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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Planet Kit
Author: Kit Higgins
Dates: 26 October 1999 or before - 15 March 2000 or later (last update?)
Fandom: Sports Night, The Professionals, Harsh Realm
URL: (Wayback link)
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Planet Kit was a personal slash fanfiction and recommendation site. It was hosted by GeoCities.

Raonaid's Home Page described it as a Sports Night slash site and linked to it as Kit Higgins' Fan Fiction.[1]

Sports Night

The "Countdown" Series

Dan/Casey. Romance/Humor/First time. Ratings from PG to NC-17.

Countdown. Dan and Casey are guest hosts on VH-1's "Rock Across America Countdown" show, after which Dan reveals a secret. Rated: PG.

Bon Voyage. Dan and Casey face the aftermath of their conversation the night of the VH-1 Countdown Show. And they talk some more about France. Rated: PG

Game Day. The long, dry preseason is finally over. It's game day. Rated: NC-17.

The "Mad" Series

Dan/Casey. Drama/Romance/Episode Related - Season 2.

Mad. Dan/Casey. Takes place after "Special Powers". Danny has a rough night after seeing Casey and Dana together. Rated PG.

Mad #2. Dan/Casey. Takes place after "Louise Revisited". Dana crosses the line and Dan decides to get into the game. Rated PG.

Mad #3. Dan/Casey. Takes place immediately after "Mad#2". Dan confronts Casey about what Casey might have overheard. Rated PG.

Mad #4. Dan/Casey. Takes place soon after Mad#3. While Dan is missing in action, a new force threatens his partnership with Casey. Rated PG.

Mad #5. Dan/Casey. Takes place immediately after Mad#4. Things change. But that's not always so bad. Rated NC-17.

Also in the "Mad" universe:

Surrender. Dan/Casey. Romance. A snippet that takes place several weeks after Mad#5. Rated NC-17.

Stand Alone Stories

Stormy Weather. Dan/Casey. Drama - Hurt/Comfort. A hurricane threatens to separate Dan and Casey for good. Rated PG.

Technical Difficulties. Dan/Casey. Humor. Dan and Casey have some trouble fitting Tab A into Slot B --- or something like that. Rated PG.

Snippets/Works in Progress

Cuts Like a Knife. Dan/Casey. Pre-slash - Angst. Dan's therapy sessions get to the heart of the matter. (Work in Progress) Rated PG. **NEW! Added 3/15/00**

The Professionals

Trouble in Paradise. Bodie/Doyle. Christmas Romance story, (written as a "Christmas Pressie" for the CI5 Mailing list.) An older, but possibly not much wiser Bodie and Doyle spend Christmas 1999 in Miami. Rated NC-17.

Story Recommendations

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about this whole internet slash world is visiting author’s pages and getting their story recommendations. Of course – no one does this better than the fabulous Torch, (who writes the best M/K slash ever written), and I thank her for pointing me in directions I would not otherwise have explored.

In that spirit, I’d like to pass along some of my own favorites – both in my "home" fandom and in some others.

Sports Night

If you’ve wandered in here, you’ve probably already been to the Sports Night Fan Fiction Archive. If not – get thee over there ASAP. There are a lot of great stories there. But my absolute favorites are:

Emily Brunson’s "Dancing" series. There’s nothing better on a rainy day than to print out these long form stories and read them under the covers. Em takes the boys to a very angsty place in these pages, where a serious challenge to one of them is the key to bringing them together. Beautifully written, deeply emotional and impossible to put down.

Mona Ramsey’s "Wordplay" series: Mona’s latest SN story series, starting with "Synoymous" is an absolute joy, I think especially for we Danny-fans. Casey’s never had him more adorably baffled. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Amirin’s "Cleveland" series: Dead-on characterizations, delightful humor, shiver-inducing sex and dialogue so sharp it could cut glass. Need I say more?

Other Fandoms

The West Wing

If you're a Sports Night fan, you must be an Aaron Sorkin fan -- so you're probably already watching his excellent new drama series on NBC. If not -- start immediately! Sorkin's got a knack for writing very slashable buddy characters. In WW, the pair most often spoken of is Josh/Sam. This is a very, very new fandom -- with only one story I'm aware of at this time, written by Anne Higgins (who also writes wonderful Professionals and other slash). But recently a discussion and fiction list have been started. If you're interested, send a blank EMail to

The Professionals

If you're a slash fan you've probably already heard of The Professionals. If not, listen up. Bodie and Doyle are one of the great classic slash pairs of all time -- and this is a fandom with literally thousands of stories going back 20 years -- many of them absolutely incredible. Check it out by visiting the URL's below.

The CI5 Homepage is a great place to start for information about the show and the characters. It can be found at: There's a mailing list to join if you're interested.

The Circuit Archive contains a very large collection of Pros Slash fiction. Without permission I won't link you to it, but after the http:// type in -- and you'll get there just fine. My personal fave authors are Ellis Ward, O. Yardley and Jane (Rainy Days series -- not the AU stuff).

X-Files/Angel crossover

I’m a Mulder/Krycek babe from the day I discovered slash. And I’ve checked out some Buffy slash featuring Angel – but I just never liked him paired with any of the other guys from that show. Well, luckily for me, Barbara Webb has stepped up to the plate with a brilliant idea, wonderfully executed. Her story "The Witching Hour" pairs Angel and Krycek – a match made in, well, not heaven – more like the creepy kind of dark back alley both of these leather clad guys are known to frequent. All I can say is yum.

The best news is that Barbara tells me there will be more of these stories to come. Yay! Check it out at Barb and Hth's Wonderful World of Slash page (Go to World #2), or at the Rareslash archive.

Harsh Realm

This show gets my vote for "Slashiest New TV Series of the Season." (Last year’s vote obviously went to Sports Night) X-Files fans in particular should check out Carter’s new show, which echoes the darkness and conspiracy themes of XF as well as a challenging quest for the lead character, Tom Hobbes. All that’s just fine and dandy – but what really tripped my trigger from the very first ep was the chemistry between the 2 leads, played by Scott Bairstow and D.B. Sweeney. As Hobbes and Pinnochio, two men thrown together by fate and united seemingly only by their shared enemy, these guys are both terrific. And some of the looks that pass between them – omigod. Hot enough to melt the fillings in your teeth!

So far I’ve only found two Harsh Realm slash fics out there, and happily they're both very good:

"Running" by Grey. You may know Grey from many wonderful X-Files M/Sk stories, as well as work in other fandoms. "Running" can be found at the Complete Kingdom of Slash site listed under "Harsh Realm". Grey tells me there may be more to come. Cross your fingers.

"Light of Day" by Amatia. A short but bittersweet snippet, posted on the allslash list at e-groups. You have to join the list to read the posts. Once you're on the list, you can look the story up at message number 3125.

Harsh Realm gen fic

"Tilt" by Megan Reilly. This is a wonderful X-Files/Harsh Realm gen fiction crossover story.Since I love Mike Pinnochio, I can forgive him for being distracted momentarily from Hobbes by memories of a certain blue-eyed redhead whom he encountered in Harsh Realm once upon a time. Especially when the writer is as talented as Ms. Reilly. Travel over to the Wonderful World of Make Believe Archive for this one - currently listed on the "what's new" page. Enjoy!

Please – if you know of any other HR slash (or even good gen fic) out there, or are writing any that needs a home, let me know. It’s my latest obsession, and it must be fed or I’ll probably – oh, I don’t know --- DIE!!!


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