Xanatos (Star Wars)

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Name: Xanatos
Occupation: Dark Jedi
Status: Dead, Human
Relationships: Crion (father), Nason (sister), Tura Omega (mistress), Granta (son)
Fandom: Star Wars
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Xanatos is a Star Wars character. He was Qui-Gon Jinn's Padawan who turned to the dark side, which was the reason why Qui-Gon didn't want to take another Padawan and initially refused to teach Obi-Wan Kenobi. Xanatos' background is revealed in the Jedi Apprentice books, where he appears as an recurring villain.


In fanfic his forbidden feelings for Qui-Gon and/or Qui-Gon's reaction are usually cited as the reason why Xanatos became a dark Jedi. He is often paired with an Obi-Wan who shares his infatuation with Qui-Gon. In some stories he wants to save Obi-Wan from the same fate, in others he wants revenge and tries to use him to hurt his old master. Sometimes Xanatos seeks redemption and is included in the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan pairing or gets paired with Bruck Chun, another Padawan from the Jedi Apprentice books.

Story examples:

  • Any Port in a Storm - A bit of a problem with the weather in the middle of a training exercise lands Obi-Wan into trouble. (X/O)
  • Circles - Obi-Wan seeks something his master cannot give him in the arms of another. (X/O)
  • A Fragment of Endless Night - A figure from the past re-emerges to help our duo battle the Darkness that threatens to rise again. (Q/O/X)


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