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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: The X-Anarchy Pen Mailing List, XAPEN
Date(s): February 5, 1997 - February 5, 2000
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: CiCi Lean
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (long gone) (Wayback link)
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The X-Anarchy Pen Mailing List, more commonly referred to as XAPEN, was a moderated mailing list devoted to X-Files fanfiction and run by CiCi Lean. The list was created in February 1997 and hosted on eGroups starting in September 1998.

A 1998 Blurb

Besides the E-Mail X-Creative Mailing List, another Mailing List is THE X-ANARCHY PEN (XAPEN): An Alternative X-Files FanFiction Mailing List @ This mailing list attempts to retain X-File Fanfiction Authors' creative freedom of expression by allowing any type of X-Files Fanfiction to be posted. In order to subscribe to XAPEN @ eGroups, you must be a registered member of, which as its name implies is an e-mail group web site and allows messages to be accessed via e-mail, on the Web, or in digests. [1]

Feedback Friday

XAPEN was for fanfic only, but it pioneered the concept of Feedback Friday. On Fridays, members were encouraged to post public feedback for stories that had been send to the list that week.

1998: TOSed by AOL

In 1998, a fan or fans reported several of CiCi Lean's websites, including this mailing list, The Socks Shoppe, and The Acid Desk, to AOL for profanity and content. This TOS also affected a number of other connected fans. See comments at REGARDING XAPEN: IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!.

In September 1998, CiCi Lean wrote:

Thank you for your attention.

Due to the permanent TOSing of my XAPEN addy by America-Online after being reported by an individual for "the dissemination of obscene and vulgar materials" (i.e. NC-17 X-Files fanfic and my web sites), I've been forced to abandon the current address for the mailing list.

I apologize profusely to my list members for this inconvenience, but please be assured that it is a minor one. I will need time to regroup my resources, but the XAPEN -will- go and be better than ever.



Basically, I just have to find a new, safer and more convenient addy for the XAPEN. I'm looking into "Makelist" and other free addys. The method of distribution will remain the same, you'll mail the fiction to me, and I will distribute it to the list. I had been looking into an easier method of distribution anyway for some time now, so this will just speed up the process. AOL was by no means my only ISP (I mean, I'm dumb, but not THAT dumb... {g}), so that will make it very easy to regroup.

I am hoping that this will take approximately a week to set up. If it will take longer, I will let you know.


When the XAPEN is up and running again, I will be happy to distribute any backlog piece and we will have a Feedback Saturday to make up for any lost feedback. Again, I apologize, but this was an unforeseeable event.


Unfortunately, all that I can ask for is your patience, understanding and hope that you will remain members of the list when I get it up and running again. My commitment to the XAPEN has not wavered, and my commitment to this community will NEVER be destroyed by malicious individuals no matter how hard they try.

I'm like a beauty mark, boys and girls. You may think I'm lovely, you may think I'm just a goddamn wart, but either way, you can't get rid of me. {g}

And, for my morale purposes, Pendrell smut of any flavor will keep my spirits up indefinitely. Please mail all of it to {huge grin}

I am also letting you know that I've received an offer of pro bono legal assistance to fight AOL on this, and I am taking it up. I have lots of time, and since the lawyer in question is a fanfic author and reader, she and I believe it's in our best interests to find out the "who's," "why's" and "how's" of this situation. This is important to ALL of us, as readers, archivists AND authors, and I intend not to let the community down until I've gotten answers. As this lawsuit goes on, I will keep the community informed via The Acid Desk.

Also, if anyone has any private information they'd like to share with me, please write.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.


They are gone as well, but again, this is temporary. I had the foresight to move all my pages to Geocities during the week (this includes The Acid Desk) so the world will once again be graced by my lovely rancor (which will be sure to grow even MORE rancorous) in less time than it takes to say "TOS'D!"

For the time being, please be aware that all links to my pages will need to be changed. If you have any questions about this, please write to me at


Once again, I implore your patience and apologize in the best manner I know how for this inconvenience. I thank every one of my list members, my authors and readers alike, for their contributions to my list, for the past year.

I do not intend to let ANYONE ruin what so many fine people have joined together to create.


CiCi Lean [2]

2000: Shut Down and Deleted by CiCi Lean

After three years, CiCi announced that she would be shutting down the list and on February 5th, 2000, she permanently deleted the archives from the eGroups directory. At its closure, the list had more than 500 members.


In the wake of XAPEN's disbanding, the PhoeniXFic mailing list was created using XAPEN as a model.


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