Area 52: The HKH Standard

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Name: Area 52: The HKH Standard
Date(s): October 25, 1998 - present
Archivist: Rauhnee
Founder: Rauhnee
Type: slash fanfic
Fandom: Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis (all series)
URL: (Wayback, 1999)
Area 52.jpg
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Area 52: The HKH Standard (usually referred to just as "Area 52") is a Stargate slash archive. It accepts slash and pre-slash stories based on any Stargate material,[1] however, there is no SGU fic archived. In the first years of the archive's existence, most stories were originally posted to Gateway, the SG1 Slash List. The archive is a sister site of Heliopolis.

Explanation for the archive name from its website:"What the Archive Name Means... Area 52 is the canon codename for the StarGate Project location in Cheyenne Mountain. HKH stands for hôkwe kanuöhkwa'shæ' hôkwe (man love man) in Mingo (a Native American Language from current West Virginia)."[2]

The archives has a site history that shows for each year since 1998 all the stories that were added to the archive.[3] In June 2009 the 11,000th story was archived. The newspost announcing that milestone gave more detailed numbers:

8812 are SG1 stories
2095 are Atlantis stories
102 are crossovers
1592 are F/F
8564 are M/M
853 are a combination
We have 931 authors and on average 15 new stories are added to the archive each week. Sadly this is a slow down on previous rates.[4]

Mailing List

This archive had a Yahoo! Groups mailing list that was created Nov 16, 1998. The mailing list was an announcement list for updates to the archive. See Area52.

Fan Comments

The sister archive of Heliopolis, Area52 focuses on Stargate: SG-1 SLASH stories. Updated weekly, the archive is easy to browse by author or pairing, with full information about each story provided. All slash (or femslash) pairings are accepted, all ratings, all genres. The website also has an interesting history behind its name, so be sure to check that out too.[5]


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