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Title: Trekworld
Publisher: STCE
Editor(s): Dirk Bartholomä
Type: newsletter, clubzine
Date(s): 1986-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: German
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Trekworld cover #20, see a gallery of covers at the bottom of this page
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Trekworld was the newsletter and clubzine of the fan club Star Trek Central Europe. It was published between 1986 and 1999 and had 64 issues.[1]

Before it became the STCE clubzine, Trekworld was the newsletter of another Star Trek club that merged with STCE in 1987. This first incarnation of Trekworld was a copy fanzine with some 40 pages and filled with fanfiction, news, pictures and gossip.[2] (more, so much more)

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12

Issue 13

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

Issue 19

Issue 20

Issue 21

Con report in TW21 about TrekWars Con 91/92, see gallery of covers below

Issue 22

Trekworld 22 was published in 1992. It has 121 pages.

Issue 23

Trekworld 23 was published in June 1992 with a print run of 2000 copies. It has 145 pages. Contents include a 6-page article about Federation Con 1992 (the first Fedcon), articles about the actors and their characters, some of their projects (Moontrap II), an article about Star Trek VI, the Borg, reviews of the ST Comics 29-32, information about some of the Federation planets, timeline of historical events in the Mirror universe from 1987 - 2207 and speculations up to 2221, episode guides, club information, LOCs, etc. Fanworks:

  • Tigers vs Khan II by Dirk d.L., pages 11-24 of a Star Trek fancomic with original characters.
  • Eleni by Joy N. Short TNG kidfic.
  • Salernesse II by Kim S. Second part of a TOS gen story about a female demon who single-handedly rescues everyone from the Klingons and later becomes a translation expert, written from another OFC's POV.
  • Begegnungen by Karina B. Gen RPF featuring Leonard Nimoy reading fanfiction about a fan convention where one of the female fans turns out to be a Vulcan and he later meets said woman on a plane and gets confused about the line between fiction and reality.
  • Fanart: Cover by Dirk d.L., Pyramids by Christine M. (Picard and Worf on a planet, Klingon architecture in the background and the Enterprise in the sky), female warrior by Anika M., Nächtlicher Besuch by Gabi S. (Troy in a long and silky dress opening the door, in the background a mirror shows an unidentified male officer, probably Riker), Beverly by Gabi S. (illustration of Beverly Crusher), Spock by Barbara S. (Vulcan greeting), Khan by Uwe H. (illustration), Ferengi by Uwe H. (illustration), Space Station by Sascha E., Shuttle by Björn F., Spock und Kirk by Barbara S. (illustration, Star Trek IV), Picard & Data by Kathrin A. (illustration), General Chang by Tina J. (illustration), Cartoons by Michaela H., Peter v. K., Barbara S. and Frank W.

Issue 24

Trekworld 24 was published in 1992. It has 137 pages.

Issue 25

Trekworld 25 was published in 1992. It has 154 pages.

Issue 26

Trekworld 26

Issue 27

Trekworld 27 was published in 1993. It has 146 pages.

Issue 28

Trekworld 28 was published in 1994 and contains 145 pages.

Issue 29

Trekworld 29

Issue 30

Trekworld 30

Issue 31

Trekworld 31

Issue 32

Trekworld 32

Issue 33

Trekworld 33

Issue 34

Trekworld 34 was published in 1994. It has 160 pages.

Issue 25

Trekworld 35

Federation Post, Terry Farrell Portrait, 3-D Schachecke, Conbericht: STAR DREAM I, Fehler in Deep Space 9, DS9 - Episoden Guide, Modeller’s Forum II, Kleine STAR TREK Umfrage, Musik Corner, TNG Episode Guide, German TV proudly presents V, Star Trek Voyager, Technik File: Spacedocks, Schiffe des Star Trek Universums, Gefühle, Frohe Weihnachten

