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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: fiction by debchan
Author: debchan
Dates: 18 October 2000 or before - ?
Fandom: X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That '70s Show, Futurama, OZ, Discworld, Ally McBeal, Action, Stargate SG-1, Of Mice and Men, Desperado, Three Musketeers, Company Business, Princess Bride, Reservoir Dogs
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Fiction by debchan (also debchan's fiction or debchan's den) was a personal slash fanfiction site with separate pages for Buffy, miscellaneous, movies, X-Files, screengrabs and updates. It also had an associated Yahoo! Group for fiction updates.

The pages featured several collaborations with Te and The Spike.


Ethan - Not a story, but a picture. Ever wonder what Giles saw in the young Ethan?

Unpossessed Country cover - Yes, it's a series, thus, there's a cover. Stories so far: Plans, Sun, Moon, Ash and Ember, then Animus.

Plans - Oz on the road after the events of New Moon Rising.

Sun - Te's followup to Plans.

Moon - The Spike's followup to Sun.

Ash and Ember - Another night with Ethan, Oz, and Ethan's memories. By Te.

Animus- Oz has a deep and meaningful dream with cartoons in it. By The Spike.

Night Watch - Xander can't sleep.

Xander Improv - Two Xander POV improv pieces.

Fade - Sequel to And They Called it Puppy Love. Xander does some thinking.

Edge - Wesley and Angel TCB, co-written with Te

Wall - Xander takes some angry time, co-written with Te

Wall 1.5 - Shortish followup to Wall

Wall 2 - Ethan comes back for more. Co-written with Spike and Te.

Wall 3 - Inevitability, and discoveries, co-written with Te and Spike.

Wall 4 - Xander does some thinking, co-written with Te and Spike.

Wall 4.125 - Giles' turn to think, by The Spike (link takes you to the Webrain site).

Wall 4.5 - Things are said. Lines are drawn, co-written with Te.

Cicatrix. - An AU novel in three parts, co-written with Te and Spike

Sacrament - Authorized sequel to Spike's Divine Possession, starting with: Initiation Rites

Tripping - A little walk down memory lane for Giles. Pink Floyd, LSD and Ethan.

And They Called it Puppy Love - Horrid title, but there's Spike/Xander inside


That Colloquy Series - That 70's Show slash fiction. Available from Infinity Press in Uniquity.

Glee Club - Futurama. When Futurama meets Fight Club. Er, sort of.

Improv slash - Multi. Multifandom improv slash by Te, Spike and debchan.

Sweetness - Oz. Beecher during Operation Andy.

Concurrence - Discworld. Rincewind. Greebo. Nanny Ogg's dessert.

Male Bonding - Ally McBeal. Richard Fish/John Cage. What exactly do guy talk about, anyway?

The First Step is the Hardest - Action. No longer on the air, Action was biting, caustic and not for the easily offended. In this piece, Peter Dragon employs his own version of the 12 step program for one of his actors

Perception - SG-1. Formerly known as the Perception series, now in one file.

The Sitcom Slash Links Page - The fabulous Spike has created a sitcom slash links page. Click here for all your sitcom slash needs.


The X-Files

Mulder/Krycek and mostly harmless.


Mulder's Apartment - Singing!Krycek delivers his message of peace and love as only he can

A Rat Tale - Alex can't sleep. Mulder displays his knowledge of Disney and Kipling.

The Profile - Mulder frets, Scully is skeptical and Alex has all the answers

Snippet - Off topic apology snippet. In which we see just how creative Japanese marketing can be

Living in Dystopia - Um...humor?

Sort of Humor

Inversion - A Consortium lab. A Mulder. A Krycek. An explosion. An unexpected development. Part 4 added 1-12-00.

Not Humor

Sunflowers and White Linen - Improv slash by Te and debchan. A birthday present for Rachel.

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll - Alex to the rescue. Now in one file.

In the Aftermath - When everything's over.

Do you think...? - A companion piece to In the Aftermath, by Imp.

More - Alex at Christmas.

Catharsis - NOT M/K. Just an odd little thing for Te. WMM/CSM.

Bits & Pieces

Semantics - A rainy day and a movie. Set pre-Duane Barry.