The Socks Shoppe

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Name: The Socks Shoppe
Owner/Maintainer: CiCi Lean
Dates: 1998-last updated in April 1999
Fandom: X-Files
URL: The Socks Shoppe
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The Socks Shoppe is a fiction site with a focus on the X-Files character Pendrell.

"Dedicated to fiction and fiction discussion featuring everyone's favorite dead (NOT!) lab rat, Agent No-Name!Pendrell. All genres are welcome, including NC-17 and *gasp* slash (a.k.a. "Socks"), and there's no age requirement. Flamers and LabBoy Haters are NOT welcome, so don't join up just to have me boot your ass out the door. Which I certainly will." [1]

It contains fiction by Abree Brand, Annie Sewell Jennings, Chrysoberyl Rosewood, CiCi Lean, Dawn Pares, J.C. Sun, Jerry, K.C. Nagai, , Kassandra, LabRatCult, LadyFox, Merri Todd Webster, Odie, Polyanna, Roses Decay, Shan Krug, Sue, Trillian, and Viridian5.


  1. ^ from The Acid Desk #5