Issue 36

Trekworld 36 was published in 1995. It has 161 pages. Federation Post, Garret Wang von Voyager, Die Rolle der Frauen in Star Trek, CIC Latest News , Das eigene Shuttle, Die Entstehung des Delta Schildes, Kleine STAR TREK Umfrage, Conbericht: 24. TREWA Con, STARDREAM I Con, ein Rückblick, Wir basteln uns eine Tricorder Tasche, Patrick Stewart: 4 Interviews und 1 Schwächeanfall, Desption Class - US Enterprise, Endllich anerkannt als Trekker, Das Rechtssystem der Förderation, Die Comic Abenteuer der Enterprise 18. Teil, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Spectre of the Gun, DS9 - Episoden Guide, TNG - Episoden Guide, German TV proudly presents VI, Trekdinner und andere Trektivitäten, Eine Frage der Loyalität, Erstkontakt

Issue 37

Trekworld 37 was published in 1995. It has 170 pages. GENRATION CON London, Kate Mulgrew - Reise ins Ungewisse, Generations-Kritik, Nachruf K.E. Ludwig, Star Trek in Datex-J, TNG - Episoden Guide, Wohnen im All, Das Customizable Card Game, Der Captain ist tot, es lebe der Captain, Star Trek - Die lebende Legende, German TV proudly presents 7, Borg War II, Der Bodyguard, 3-D Schachecke, CIC News & Facts, Eine Träne für Data

Issue 38

Trekworld 38 was published in March 1995. Final Unity Game, 25th Anniversary, Kompl. Lösung, Modellers Forum, CIC News & Facts, FED-CON 3 Bericht, Die Highlander, German TV proudly presents 8, CUT, Treknight Wiesbaden, Marina Sirtis in Toronto, Crash! Boom! Bang!, BIO TNG CAST !, Interview - Robert Picardo, Phone me up Scotty!, TNG - Episoden Guide, Quälende Erinnerungen

Issue 39

Trekworld 39 CIC News & Facts, Fragt Richard Arnold, Parick - Uneasy lies the Head, Final Unity Komplett-Lösung, UPN Sommer Tour, The Borg are back, TNG - Episoden Guide, German TV proudly presents 9, Conbericht -TREWA Con 25, Voyager Technical Manuel, 3-D Schachecke, Der Eid, Abschied

Issue 40

Trekworld 40 was published in 1995. It has 170 pages. CIC News & Facts, Trekkin in the USA, STCE Umfrage, Star Trek im deutschen Fernsehen, Fragen der Realität, Kirk’s Lebenslauf, The Making of ST-CCG, German TV proudly presents 10, Die Sternenflotte braucht sie!!, TNG - Episoden Guide, Voyager Technical Manuel, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Elaan of Troyius, DS9 Reviews, Die Zukunftsfalle, Zeit der Entscheidung

Issue 41

Trekworld 41 was published in 1996. It has 162 pages. CIC News & Facts, CIC Releaseliste 1997, DS9 Reviews, Casablanca auf DS9, Die Cardassianer, Spock’s Lebenslauf, TNG Folgen ABC, TREWA Con 26 - Conreport, Voyager Technical Manuel, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Enterprise Incident, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Paradise Syndrome, Ein Brief von J. M. Straczynski, Eins, zwei, drei, Freddy, Entertaiment Tonight bei Brent

Issue 42

Trekworld 42 Die Gruppe S.P.O.C.K., Playmate Tricorder Umbau, London, Trek Exhibition, Ferengi Guide, Ein Brief an Thomas Höhl, McCoy Lebenslauf, Star Trek Chronologie II, CCG-Alternate Universe, DS9 Reviews, German TV proudly presents, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Spock’s Brain, Mitglieder Szene, Eine kleine Revolution

Issue 43

Trekworld 43 was published in 1996 and it has 162 pages. The cover is by Dave Archer. Voyager Reviews, Star Trek Kreuzworträtsel, Games News, CIC Video News, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Kurs auf Markus 12, German TV proudly presents 12, Prince Charming - J. Frakes, FEDERATION CON IV Conreport, FED CON IV Backstage, GRAND SLAM SHOW IV in L.A., Star Trek Chronologie II, DS9 Reviews, Das Grazer Trekdinner, Fed Con Iv Fotoroman, Die Kinder des Übergangs

Issue 44

Trekworld 44 was published in 1996. It has 162 pages. Deutsches Trading Card Game, VOYAGER CON in New York, CIC Video News, Borg War II, DS9 Reviews, Highlander bei SAT.1, Der STCE auf dem Little O., Star Trek - First Contact, Best of FED CON, 3-D Schachecke, Voyager Reviews, 30 Jahre Trek: Genes Vision, German TV proudly presents 13, Join Starfleet, Faszinierend!!

