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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Andromeda Heights
Author: MariaRat
Dates: 06 December 1998 or before -
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback links)
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Andromeda Heights was a personal fanfiction site.

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Short little snapshots

So Cruel - This is about knowing better.

Petitions and Prayer - This is about the unexpected.

Surrender - This is about lovers.

Passing an Open Window Series

An unapologetic love story.

Pt I: I Came for You (39k) Pt 2: Mystery (82k) Illustration by Eva and Veruska.

Stand Alone Stories

The Only One Who Knows - Set some time into the future. Things always change, but that doesn't mean they get easier. (6k) PG

And Anywhere I Lay my Head - Alex comes looking for Mulder shortly after the events of Gethsemane. (19k) R. 1997 Whammy nominee for best angst slash fanfic.

In Wolf's Clothing - Set during the fifth-season episode Detour. (20k) PG Illustration by Eva and Veruska.

Current Address Unkown - Published in double eXposure, available through IIBNF Press

The Night That He Planned to go Clear - This was here, and then it wasn't. Now it's back. This is a really dark story. Caveat Lector. (12k) NC-17

SAC - Another in the long tradition of post-Sleepless episode vignettes. Written for Cody Nelson's Krycek APA. (14K) NC-17

Mending Wall - Nothing happens in contradiction of Nature. Only in contradiction to what we know of nature. (8k) G

Scenes from a Missing Channel Series. Lots of silliness --and sex

Things that go Bump in the Night - Mulder goes for a walk in the generic forest and runs into a familiar face. (14k) NC-17

Reciprocity - Bad jokes, ugly ties, and pork—the other white meat. (13k) NC-17. 1997 nominee for best short slash fanfic.

Drive, He Said - A bit of fluff inspired by spring. Now you may think it's impossible to write fluff about Mulder & Krycek. But don't put it past me. (8k) PG-13

A Christmas Story

Silent Night (Pt. I) - Mulder and Krycek meet for the holidays in a quiet Pennsylvania town. (29k) NC-17. lllustration by Eva. 1997 Whammy nominee for best use of props.

The Brightness of Morning (Pt. 2) - Mulder finds a special gift under his tree. (21k) NC-17

And now for something completely different

Desire, Unfulfilled... - Set during the episode Sleepless. (7k) R

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate - Mulder goes for a ride. (3k) NC-17