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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Borrowed Ones
Author: M.J. Goodbody
Dates: 2001 - ?
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: The Borrowed Ones (Wayback link)
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The Borrowed Ones was a Star Wars TPM fanfiction site.

The site linked to to Jane Mortimer's essay The Advantages of Fan Fiction as an Art Form and some interesting articles about Star Wars. It was a member of The Qui-Gon Jinn Webring and an affiliate of Stay On Target.

Description from The Atheneum of Dakshee:
Fan fiction by Marnie (a rabid Qui-Gon fan and a great writer). She also links to some of her favourite stories by other authors.[1]



The Borrowed Ones-Star Wars Fan Fiction.png
  • The Stolen Ones: A fan novel. It should have been an easy mission - a chance for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to reconcile their differences after the incidents on Melida/Daan and the death of Xanatos. Neither of them could know that they were about to stumble into the war for supremacy between Darth Sidious and his aged Master, Darth Jure. "Set between Jude Watson's books 'The Day of Reckoning' and 'The Fight for Truth' The Stolen Ones is aimed at a more grown up audience. I'd rate it at PG, because there's no sex but plenty of violence."

Short stories

  • Broken Qui-Gon, aged 9, has his first brush with the Dark Side. Caution, deals with child abuse. Rated R.
  • Coming Home. Following his conclusion in 'Heritage', Yoda meddles in the lives of his Padawans. WIP
  • Acts of Mercy - Padawan Jinn learns a hard lesson from his new Master.
  • A Bad Feeling - Result of a 500 word challenge on 'Library Archives'. Had to contain the words 'I have a bad feeling about this.'
  • Applied Tranquility - Ever wonder what there is to meditate about at the Temple? Small, stupid, humour piece.
  • Strange Meetings - At least they're synchronous in time! A Star Wars/Lord of the Rings crossover. WIP
  • Redemption - Have Obi-Wan and Anakin found a way to prevent the massacre at Geonosis?
  • The Magic Lamp - Luke Skywalker finds an abandoned holocron at Ben's house.
Another Pathetic Lifeform. Qui-Gon brings a new initiate to the Temple.
The Price of Freedom. Disaster strikes Jemmiah at a wedding.
The Shortened Lion. An abridged version of the Jemmiah Chronicals epic 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', in which a number of Jedi on the way to a retreat are shipwrecked on a small, cursed moon.

Pic of the Fics

My absolute favourites from all the fiction out there. In chronological order!

All of these stories are rated PG. However, some of the stories (indicated with a red asterisk) are accessable only through links to 18 rated sites. If you are under 18 then READ the story and hit the back button to come straight back here.

As a Padawan

Defy Not, by Quiller Young Qui-Gon risks his master's wrath again when a senator's son is kidnapped.

Early Knighthood.

The Fin and Jinn series by Apache, available through link to the QGJDL archives. So don't blame me for the graphics!

Well Begun Using soup, rising young politician Finis Valorum attempts to befriend newly Knighted Qui-Gon Jinn.

Zero. Valorum attempts to perturb the inperturbable Jinn and is somewhat shocked at the result.

Weeds, part 1 Amid much discussion on life and pirates, Jinn attempts to be kind to Finis.

Weeds, part 2 Still not sure if they like each other, Fin and Jinn become eco-terrorists (in a small way!).

Escort, part 1 Fin and Jinn are admiring some inscrutable landscape when a local Royal is kidnapped.

Escort, part 2 And now there's a murder. Fin gets to find out what his friend does for a living.

Escort, part 3 After foiling a kidnapping and assassination attempt, the boys are arrested for murder! Scream with frustration, it's a WIP!


Growing Pains, by BeElleGee A quiet moment of comfort during Xan's childhood.

A Continuing Silence, by Cynical21 Wounded by Xan's betrayal, Qui-Gon contemplates what a failure he is.


Lessons and Discoveries, by Diane Bored with gardening, Obi-Wan falls off A CLIFF! :-)

Blame it on the Rain, by Diane A wet bus-stop moment at the end of a stressful mission.

The End of the Streak, by Marie Why has Obi-Wan suddenly lost his prowess with the Lightsabre? Is it some kind of test?

What You Take With You, by Katherine Bepler Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are sent to perform an exorcism at a place strong in the dark side.

What Dreams May Come, by Diane Qui-Gon is tested to breaking point by the Force, and Obi-Wan doesn't know what to do.

Crystallize, by Torch While guarding a hibernating planet Qui-Gon makes an uncomfortable personal discovery. *

The Conversation, by Christina Possibly the last time he saw his apprentice alive.

When did the Light Die? by Eshva Why exactly didn't Obi-Wan use Force enhanced speed in the Battle with Maul? *

After TPM

Homecoming, by Alison Glover Obi-Wan takes his Master's ashes to Qui-Gon's family. Extremely comforting.*

Back on Earth, by Katherine There is no Death, there is the Force. A SW/Sixth Sense crossover.

Structured Forms, by Gail Riordan Qui-Gon is permanently crippled by Darth Maul's blade and fights to redefine himself.

Survival, by Skye A rather happier version of the same idea.

Safer in the Woods, by Sleeps with Coyotes Darth Maul reads Anakin a bedtime story. (Yes you heard right!)