Issue 45

Trekworld 45 was published in 1996 and it has 162 pages. The cover is by Dave Archer. CIC News, Die Star Trek Chonologie, DS9 Reviews, Herman Zimmerman, Dave Archer’s Kunst, 30th Anniversary Con Berlin, The Final Frontier, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Die fremde Materie, German TV proudly presents 14, Bau einer TNG-Brücke, TREWA Sommercon, Voyager Episode Guide, Voyager Quoten, Recht und Richter

Issue 46

Trekworld 46 CIC News, Trekker Treff Clausthal, Star Trek Exhibition, Voyager Episode Guide, Star Trek First Contact, Starfleet Academy, McCoy , Die ulimative Trek Buchliste, 30 Jahre ST: Reden, German TV proudly presents 15, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Plan der Vianer, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Das Spinnennetz, Welcome ty my Universe, Q-Continium CCG Card Game, DS9 Reviews, Comic: USS Weißwurst, Eine schöne Bescherung

Issue 47

Trekworld 47 CIC News, Alien in Star Trek, First Contact Kritik, First Contact Premiere Köln, The Hell Brokes Loose, LeVar Burton Interview, Rick Berman Interview, First Contact Magazinreview, Best of DS9, DS9 Promo Real, Star Trek und Shakespeare, Genes Vision II, Neulich im Tonstudio, Kurioses aus Star Trek, Voyager Episode Guide, Silvestercon Miltenberg, Alles was Recht ist

Issue 48

Trekworld 48 CIC Video News, USS STCE, Von zu hohen Geschwindigkeiten, Ostereier suchen beim CCG, Modellbau: Voyager Diorama, Highlander 3, TOS Guide, Trials and Tribble-aktion, German TV proudly presents 16, Voyager Reviews, Space Party in Nürnberg, Fragt Ron Moore, Voyager Comic, Der Hawking Effekt

Issue 49

Trekworld 49 CIC News, Kate Mulgrew Interview, DS9 Reviews, Niemals in Voyager, FEDERATION CON 5 Bericht, Masken für die Borg, Bob Justman - Behind the scenes, Dr. Bashir - Arzt im All, German TV proudly presents 17, Voyager Episode Guide, DS9 Harbinger - Lösung, Fragt Ron Moore Part 2, Comic: USS Weißwurst II, Story: Requiem, Story: Erste Eindrücke

Issue 50

Trekworld 50

Issue 51

Trekworld 51 published in May 1997. CIC News, Conbericht: 29. TREWA Con, German TV proudly presents 19, Exklusiv: Patrick Stewart Interview, Star Trek Experience Las Vegas, SEATREK CRUISE 1997, Borg War 3, Voyager goes sexy: Jeri Ryan, DS9 Reviews, Star Trek Files: Zoff im Fandom, Comic:Voyager on the Spot 2, Schatten de Vergangenheit

Issue 52

Trekworld 52 Fantasticon 2, CIC News, Voyager Episode Guide, Wo ist was an Bord der 1701-D, Worf der Klingone, Michael Dorn Online, Data Biographie, Fanfilm: Discovory, Sternenkarte, Fanfilm: Trekkies im Wahnsinn, Sciene Fiction Artwork, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Platos Stiefkinder, Stargalerie, DS9 Reviews, Die DS9 Station, Con Zeitreisen und anderem, Comic: Voyager on the Spot 3, Ein unerwünschter Besuch, Das Dickenskomplott

Issue 53

Trekworld 53 was published in January 1998. CIC News, Drehbuchschreibem für Star Trek, Quarks Bar, Trek-Online Rollenspiel, Reisen mit Warpspeed, Exklusiv: Zu Besuch bei Voyager, Star Trek Experience Las Vegas, Borg War 3, Star Trek World Tour, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Wink of an Eye, B5 versus Star Trek, Best of Voyager: “Scientific Method“, Conbericht: 30. TREWA Con, DS9 Reviews, Fragt Ron Moore, Voyager Episode Guide, Gottes Atem

