Not the Usual Highlander Slash Archive

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Name: Not the Usual Highlander Slash Archive
Date(s): 04 July 2000 - 2003 (last updated)
Archivist: Amara ^..^
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
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Not the Usual Highlander Slash Archive is a Highlander slash fanfiction archive. It is hosted by Angelfire.

The following links are to adult fanfiction of the homoerotic variety. Prudes and minors are advised to go elsewhere, possibly to return when you are less prudish or older. Still here? Good, welcome and come in! This is an archive/index of Highlander slash fanfiction focusing on pairings other than Duncan/Methos. The stories here are listed by pairing. Some links are off-site, which sortof makes this a cross between an archive and an index.

The archive is a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the Highlander Web Ring and the Slash Page Database Project.


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