The Broken Circle

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Name: The Broken Circle
Date(s): founded on March 14th 1999
Archivist: Silver
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback)
The Broken Circle.jpg
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The Broken Circle is a Xanatos fanclub and fanfiction archive.

From the main page:

Here you will find all the information your heart desires on the Dark Apprentice, plus a few selected fanfics and art! Contributions are always welcome, be it photomanips, art, stories, articles, general musings etc.

Description from Mac & Anna's Place:

slash THE BROKEN CIRCLE is an archive of SW:TPM slash fiction devoted to the character of Xanatos, as featured in the Jedi Apprentice novels (and many fan fics). Although I personally find the frames setup on this site to be awkward to view, the site is attractively designed.[1]

Description from Janeway's Tom Yum Page:

A few stories with the enigmatic Dark Xanatos. This is a site dedicated to Xanatos, Qui-Gon Jinn's ex-padawan who turned to the Dark Side. What is more beguiling and angsty than a young man seduced by the Darkness?[2]

The site was hosted by GeoCities and it was a member of the XANATOS webring.


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