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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Tayla's Fan Fiction
Author: Tayla
Dates: 2004 or before - 2007 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: CSI, Dead Zone, Invisible Man, Jake2.0, Looney Tunes, Nash Bridges, Now and Again, Sentinel, Simon & Simon, Stargate SG-1, Starsky & Hutch
URL: http://www.geocities.com/tayla36/index.html (Wayback link)
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Tayla's Fan Fiction was a personal fanfiction and recommendation site. It was hosted by GeoCities.

Welcome to my fan fiction page.

I have been writing fan fiction since autumn 2001, and people tell me I'm getting pretty good at it. I have had people in certain fandoms ask me what other fandoms I write in and where they can find all my stories. Well since I am up to ten fandoms and the stories are scattered all over the 'net, that question took a long time to answer. So I decided to put up my own site that would list all of my stories in the many different fandoms I write in.

Oh, just a few words of warning. I am a slasher. For those of you that don't know, that means that most of my stories are homoerotic. That means sexual relationships and situations between two (or sometimes more) people of the same gender. If you don't like that sort of thing, or are underage in the state that you live in, please go no further.

Tayla's Story Recommendations

These are some of my favorite stories on the internet. Hope you like them as much as I do.


I highly recommend anything by Scribe. She writes slash fic and lovely MarySue's in lots of different fandoms, as well as some original fiction. Take a turn around her website. You will find something you like.

Scribe Scribbles

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Author: kyrdwyn
Title: The Corazón Series
Pairing: Gil/OMC
Rating: G thru NC17
Archived at kyrdwyn's CSI Fan Fiction Archive
As far as I know, this is the only CSI slash kyrdwyn as written. (She has written Enterprise slash and Stargate SG-1 slash). I love, love, love this series. She has created a wonderful original character named Robert Delgado, who was Gil's lover when he lived in LA. They had a big fight, and Gil moved to Las Vegas. Years later, Robert comes to Vegas to get him back. A series of short stories following their developing relationship and their coworker's reactions.
Author: kyrdwyn
Title: Crimes Past Trilogy
Pairing: Gil/OFC
Rating: R for adult themes, content, and language
Archived at kyrdwyn's CSI Fan Fiction Archive
Again, kyrdwyn has created a wonderful original character, Jana Stevens. She is a PI that used to be a CSI. And she hates Grissom. At least at first. This story is het (yes, I do occasionally read het, and even gen.)

The Sentinel

Author: afropuff
Title: Citrus
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: R
Title: Terra Cotta (sequel to Citrus)
Pairing: Jim/ Blair
Rating: NC17
Jim and Blair share and orange and their first kiss, then spend an afternoon at the mall, and then...
Author: Lisa Duncan's Twin
Title: In This Life
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: NC17
Archived at My Mongoose E-zine
Jim is a little different in this story. Actually a lot different. He never joined the Army. He leaves home and joins a biker gang. Years later he is working as a janitor at Rainier and meets Professor Sandburg. It's a very romantic story, and it is an interesting 'what if?' look at Jim's life. There is also a sequel, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Slick?

Invisible Man

Author: Chalie Ruocco
Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Pairing: Darien/Bobby
Rating: NC17
Archived at Chalie's site Through Slash Corrupted Eyes
During a mission, Darien gets injured. Bobby visits him at home as he is recovering, and the two men become much closer. Very romantic and hot, too.
Author: Lucy Hale
Title: The Loyalties Arc
Pairing: Darien/Bobby
Rating: R to NC17
Archived at Lucy Hale Site
Five stories tracking Darien and Bobby's developing relationship. It starts with Bobby being abducted and Darien fighting to get him back, and that's just the first story. Then there is more abduction, rape, betrayals, and failure of the counteragent. A really powerful, emotional story.
Author: Lucy Hale
Title: Paranoia
Pairing: Darien/Bobby
Rating: NC17
Ever wonder what it's really like to be paranoid? Darien gets a first hand look. And begins to understand his partner better.
Author: Suz
Title: Fallout Series: Fallout, Small Packages, Gift Horses, Feedback Loop
(Temporarily unable to find a valid URL. When I track it down, I will update this page.) In the wake of 9/11, the Agency is under threat of dissolution, and in order to earn their keep, the Official accepts what seems to be a routine assignment to help out the ATF with an investigation of illegal small arms smuggling. Only it becomes far from routine when Darien is injured and Bobby is kidnapped. In the epilogues to "Fallout", Darien and Bobby explore a physical relationship.

Stargate SG-1

Author: Catspaw
Title: Look, Don't Touch
Archived at Area 52
and Alpha Gate
Seemingly, a PWP, but with a clever twist at the end.
Author: Dangermouse
Title: Coming Out (Series)
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: NC17
You can find it here.
A looooooong (novel length) story about Jack and Daniel getting together, coming out, having problems, retiring, rejoining, saving the world, living and loving. And when your done with that, read everything else on Dangermouse's site.
Author: Quinn
Titles: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire,Fanning The Flames
Archived at Area 52
I haven't seen too many Stargate AU's. This is a really good one. This series has nothing to do with the Stargate or the military, just Jack and Daniel in different professions. Daniel is an archeology professor and Jack is a fire fighter. It tracks the progress of their relationship from when they meet, through building a life together and dealing with prejudice against them.