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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: PhoeniXFic
Date(s): February 2000 - present
Founder(s): Snark
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: PhoeniXFic
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PhoeniXFic is a moderated mailing list dedicated to X-Files fanfiction. It was created in February 2000 and meant to fill the hole of the defunct XAPEN. Modeled on XAPEN, PhoeniXFic is fanfiction only, with the exception of Fridays when members are encouraged to give public feedback on stories they've read from the list.

In a departure from XAPEN, list members can solicit help from other members on fanfic-related issues on a "private reply only" basis.

Created by Snark and originally hosted on Onelist, PhoeniXFic is now part of Yahoo!Groups and largely inactive.