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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: DBKate's Slash Fiction
Author: DBKate
Dates: active in 2000
Fandom: The X-Files, The Phantom Menace, Twin Peaks, The Untouchables, U-571
URL: http://www.geocities.com/dbkate/dbkate.html
DBKate's Slash Fiction.png
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DBKate's Slash Fiction was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was hosted by GeoCities. Fandoms included The X-Files, The Phantom Menace, Twin Peaks, The Untouchables and U-571.

The Phantom Menace page was called The TPM Lair of Kass and DBKate and a member of several webrings.[1]

The site includes links to favorite authors, recommended stories, favorite pages, blatherings, webrings and a list of fanfiction mailing lists.

Fanfiction Mailing Lists

fanfiction mailing lists
Fanfiction Mailing Lists -- Assorted Fandoms, Slash/Gen

1013fanfic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files fanfiction sister list to 1013. Fic *only*

-1maturexfilesfanfic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files adult fanfiction/fic discussion only.

AAA_Fic [information][subscribe] -- Angst X-Files fanfiction for any character.

All Maul [information][subscribe] -- All Darth Maul, all the time. Fiction, slash and gen (appropriately marked) welcome.

All Slash [information][subscribe] -- Slash fiction ONLY, all fandoms welcome. No underage or slash featuring living people

AlwaysTwo [information][subscribe] -- Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash fiction list.

AngstFanFiction [information][subscribe] -- Angst fanfic, slash/het/gen welcome as well as original work.

Bookhouse Boys [information][subscribe] -- Slash/Gen adult fiction for the defunct TV series "Twin Peaks" by David Lynch. Fiction and discussion welcome.

BDSMslash [information][subscribe] -- Slash fiction highlighting bondage and BDSM.

BSGSlash [information][subscribe] -- "Battlestar Galactica" slash. Go on, join. You know you wanna.

Chanslash [information][subscribe] -- Underage slash fiction (underage as defined as early adolescent.)

CreativeFanficWriters [information][subscribe] -- Critique, supposedly tough line.

DPSFic[information][subscribe] -- "Dead Poet's Society" Movie Slash.

Ep1fanfic [information][subscribe] -- Gen fanfic for The Phantom Menace movie.

Fanfix [information][subscribe] -- Gen fic for the Fanfix.com Star Wars archive. Slash/Smut is a no-no.

Ficfinders[information][subscribe] -- Fanfic recs and searches, all fandoms, gen/het/slash welcome.

FirstTimeSlash [information][subscribe]-- First time stories, any fandom. Slash.

FWMFic [information][subscribe] -- Fox William Mulder (X-Files) oriented fanfiction

Generalsgrrls [information][subscribe] -- Funny list with Lusty Obi-Wan fics. Slash/Gen/Het all welcome in a fun atmosphere

Jedi-Apprentice [information][subscribe] -- Fanfiction based on the Jedi Apprentice series of books set in the Star Wars universe.

Jedi-Knights [information][subscribe] -- List for Jedi/Sith discussion and fanfiction. Adult fic is welcome, unclear if slash is.

Jedijournals [information][subscribe] -- Update/discussion list for the Jedi Journals Star Wars Archive

Joxer-Luvs-Ares [information][subscribe] -- Xena slash couple, lots of fun.

LGMSlash [information][subscribe] -- The X-Files Lone Gunmen having more fun then we ever thought they did.

Movie_Slash [information][subscribe] -- Slash from movies, any fandom

Master Apprentice [information][subscribe] -- *The* Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan fanfiction slash list. Huge, awesome, all powerful.

M_A_Fiction [information][subscribe] -- The fiction only *sister* list to Master Apprentice

MSRFic [information][subscribe] -- Mulder/Scully romance fiction (X-Files)

MulderTorture [information][subscribe] -- X-Files Agent Mulder's own den of pain. Features updates to the popular Mulder Torture Anonymous Archive.

Nixxers [information][subscribe] -- List dedicated to Nick Lea (Krycek - X-Files)

NoRomo_Stories [information][subscribe] -- Hate the idea of Mulder/Scully? Join the fight as fellow NoRomos try to take their fandom back. Ha ... good luck.

