of fun. 
   The Wheels On The Bus
       Another bit of fun.


   The Last Straw
       My one and only challenge responce. 


   Uncommon Sense
       A Highlander/Sentinel crossover. 
   Mistaken Identity
       A Sentinel/Highlander crossover and a sequel to Uncommon Sense.

Original Stories

   True Friend