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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Kassandra's Mulder/Skinner XF Fan Fiction
Author: Kassandra
Dates: 24 February 1999 or before - 03 February 2003 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://rampages.onramp.net/~fmluder/kassandr.htm (Wayback link)
Kassandra s M SK Fic.png
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Kassandra's Mulder/Skinner XF Fan Fiction was a personal Mulder/Skinner slash fanfiction site. It had a subpage for other X-Files slash pairings, including Krycek/Spender, Krycek/Skinner, Sk/M/K, Mulder/Krycek, Krycek/X and Pendrell/Krycek.

All I Want for Christmas Universe

Tempus Fugit Truths about Mulder and Skinner's relationship revealed, and Mulder's Christmas blues get someone's attention.

Victorious in Defeat Post-Kitsunegari tale--what happened after the warm and fuzzy close in Skinner's office.

Rolling the Dice As the relationship continues to develop, Mulder and Skinner each have to deal with various issues.....like total terror of intimacy.

Sanity as an Index of Reality The classic Oops moment as Scully discovers that nature of Mulder's relationship to their AD.

Sanity Reprise Scully's reaction to her discovery and Mulder's reaction to THAT.

Ships and Sails and Sealing Wax Pure fluff (isn't it all?) about continuing developments in the Mulder/Skinner relationship.

Interlude More fluff, interim events prior to AIWFC, just before Mulder's ill-fated trip to Mississippi.

All I Want For Christmas A series of letters, journal entries and scrap notes during a crisis.

Home Mulder's return from the ill-fated trip and the adjustments required after revelations have been made.

1-800-TRU-STME Meaningless drivel over the phone.

Consensus Reality Moving day and Mulder manages to catch the flu, post traumatic illness.

Cats Mulder's birthday, the household has a new occupant and Mulder and the new occupant are rather territorial. Or rather, Mulder is.

Standalone Stories


A Change of Heart - A Novel in the All I Want for Christmas Universe

Out of the Dark, A Novel

Post Episode Stories

S.R. 819

Walking the Wire

Talk is Cheap




Home From the Sea


Me and Mulder

The Red and the Black

Play it Again, Alexai

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

A Sigh is Still a Sigh

The Fundamental Things Apply



Pas De Deux Skinner

Pas De Deux Mulder

Kassandra's Other Page For those Other XF Pairings

Kassandra s Other Page.png



Every Morning


Out of the Cold: 1 &2

Out of the Cold 3

Cease Fire


Shock the Monkey


Interlude 2

The Long and Winding Road Okay, this is the dreaded babyfic. Remember, it was born from a desire to avenge everyone who read the MSR version.

The Long and Winding Road II

Missing Scene: The Long and Winding Road


A Matter of Respect

The Training of P - A Pendrell/Krycek Tale

Part the First in Which Pendrell learns the Virtues of Obedience

Part the Second in Which Pendrell learns the Delight of Mummification

Part the Third in Which Pendrell learns how important Breakfast truly is

Part the Fourth in Which Pendrell learns to Appreciate Well Applied Discipline.

Part the Fifth In Which Pendrell discovers the pleasure of Jewelry and Ownership.

Part the Sixth in Which Pendrell learns about Love

Part the End in Which Pendrell discovers that True Love Conquers All