Obi-Chan [information][subscribe] -- Underage slash fiction sans warnings

OKEB [information][subscribe] -- Obi-Wan Kenobi Estrogen Brigade. Slash/het/gen Obi-Wan fic welcome.

Old_Republic [information][subscribe] -- Fanfiction taking place in the "Old Repubic" timeline of the Star Wars universe (pre "A New Hope.")

Pendrell-fic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files Agent Pendrell LIVES! In slash/gen/het fic, of course.

PhantomSlashers [information][subscribe] -- Serious discussion and critique of Star Wars slash.

Phantom_Menacefanfic [information][subscribe] -- Fanfiction taking place in the Episode One universe

PhoeniXFic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files fanfic without warnings/ratings or hassles. All genres, all ratings welcome.

QJEB [information][subscribe] -- The Qui-Gon Jinn Estrogen Brigade. Slash/het/gen Qui-Gon fic welcome.

QuiGonFic [information][subscribe] -- Mixed fandom list. See info page for listing. Slash/smut not welcome.

Rareslash [information][subscribe] -- Fiction list for unusual slash pairings/obscure fandoms.

Ratband [information][subscribe] -- Agent Krycek fanfiction, slash welcome. (X-Files)

RS-X [information][subscribe] -- Nasty weirdos who slash living people. Join if you dare.

Scullyfic [information][subscribe] -- Limited membership Agent Scully fanfic list. Worth putting your name on the waiting list for.

Sith_Chicks [information][subscribe] -- All Sith all the time. Fun with the Dark Side.

skywalkerfanfiction [information][subscribe] -- Fanfic featuring the Skywalker clan. Slash probably not welcome.

skywalking [information][subscribe] -- Anakin/Amidala romance fiction list, NC-17 not allowed.

Slash [information][subscribe] -- Slash fiction and discussion, all fandoms welcome, even obscure. Recommended.

Slashing [information][subscribe] -- List for fiction to be archived at The Complete World of Slash

Slashrealm [information][subscribe] -- Mixed fandom slash/het adult list. See info page for more details

Slashromance [information][subscribe] -- Schmoopy, romantic slash, all fandoms.

SlashTheMovies [information][subscribe] -- Movie slash, all fandoms welcome.

Slash_update [information][subscribe] -- Announcements of personal archive updates, all fandoms. Recommended

Slash-writers [information][subscribe] -- Slash writer discussion, all fandoms. Impressive membership.

Slashx [information][subscribe] -- X-Files slash fiction, all pairings welcome.

Songfic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files fanfiction based on popular songs. Run for your lives.

SpenderFic [information][subscribe] -- X-Files Agent Spender LIVES! In het/gen/slash fic of course.

StarWarsfic [information][subscribe] -- Mona Ramsey's Star Wars Slash List. All pairings, slash/het welcome.

StarWarsGenerations [information][subscribe] -- Slash/het/gen Star Wars fanfiction list. All timelines/pairings welcome.

StarWarsRomance [information][subscribe] -- Romantic het Star Wars fic. No slash.

SWAL [information][subscribe] -- Star Wars slash, all pairings/timelines, no het.

SWCFanfic [information][subscribe] -- Star Wars fiction, smut/slash probably wouldn't go over that well.

swff [information][subscribe] -- Star Wars fanfiction, het/gen, nother over an "R" rating.

SurlyOne [information][subscribe] -- Fanfiction devoted to surly AD Skinner (X-Files) Slash welcome.

TempleLibrary [information][subscribe] -- List for the Temple Library archive, het/slash/gen welcome.

TheFabFive [information][subscribe] -- "Handmaiden" fanfic set in the Star Wars universe. Slash/smut probably not welcome.

Witnesslist [information][subscribe] -- Law Enforcement slash fic. Recommended.

Xf-fanfic [information] [subscribe] -- X-Files fanfiction, mostly het/gen

XFRomanceFanfic [information] [subscribe] -- Kinda self-explanatory

WLXF [information] [subscribe]-- Female X-philes unite. See page for details.


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