Fear (Star Wars TPM/Alien story)

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Title: Fear
Author(s): Sleeps With Coyotes
Date(s): 2000
Length: 26,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, horror
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace/Alien
External Links: website was removed from the net in 2009
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Fear is an Obi-Wan-centric horror story by Sleeps With Coyotes (26,000 words).

Summary: Obi-Wan becomes a test subject in an extreme experiment of control.

It was probably the most warned for story on her page and only archived there. In addition to the warnings, the story text was displayed in white fonts on a black background while Coyos other fic was black font on a light background. The pairing is Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan but that is not what the warnings were about. The header information gives a pretty good idea what kind of content a reader could expect in this story:

CATEGORY: Q/O, Non-Q/O (O/biomechanoid), H/C, Action/Adventure,Xover
RATING: NC-17 for m/m sex, language, graphic content, etc.
DISCLAIMER: There was a Gentleman Lucas / A copyright holder he did stand / He litigated a fair slasher / With a waving of his hand / And then his lawyers mobbed her / But they passed it off as a joke / 'Til the Alien owners cleaned her out / Right down to her hat and her coat.
WARNINGS: VERY MUCH A HORROR STORY. RAPE, non-consensual m/...er...SOMEthing sex, violence, nastication, EXTREME weirdness. It isn't pretty and it's not meant to be. Xenophobes need not apply. The action sequences are fairly graphic as well.
SPOILERS: None. Takes place preTPM.

The disclaimer was written in form of poetry which was something Sleeps With Coyotes did regularly and each disclaimer poetry was different.

Recs and Reviews

"This story is one of the most spine-tingling pieces of fiction I've ever read, period. It could be classed as a crossover with Alien, but you don't need to be familiar with that movie beyond the poster art to read this. It also has fantastic tension and suspense and is very well plotted. This is my blue-ribbon rec for the post. Warning: GRAPHIC horror, rape, violence, lots of shiver-inducing stuff. Not a nice story. But very, very good."[1]
"PM/Aliens: Trust Ladonna to come up with a pairing no one else would write: Obi-Wan and the Alien, in the more than appropriately titled Fear ("//I’m going to die.// The Fear was so encompassing, he had no room for more at the thought. It wasn’t death he feared, so much...but the manner of it, the pain, this most intense and personal, destroying pain... //I’m going to die--//")"[2]
"An Alien/TPM crossover, in which Obi-Wan becomes the test subject on an alien world. Beautifully illustrated, this story just sank in its claws and wouldn't let go. Definitely not your average TPM fic. Note: PLEASE pay special attention to the warnings before reading this fic."[3]


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