Issue 54

Trekworld 54 CIC News, Patrick Stewart Othello, CCG Game - First Contact, Star Trek Fakten, Kate Mulgrew Interview, Star Trek 9 Update, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: That wich survives, Best of Voyager: “Killing Game“, Internet - Best of Sites, Trekservice, DS9 Reviews, Fragt Ron Moore, Voyager Episode Guide, Eine logische Entscheidung

Issue 55

Trekworld 55 CIC News, Trading Cards: Star Trek TOS, Raumschiff Guide: Prometheus Klasse, Trek-Brief-Rollenspiel, DS9 bei SAT.1, FEDERATION CON 6: Bericht, Exklusiv: Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek Experience Las Vegas, Best of Voyager: Living Witness, DS9 Reviews, Voyager Episode Guide, Goldfieber, Fed-Con Animation

Issue 56

Trekworld 56 Trading Cards: Überblick, Raumschiff Guide: Sovereign Klasse, Wissenschaftsecke, Fragt Ron Moore, Best of FEDERATION CON 6, Exklusiv: Chase Masterson, DS9: CGI Effekte, Voyager 4. Staffel: Überblick, German TV - Teil 20, DS9 Reviews, Manchaster - Dominion Con, COMIC: Realitäten, Star Schreck

Issue 57

Trekworld 57 Trading Card Corner, Raumschiff Guide: Jem Hadar Schiffe, Fragt Ron Moore, DS9 - 6. Staffel, Star Trek Worldtour, Star Trek - Insurrection, Borgwar 3, Klingon Honor Guard, Voyager - 4. Staffel auf SAT.1, Conbericht: 31. TREWA Con, Voyager - Episode Guide, Episode in a Bottle, Bericht zur Lage der Nation, Farwell

Issue 58

Trekworld 58 Trading Card Corner, Raumschiff Guide: Sabre Klasse, Autogramme sammeln, Einschaltsquoten , Star Trek 9: Donna Murphy, Star Trek 9 - Der Aufstand, Cruistrek nach Alaska, Star Galerie, Patrick Stewart Update, Voyager 4. Staffel auf SAT.1, Star Trek Animated, Voyager Episode Guide, DS9 Episoden Guide, Keine Panik

Issue 59

Trekworld 59 Trading Card Corner, Star Trek 9: Pro & Contra, Dwight Schultz - Barclay, DS9 an der Uni, Exklusiv: Marina Sirtis, World Tour Nachlese, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Lights of Zetar, Raumschiff Guide: Bird of Prey, Voyager 100. Folge: Timless, German TV proudly presents 21, Star Trek Animated Guide 2, DS9 Reviews, Larry Brody, Alltag

Issue 60

Trekworld 60 Trading Cards: Star Trek TOS 3, Völkerrecht im ST-Universum, CIC News, Nachruf Ines Wojkowiak, 32. TREWA Con Bericht, Ensign Ro Laren, Best of Voyager: Dark Frontier, Making of Star Trek TMP, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: The Mark of Gideon, Die Zukunft von Star Trek, Raumschiff Guide: Schiffe aus “Der Aufstand“, German TV proudly presents 22, DS9 Reviews, Voyager Episode Guide, Der Zorn des Morn, Das Traumbaby

Issue 61

Trekworld 61

Issue 62

Trekworld 62 Trading Card Corner, Das Seti-Projekt, Zeitreisen, Anno Domini 2000, FEDERATION CON 7: Best of, DeForrest Kelley - In Gedanken, Jeffrey Combs, The Making of Star Trek II, What you leave behind, Exklusiv: Leonard Nimoy, DS9 Reviews, Voyager Episode Guide, Status Quo, Brüder

Issue 63

Trekworld 63 Trading Card Corner, Conbericht: 33. TREWA Con, Paradoxes bei Star Trek, So Menschlich, Ebay - ST-Auktionen, Starfleet Academy Comics, Der Tod von Nerine Shatner, Activision - Der neuen Spiele, The Making of Star Trek III, CLASSIC EPISODE GUIDE: Requiem, Die Borgs, Voyager Episode Guide, Soundtracks zu Star Trek, Die neue STCE Webpage, Comic: Die Ankunft, Adieu, Das Quarks

Issue 64

Trekworld 64 was published in June 1999.



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