New Lives, by Wolfie Investigating the assassination of Chancellor Palpatine, Knight Kenobi makes a life changing discovery.

Betrayal, by Diane Kovalcin Ten years after unfair dismissal from the Jedi following Sith-inspired budget cuts, Qui-Gon is still making trouble for the Council. Guess who's sent to investigate! - WIP

Attack of the Clones, the AU version, by Moriah Organa How would AotC have panned out if Qui-Gon had not died, but had lived to train Anakin and restrain Master Dooku's extremism? - WIP


The Borrowed Ones linking banner

The Fool's Array - A wormhole leading to Jemmiah's Universe

The X-Rated Files - For the reader aged 18 or over. Don't go here if you're underage.

Comedy Jedi - A collection of funny stuff

Recommended Sites

Stay on Target! Fourty Five pages of SW links. Gasp! Amazing :)

Phantom Heresies. TPM fans must read these fascinating essays. I love the Politically correct Menace, and 'Jedi knight of infinate Faith.'

Elementary Jedi A great AU to the JA books, sweet but not sickly.

Jedi Apprentice Desktop Central Recognise the picture from Chapter One? She's giving them away free. Hurray!

Obi the Kid's site, Featuring the River Bank series. Wierd but very funny :)

General The Fate of the Galaxy does not rest only in the hands of the Chosen One. Just what part did Obi-Wan play in Anakin's Downfall?

The Early Years Fanfic Archive READ 'Joint Strength' by Rene - IMHO far, far better than any of the Jedi Apprentice books.

Qui-Gonline discussion site and fan fic index. The ultimate site for Qui-Gon fans.

JA Fan Dimension Another big pre-TPM site, but with more of an Obi emphasis

Quiller's site Excellent Young Qui-Gon stories, plus loads of other goodies

TheForce.Net's fiction archive They have an editorial board - so no duff stories at all

Moriah Organa's Site, for a really well developed not quite AU

The Hells Chance Cantina. Home of the Jemmiah chronicals. Multi-author, very chaotic, very funny!

Green Saber Worth reading from top to bottom.

The Master's Pathway Call me a great big softie, but her young Jinn stories are so *cute*!

Wolfie's Den Not only is all Diane Coffin's stuff here, but lots of other excellent stories. The following is a must read - "Jedi Go Home" by Jane Jinn.

From "Jedi go Home:"
Feeling very vulnerable and very aware of Dr. Ra-sek-mun watching his every move, Ben laid back. An-Paj stretched out both hands, holding them flat just above his abdomen, which made him tense with anticipation, and told him," Relax, Obi-Wan, this won't hurt a bit."
Then he closed his eyes, which confused Ben. Hadn't he just said he'd wanted a closer look? A moment later, however, he felt that awful touch in his mind again, that whisper of a foreign presence that he'd felt only one terrible time before.
"No!" he screamed, leaping up from the bed and hitting An-Paj in the face, sending the Jedi Healer stumbling hard into Dr. Ra-sek-mun. Reaching the door, Ben slapped his hand across the control to make it open. Something barrelled into him from behind, however, and he fell flat on his face in the corridor, the wind all but knocked out of him. With a sinking feeling, he realised that Qui-Gon was pinning him to the floor. Again.
"Get off me, you filthy stinking Jedi!" he raged, trying to squirm his way free from both captivity and humiliation." You liar! You're all liars, every single one of you, stinking baby-eating Jedi! Get off!"

18 Rated Sites

If you're not over 18 don't bother going to these sites! Trust me on this!!

The Forest of Eshva Great fics, great recommendations, fascinating essays. A must bookmark site for Qui-Gon fans.

Black Rose's Muse Garden The JAOA series is awesome - you've seen Adjustments and Structured Forms on this site - now read the rest :)

The Flambeau Factory You've seen how amazing her writing is from "Crystallise". Try "Meet Another". It's haunting, beautiful, and rather creepy...

Maygra's Musings Well, after reading 'Faithless' you want to read everything else she's written, dont you?

Sleeps With Coyotes Site The woman's a poet! As you can tell from 'Fear'.

Star Wars fan novels!

The Cloister. Nightsister's Trilogy is brilliant. Sumptious prose and a gripping plot which spans from before TPM to after ROTJ. A little dark and vampiric perhaps but well worth it :)

HiperBunny's TPM fic. The Bonds of Choice series. A complex, grownup, fascinating AU novel. Another must read, even if you have to fast forward over the sex!

Here's a taster...
"Speaking of which, did you get a chance to assess Obi-Wan?” Qui-Gon interrupted. “And I do not have emotional problems.”
“Denial, denial. It’s the first sign, you know. And yes, I had a look at young Kenobi. It’s every bit as bad as you reported, but no worse. I don’t see any reason to involve the Council at all. We can handle this.” Kourt twisted one of his curls around his index finger and tugged it thoughtfully.
“That’s what you said nine years ago. ‘We can handle this.’ You said it before that about a great many things,” Qui-Gon reminded his friend.
“And was I ever wrong?” Crowe returned.
“Once. And that’s what has me worried.”
Kourt looked deep into his teacup. “Don’t be like that, Quigs. You knew the situation with Xanatos when you took him on.”


  1. ^ The Atheneum of Dakshee. Coruscant Central: Links. (Accessed 09 November 2015)